The fairy failed…now they are  rolling out the giants….Gigantic lies that are hilariously  similar to an older story…. and a few more discrepancies with the rubber fairy.

Deliberately and blatantly  deceiving people. A few days later, 20 thousand additional views on the rubber fairy.


All of this bullshittery   a distraction from thems elves




Here’s an idea. Instead of providing damage control for well as making remarks about  invisible  boy who who duped you all – aka the   scapegoat, that he, somehow needs Jesus


That is what a real Christian would do, don’t ya think?  I think it is pretty evident to those watching this, that you sir…are the one that needs Jesus.


Good job digging them holes for yourself  lol! 


Oh , one more thing I would like you to clear up.




How did  DNA “specialists” manage to pull unidentifiable DNA from the rubber fairy?  It was stated that ” Mitochondrial and Molecular DNA was NOT  found, but there was unidentifiable DNA found from the samples taken from the rubber fairy BEFORE you “figured” out that it was a hoax…Did the” DNA specialists” ever figure out what that unidentifiable DNA was lol!  
YOU state Mr marzulli. that a highly skilled taxidermist put the rubber fairy together. with that,  taking an educated guess….that would mean it was made up of several creatures from this planet..(just a guess)  that are actually comprised of  Mitochondrial and Molecular DNA?
  Worm yourselves out of that one. Cheers.


No Coincidences.


Some of today’s stats. Notice anything in particular? Now, who would have thought that someone in Estonia, would be interested in what is written on this blog?



agnet gnome



                   Yeah, don’t worry Estonia. David Icke is coming and he is  going  to set you all  free with is cutting edge info.

Fuck off Icke and take your programming entourage with you.

                                                                            Love n Light!






Corpus Hypercubus




Dali – DNA and immortality

At the end of 1963 the painter presented at the Knoedler Gallery in New York an exhibition whose key work was entitled


Homage to Crick and Watson


Francis Crick was a devotee of Aldous Huxley, and was introduced to Timothy Leary at some point after being invited to David Solomons house. Solomon was a friend of Leary.

Crick   supposedly discovered DNA double helix while bombed on LSD.



For Dalí the function of that molecule was very clear: it is what lends us immortality. In the essay The Tragic Myth of the Millet’s “Angelus”, published in 1963, the painter explains: “Moral law must be of divine order, for even before it was set down on Moses’ tablets it was contained in the codes of the genetic spirals”.

This direct reference to DNA related that molecule with immortal life. Later, in his article “The immortality of genetic imperialism” Dalí referred us to science in order to explain immortal life once more, saying: “it (immortal life) is contained in deoxyribonucleic acid – nothing is more monarchical that a molecule of DNA”. According to Dalí, God’s laws were those of inheritance contained in deoxyribonucleic acid, and ribonucleic acid, RNA, was simply the messenger entrusted with transmitting the genetic code: “On Jacob’s ladder, each step is a DNA landing, and the angels going up and down are the RNA”.

Dalí was naturally not satisfied with being able to express those ideas through his theoretical writings or in his artistic work. That is why, whenever he got the chance, he liked to have them appear in his declarations to the media, in which he would repeat the word “deoxyribonucleic acid” tirelessly, leaving his interlocutors dumbfounded.


The discovery grew out of his interest in nuclear explosions as well as the Llullist logic cubes of thirteenth-century mystic Ramon Llull who manipulated language to prove Catholic “truths.”











The below videos take a look into the red triangle symbology that has been researched by Simon. I am putting a few of them here. Ground breaking info on this symbol that has not been covered by anyone  else.

Thanks for this info Sy.





Archons are described as definitively reptilian at about 34 minutes in. At round 35 minutes in Icke mentions that they are very “robot like, machine like” therefore very predictable…. and that archons are reptilian.

From an older TPV video, at about 12 minutes in, Icke claims Archons were Gnomes.

Mentioned here.

So there you have it. Just another NWR social engineering  psy op. Way back when they were called gnomes. Nobody would believe that these days so the  new world religion gnostic spin – reptilians.

Does that mean that the bloodlines were shapeshifting gnomes originally? Was human DNA blended with gnome DNA per George Tsoukalos notion that reptilian DNA was blended with human DNA?

Were our ancestors human/gnome hybrids?


Kind of blows that royal reptilian bloodline shapeshifting theory out of the water if at one point the archons were gnomes (per Icke)


7/27 Edited to add

link below re: Icke Exposing Saville while failing to mention Stewart Swerdlow claiming to have sodomized thousands of young boys to death for Montaulk.



The above picture of Mick Jagger was painted by Beaton in 1966.

The satanic tacticians of today control the populace with New Age Church starlets via the platform of the alternative media and the promotion of substances such as Ayahuasca for example.


The above was painted by Neil Hague. Not that original really.


The dog’s collar is nice.

At around 3 minutes in (after reading some bullshit from the daily rag, Russell Brand reads an excerpt from Daniel Pinchbecks book. Daniel, after imbibing Salvia explains his trip, you know, the usual. He describes how he felt, a female entity put her hand on his shoulder and physically pull him backwards, to then be surrounded by more entities, being spoken to in strange languages that were unknown to him, the beings wanted him to be absolutely clear about something Divorum, Salvia Divinorum. (Sounds Latin, so I guess these beings weren’t talking in such a strange language after all) He then says that he felt interrogated by a bunch of superior life forms/entities that were telling him that Salvia is divine, of the gods, and must be approached with care and respect”.

Similar ideas were had about gnomes back in the day, and still are to this day with some people. If Daniel Pinchbeck wrote about talking to gnomes after taking some hallucingen, he would be in some nuthouse. We all know what gnomes look like, but tall female entity sounds so mysterious and mystical compared to say, this scenario – “A female gnome put her hand on my shoulder, and physically pulled me backwards, then there were more gnomes, and this group of gnomes surrounded me in a semi circle and spoke in a strange language. I felt as if this group of gnomes were a superior life form…they told me shrooms were diviine”

(Does that mean that carrots and potatoes are lesser beings in the grand scheme of things Russ? Are your regular veggies considered you know, unenlightened in the plant world?) Is Salvia some elitist lightworker plant? Much like yerself?

He then mentions something (while seeding an idea and playing dumb at the same time) something along the lines of “It is funny / interesting innit how people who take DMT consistently report encounters with mystical beings or “light entities that communicate with them and give them all kinds of information. Is it possible therefore that this process of filteration excludes to us on this realm whole dimensions, entities and beings that are there among us”

Curiouser and curiouser and down the rabbit hole went Alice..

He then encourages people to post their experiences if they have done DMT etc..on his YT comments section.

So recovering “drug addict” Russell Brand is encouraging people to imbibe in substances that claims he stopped doing for I am guessing “spiritual reasons”.

Ultimately he needs to practice what he preaches, he is obviously missing out on some divine info that I am sure these entities are anxious to divulge to him. All he needs to do is some Saliva or DMT. He needs to hop off that wagon,imbibe and give us some real insider entity info.

Now that would be some trews. He could do it live, the whole experience, start to finish. David Icke could join in on the festivities. he could be Russells guide.

One of Russell Brands influences is Daniel Pinchbeck. One of Daniel Pnchbeck’s influences is Rudolph Steiner….and Terence McKenna..Pinchbeck claims to have channeled Quetzalcoatl who he states began speaking to him in 2004. Daniel Pinchbeck has also been interviewed by David Lynch..puppet master and handler extraordinaire.


(the word you were looking for while playing dumb about words Russell) Enthogen’s.

And there is a good reason why Russell Brand is not imbibing.

If he were Marie Antoinette, it would be cake.



Part 1.

Hi-lighting a few in no particular order.


After a 25 year long path of lying. Icke continues to lie to the remnant of the hangers on and the fresh meat that crosses his path. The Peoples Voice TV. Although the crowd sourcing campaigns have resulted in fewer and fewer people contributing, the dog and pony show has managed to relocate to a state of the art studio. Seeing as the most recent money sucking campaign has raised very little money, let us see how long TPV continues on little to no donations. I have a feeling it will outlive the lack of funds.


Here is an excerpt from an interview where genius Thomas shares his respect for Icke.


Remember kids, the door that Icke has kicked down, is the one that leads to more lying Dugpas such as Thomas, who discards Ickes reptilian schpeel for the sake of setting up another trap under the guise of him being an expert on psycopaths. He cant help it if Icke followers are “coming to his “work” now. That is because recently Icke advertised Sheridan on his site, which of course led people to Sheridan.

Thomas, unable to come up with an original thought and have any legitimate insight continues to lift from this blog and pass it off as his own knowledge.

Here is an example of his ‘original work”.




And a line separating lying ass Dugpas like Thomas, Icke etc is drawn right HERE on this blog.

Give it up Thomas. The pagan magick spin that you are pushing is nothing more than you doing the jig on the white square. How is European Paganism different from Amazonian Paganism. Riddle me that next time you come here.

Plus a note of warning to you Thomas. You do not have any spiritual protection with that ole magick of yours. It tends to backfire sooner or later. Just look at Ickes present debacle, it is all coming apart at the seams. People will wake up to your game, just as they have done and continue to do with Ickes lies.



The two most renowned metaphysical leaders on the planet. Of course they are. Because they told you they are.
Even though they dismiss “rumors” on the internet about them being fraudulent and untruthful, they continue to hold up the idea that they know “God Mind” better than anybody and have been given “special” information via God Mind.

Merely a case of a self propagated rumor instigated by them?


With a plethora of avenues and outlets such as the mainstream media, alternative media, paparazzi support (for the constant in yer face and in the news bombardment), gurus, books in the works, personal stylists for that “revolutionary look” to get the engineered revolution rolling, Russell Brand has the perfect team to support his efforts in being the poster child for the engineers.


Mark Passio. Occultist who hates people. Here is a pod cast which was done over a year ago and re-upped on youtube recently. Mark states that he hates people. Well, what is the point in churning out info if it is not for the love of mankind?

I hope for Mark Passio;s sake that he took a step back, re evaluated this vent and realized that he more than likely has not put his work out there for the love of people, but for glorification of himself and his dark occult leanings (which he claims in the video below that he is leaning more and more towards, even though he claimed to have disembarked from the dark occult years ago. I guess you can shit while sitting on the pot at the same time after all).
At about 40 minutes in he asks the armchair quarter backers, the nit pickers, finger pointers etc etc…to give him their websites, articles, radio shows, life changing books, life changing documentaries, events, rallies, political activism’s, educational outreaches, conferences, unpaid work, blogs etc…

Well this is mine. Hope you like it as much as Thomas Sheridan does.

Mark goes on to mention that Icke Tsarion and Maxwell have put out the most truth at about 45 minutes in.

Part 2 to follow.


I had a laugh about this because as in true Dugpa fashion, both Icke and Sheridan (amongst others in the alt media circus) are cut from the same cloth and are much more alike than they would both like to think. They BOTH love to play the victim, this old victim thing is a great empathy sucker, ooh poor ole Icke, poor ole Thomas have been attacked, people are trying to bring them down. I tend to see it as people calling you out on their bullshit and playing the victim, it’s an easy way of vampiring empathy from people.

BOTH have books to flog, BOTH have seminars to flog and BOTH of them ride the alt media like a couple of cowboys on a rode hard and put away wet horse.

Posted at the Icke site. Curious as to why Icke didn’t have the nuts to defend his pal Russell Brand, its all a bit convoluted, is he agreeing with Dugpa Tom, is he defending Dugpa Brand? History has shown that whoever Icke gives a platform to on his headlines always turns out to be an agent of derision on some level. Veitch, Spivey, and numerous others have been happy to reeive the Icke accolades until shit goes pear shaped. Thomas is riding that wave right now. For a day.

So moving forward, is Icke going to play the old “I got suckered by some Illuminartee puppet”? Is that what is next from the Icke corner?

I see that Sheridan doesn’t have the nuts to keep the comments up on his original post (they have all disappeared) nor does he mention Icke in his self bloating accomplishment of getting on Ickes headline news.

Fuckeries eh?

This was posted in

ERM MAY 2012

May 1, 2012

Dugpa is a term used for someone who is a Master of the Dark Arts, male or female, that uses tools such as Hypnosis, Neural Linguistic Programming, Hegelian Dialect, Hallucinogens (sometimes) and other mind control techniques designed to attach a person to the lower astral realms. Not only are Dugpas masters of the the (LHP) left hand path, they are masters of the the (RHP) right hand path also. Dugpas are masters of duality.

I originally started out with this information at the David Icke forum here.

and then here at the Hyperspace Cafe. There are some excellent threads exposing this agenda on this forum.

There is a reason why some of the main players of the Truth Movement / New Age religion / Conspiracy Theory circuit repeatedly appear on certain alternative radio shows, hold intermittent talks, and appear regularly at conferences, (with the help of their networks / connections). Add a little back patting, ego massaging and willy waving from time to time and you’ve got one big fat distraction which is exactly what it is designed to do.

To get a bigger picture of this subject on an esoteric level it is worth looking into the lives of people like Madam Blavatsky (Freemason) Adolf Hitler – Nazi Dictator and Occultist (Expedition to Tibet 1938-39), Initiates into the New Age /Luciferian Religion Alice Bailey (Freemason) – Lucis Trust, Mystics Alexandra David Neel – (Freemason) and Film Producer David Lynch – Twin Peaks and the David Lynch Foundation.

The agenda dates back to antiquity and the symbolism has been hidden in plain sight for eons.

Here is Dugpa Sheridans lift and spin that was posted on Ickes headlines.

Do you honestly think that these bottom feeding Dugpas are leaders?
Do you want these liars and charlatans to be the ones to hijack the future of this planet?







History has also shown that neither Russell Brand, David Icke nor Thomas Sheridan have any integrity whatsoever, today again Sheridan was prowling this blog to see if he got a mention due to his appearance on Ickes headlines.

Well, here ya go Thomas. You can stop jerking off in anticipation, you knew it was coming.

Yours Truly,


and JC


Because sometimes, you just have to spell it out for those who deny what is right in front of them.

David Icke talks to Alex Jones about the suppression of human consciousness via.

1. The Education system and Hollywood.

Please Dugpa blowhards, while your dirty little mouths claim that the education system is a programming tool, you are quite content to avoid this subject while inadvertently supporting the trance endental meditation program being implemented in schools
and other institutions such as prisons, Native American reservations and the military.

Engineered and brought forth to the children and aided by Hollywood agenda by who?

David lynch
Hollywood Producer

Platform and airtime – courtesy of Alex Jones (alt media) Hollywood, MSM
Used by David Icke in certain agenda pushing videos.
Handler and TM groomer of Russell brand

Russell Brand
Hollywood Puppet

Connected to
David Lynch kundalini activation partner – TM agenda puppet
David Icke cohort, kundalini activation partner
Platform and airtime – courtesy of Alex Jones MSM and alt media

David Icke
Alt media platform.

User of David Lynch info for spiritual educational ‘
purposes via video.
Kundalini activator and cohort of Russell Brand
Platform and airtime courtesy of Alex Jones, MSM and alt media

Ringo Starr – mainstream music puppet product of the mahareshi
Paul McCartney mainstream music puppet product of the mahareshi
Katy Perry – mainstream music puppet
Jerry Seinfeld – Hollywood puppet
Ellen Degeneres – Hollywood puppet
Russell Simmons – mainstream music puppet
Martin Scorcese – Hollywood producer
George Lucas – Hollywood producer
Clint Eastwood – Hollywood puppet
Oprah Winfrey – Hollywood puppet

to name a few.

ALL participants in the foundation for “consciousness based education and peace”


Another facet

AKA shut the fuck up and enjoy your outwardly imposed “quiet time” based education and indoctrination program, courtesy of the aforementioned dugpas, enablers, institutions, Hollywood and puppets.

Edited to add this oldie from around June 2012. It needs updating, few of these dugpas have fallen off the radar, but there are a couple more new dugpas to add to the list. One of these days I will get around to it. In all honesty, I don’t think I need to though.


At about 12.00 in.

(I have edited this since first posting it… I ended up busy with something else and did a half assed job of this here it is again, updated…)

The above video is classic diversion tactic coming from a manipulative parasitical emissary of the archons. AKA Dugpa.

Icke fails to mention that language and words plays an important role when it comes to manipulation. It is one f the primary ways used to manipulate people. Linguistics and imagery, and these two components of manipulation are but a couple in Ickes repertoire. I am not sure if anyone has been reading some of the youtube comments on Ickes channel lately but there has been quite a backlash with regard to his bad management of his failing cult.

Linguistically –
Here is the wording from ticker on one of his videos

“A work of dot connecting genius, that reveals the world and reality as it really is, with a clarity and detail as it has never been seen before”

Who said so ? Icke, the people that market him who want people to listen to him? His mates? Who makes these claims? Icke does, that is who, the ticker sums up how Icke wants to control peoples perceptions…of what HE says and what HE wants people to thinka about him. Therefore, directing peoples perceptions.

Now THAT is real clarity and detail.

Why do you think Icke constantly uses horrific images on his site? Not to “lift up” vibrations, but to bombard people with fear, horror and terror so he can syphon it from the ethers. Classic dugpa tactics. The age old fear bomb love bomb technique.

As per usual he relies on his breath-work on the inhale to connect to the demonic force that controls him, then on the outbreath exhales the words he needs to manipulate people. If you pay attention, he never does this breathwork when doing one of his “read the newspaper” shows.

As all Dugpas know, they cannot reveal themselves, which is why they NEVER mention the word dugpas.
They will talk about djinn, they will talk about archons, reptile and greys, they will talk about demons…but NEVER will they mention Dugpas. EVER.

In the interview, Icke claims that Jesus is a mere thoughtform and boils it down to Jesus being “an idea of love” in the mind of a Christian. All well and good if you want to paint Jesus as a disembodied spirit / Tulpa of some love and light hippy, which is far from the truth…nothing about the Holy Spirit or redemption etc.. another classic parasitic spin. Black Lodge / White Lodge feebleness coming from Icke.

Icke claims that the archonic force is akin to a little boy in short trousers, then continues to to joke about people being terrified of demons and demonic entities….but hasn’t Icke been one of the main players fear mongering and prattling on about the “demonic reptilian entities controlling the world” ….slowly sucking people into his sad, yet thankfully dwindling little dugpa hole?

He then skirts around peadophilia (as if it is just the “higher echelons” of society invovled. (because ….that is the only place peadophiles congregate) sooo much focus on the higher echelons..very little focus on elsewhere…like his own backyard and some of his buddies.

Icke the exorcist!

Icke talks about being in Peru in 2012, and fleets over what can only be described as entering the abyss (which by the way is not a physical place on earth – dumbass) – funny that he is talking about the abyss now..lmao.

(in saying this he is inferring that he has some kind of high vibrational shit going on). Which he doesn’t.

He claims that he has some kind of spiritual power to rebuke demonic entities. He claims to have sent “love” to a demonic entity that was inhabiting a person while he was in Peru…via his heart chakra and other such luciferian shit.

Icke the Lightworker (he isn’t a new ager at all)

Icke has claimed to cast out a demon, taht really is the cherry on the cake. (While being full to the brim himself with demonic dugpa energy).

lmao! Lightworker fail.

You do know that the lightbringer, lucifer himself, will claim to have the ability of casting out demons with lightwork..I should know, I was trained in that shit, along with many other people.

He then continues to claim that these archon entities can take human form…(while previously saying they were grays reptilians and gnomes and elves) …stating that the ones that take human form are those that get to the top of the banking system, the corporations and the media….

YET he fails to mention those same entities work through, engineer and control the replicated parasitic spiritual .i.e people like himself, Swerdlow, Brand and the rest… new agers and some of the special ones in the alternative media etc..

The oldest trick on the book…”look over there” ..fools take a look…..”madest thou look” … the trick is doneth.

Dugpa fail.

And don’t you sit there and tell me Icke does not carry the traits of an “archon” or that he doesn’t know about Dugpas…(the thread on the Icke forum has 96,000 odd views, yet he has no clue? )

(I hope you are paying attention whoever you are in Canada..I have an idea though)

I am sure the gnostics will be happy to know they have Icke batting for the team. (especially the ones that decry Icke and the rest) Icke is an all knowing gnostic now. He is one of you…you must be so proud to have such a team member…along with Jay, Thomas and other gnostic blowhard farts in the wind.

The final piece of this dugpa joke is to claim that society is a “gut” society (in chakra terms) and that we need to go back to a “heart” society…because that is where society used to operate from…the heart.

Going by lightworker standards, Ickes gut is a pretty good indicator of where he is harboring all of his energy….by lightworker standards that is.

Too much fun for one blog post.

Shit rolls downhill….per this tweet from baby gnome.