Hi lighting in no particular order some of the Dugpas I have covered over the years.



After a 25 year long path of lying. Icke continues to lie to the remnant of the hangers on and the fresh meat that crosses his path. The Peoples Voice TV. Although the crowd sourcing campaigns have resulted in fewer and fewer people contributing, the dog and pony show has managed to relocate to a state of the art studio. Seeing as the most recent money sucking campaign has raised very little money, let us see how long TPV continues on little to no donations. I have a feeling it will outlive the lack of funds.

Here is a post that shows the programming Icke  and his website lackeys used to convince his readers that he was more popular than he actually was at the time.

According to these numbers Icke was getting millions of views in 1999.

Icke has prattled on about exposing Saville (after Savilles  death) yet Icke is buddies with Swerdlow who admitted raping and murdering young boys . Where is the justice for these boys eh?

Full article here.

Programmers do this because they rely on their target audience to latch on to spread the word and do the footwork for them.  Programmers market themselves to be bigger than what they are in reality because they use the marketing tool of  ” if a lot of people buy into it, others will”  .  Not much different from big brand marketing techniques.

This tactic is also similar to alt media hosts like Vinny Eastwood who paints Thomas Sheridan  up as an “A list” guest.  Yeah, Thomas Sheridan must have something important to say because he is an A list guest. Hollywood – esque A listers.

I have mentioned it several times but notice how all of those involved in the alt media scene, not only recommend each other, but blow smoke up each others arses.  They never disagree with one another, it is all very PC and they never call each other out on their bullshit.




Take a look at the rigged numbers.

From this screenshot from February 3rd 2001 the stats counter claims over 7,600,000 views since July 1999


From March 31st 2001 the stats counter claims over 15,500,000 views since July 1999.


So that is an increase of a whopping additional 7 million views in about 25 days.

Hyped up bullshit sells. But not for Icke according to his relentless ability to be on the ponce.

If we do the math from the above screenshots, if his ratings increased by 7 million views in less than a month and if his website was gaining momentum per the fake site stats by 2006 he would have had at least 1 Billion views. Yet nobody bought hardly a sausage of his site?

Why do I mention 2006? Because here we have Icke claiming something “real serious” about his work being in imminent “danger”. Begging for donations which is nothing new from this lying Dugpa.


Here from October 2006 he is on the ponce again per his legal fees.


December 2006 still at it..hit the donate button via paypal.

Still not March 2008 here he is manipulating Americans under the guise of an “educational foundation” into using his bullshit as a tax write off. lmao.


The above examples are but a few of the very many times Icke has asked for a handout.

And of course this tactic has been used throughout David Ickes career, the above examples are just a FEW of the many times he has asked for a handout… even up until a few months back with his needing donations for the Peoples Voice with which his mastery of the ability to ponce managed to raise over 300 grand.


October 8, 2013

of that ole satanic droopy dead eye….(and missing jowls which has miraculously occurred over the past month)



Too little too late in April 6 2016

Here is one of Ickes biggest promoters.. The video headlines say it all. After years of being a cog in the machine of the alt media left pillar,  Richie Allen uses the good ole smoke n mirrors tactic..warning people about the alt media. Alt media new world order programmers  now prefer the term “independent media”.  They think that changing the language, distances them from their agenda.but it doesn’t.


December 21 2016 – Richie now “juxtaposes the  alt /indy media” calling out  Infowars stating that it is as bad as LBC…and that the gormless monotone monotonous clown , Paul Joseph Watson (now that is the pot calling the kettle black!) basically panders to his  listeners because the listeners of Infowars want their worldview confirmed by their favorite commentators..Richie failed to mention that Infowars also features guests that panders to it’s listeners.

Richie failed to mention that Alex Jones has over 122 uploads featuring  “Geniune” Alt Media frontman David Icke on his Infowars channel.. 





Here is an excerpt from an interview where genius Thomas shares his respect for Icke.


Remember kids, the door that Icke has kicked down, is the one that leads to more lying Dugpas such as Thomas. Thomas discards Ickes reptilian schpiel for the sake of setting up another trap under the guise of him being an expert on psychopaths and a punk psychologist. He stated on his blog that he cannot help it if  Icke followers are “coming to his “work” now.
People are checking out Thomas because recently Icke advertised Sheridan on his site, which of course led people to Sheridan. They all advertise each other to keep you going in circles.

Thomas Sheridan has appeared on the Vinny Eastwood show several times, Vinny has supported Icke, the Swerdlows and numerous charlatans. Red Ice Radio is another front that provides an endless stream of disinfo artists, such as the Swerdlows. Red Ice Radio also provides a platform for Thomas Sheridan, Icke etc..

Not only do these alt media fronts support charlatans, they hosts never bother to research any of their guests
Thomas, unable to come up with an original thought and have any legitimate insight continues to lift from this blog and pass it off as his own knowledge.

Here is an example of his ‘original work”.




And a line separating lying ass Dugpas like Thomas, Icke etc is drawn right HERE on this blog.

Sheridan flits from one idea to another which is the only constant thing about him. Within a couple of years, he has moved from initially writing books about how he thinks psychopaths are running the world to his more recent “discovery” of the Jinn and Hitlers occultic leanings.

Sheridan is a professional bandwagon jumper and handler who uses the experiences and information of those who have been through MK Ultra for example, to elevate himself as an authority on mind control and other subjects. He then goes on to make money off of what he plagiarizes via books and appearances on alt media shows.

Thomas Sheridan is a regular visitor to this blog where he gleans info to then pass off as his own findings.
The people in the alternative media that have given him a platform are nothing more than spineless “yes men”. Sheridans agenda as an agent, is to infiltrate the minds of his listeners in order to control the direction of their thoughts. Another barn on the farm.


Here are some more posts that Thomas has piggybacked.

Posted here on  June 2012

“Alexandra David Neel (1868 – 1969) was a French/Belgian Spiritualist/Author/Explorer and Freemason, whose journey led her through Tibet while it was still forbidden to Europeans (which she managed to do by  disguising herself as a man). She met Madame Blavatsky in London in 1888 and spent some time at the Theosophical Headquarters, learning Sanskrit and partaking in tantric rites and  rituals . In 1912 she met the 13th Dalai Lama on a couple of occasions and her works have inspired people like Benjamin Creme, Alan Watts and Jack Kouerac

Alexander David Neel claimed to have created a Tulpa during her time in Tibet. A Tulpa (similar to phantom)  is a thought-form which is manifested and made visible. Apparently once a Tulpa is manifested it will leave their creator much like a child leaves its mother and will have a mind of its own. Hers appeared in the form of an unruly little fat monk”.

Per Thomas’ post on psychic attacks. posted September ish 2014.

“The primary initial indicator that you are being psychically attack by a black occultist is that you have a constant sensation that you are being watched all the time. This feeling is ever-present, as in some cases, the magician – as incredible as this sounds – has created a Tulpa, which is a seemingly living thought form which can appear as an animal, often a bird, or even a black, sometimes human shape, in the corner of one’s eyes or a floating and swirling dark mist above the target’s bed at night. The term ‘Tulpa’ is a derived from a Sanskrit term meaning ‘constructed phantom’, which has been created by means of intense spiritual and psychic concentration which is an illusion and cannot do any harm to the target, apart from causing psychological torment.

The purpose of the Tulpa is to try and intensify the target’s anguish and fears further by compounding the intensity of the psychic attack. The legendary ‘Foo Fighters’ – balls of light which harassed Allied aircraft during the later days of the Second World War may well have been Tulpas created by the many occultists operating within the Third Reich, or even by the sheer desperation of the population of Berlin and their almost messianic belief that a ‘Wonder Weapon’ would be unleashed to save Germany from defeat at the last moment.

Some occultists and researchers also believe that a very powerful black magician can harness a demon or djinn (Islamic non-human form of consciousness) and use these plasma entities to attack a person from a place outside of human perception and senses”.

Thomas Sheridan, just another  failed lower level  black magician and plagiarizer. If anything he is much like Alexandra David Neals Tulpa, an unruly fat  little monk  masquerading as an enlightened  “artist”   “researcher” and bringer of “troof”.

I am sure Thomas must think that his constant lifting off of this blog pisses me off but he would be wrong. It proves how stupid he is and it also proves how stupid the alt media fronts that give him time on their shows are.  Thomas Sheridan lifting off of this blog  just gives me more kindling for the fire,  I consider Thomas’  plagiarizing a gift, it is like free wood for me. Thanks Thomas!

Here is where Thomas got the idea of his Walurgis Night Book Cover.  The Odal Rune.




Here is a post from GLP 2008 where an AC  hatches the idea of the Purple Pill followed by  a FB post by Thomas Sheridan claiming that HE hatched the idea 5 or so years later. Brilliant , astute and original thinking as always!

purplepill purplepill2

The piggybacking spirit that is Thomas Sheridan didn’t wait too long to lift this . I published the post below in 2/16 and on 2/17 he uses it for his YT upload.


Thomas doesn’t realize that it isn’t just him and his lackey’s that read this blog and every time he piggy backs it is a strike against his already flailing reputation.

(I think a few people especially in the US are suckers for an accent and fall for it with the agenda riddled exports like Icke and Sheridan)



Here are some  of my favorite Sheridan blog posts.  Here Thomas claimed on Youtube that I was a male with a sexual fetish for gnomes,  hilarious.  Someone had called him out on Youtube and Thomas swiftly deletes the post, but he didn’t delete all of it. Sloppy work Thomas. You should be a master at deleting comments by now but you are shit at that as well.

A non prediction by Thomas Sheridan. Classic idiocy from Thomas.

Obsessive Debunking Disorder Debunked.


Thomas’s true colors are shining through at last in this pic. See those roses Thomas? Do you understand the symbology of the Rose? Has someone stemmed your rose lately Tom?



Seeing as Thomas Sheridan merely sees women as nothing more than cunts ,    I feel it is my womanly duty to inform others and expose  this low level  satanic cunt.








Sure ya do Thomas….


The below gave me a right laugh. Eric Dubay calls Sheridan a shill in 2016 and uses info from this blog to make  a point hahaha! More info on Dubay below. Did you that those who promote psychedelics are linking people up to the hive mind?

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 10.00.36 AM

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 10.01.02 AM



The two most renowned metaphysical leaders on the planet. Of course they are. Because they told you they are – via the numerous alt media platforms that give them air time…
Even though they dismiss “rumors” on the internet about them being fraudulent and untruthful, they continue to hold up the idea that they know “God Mind” better than anybody and have been given “special” information via God Mind.

Not only did Stewart Swerdlow’s mother not have a birth canal, alluding to him being some kind of virgin birth, he also claims to have gone back in time to shoot Jesus and rape hundreds of boys to death at Montauk.

What gives me a good laugh about Stewart is that if he went back in time to shoot Jesus, he was in fact going back in time to shoot Joseph Chiappalone. a Jeff Rense regular, Chiappalone  has claimed to be Jesus amongst other people such as Hitler, and King Arthur.  (Joseph Chiappalone must be very disappointed with is current incarnation as a complete charlatan and “Doctor” who lost his license for sexual misconduct.  Still, even with this fact it hasn’t stopped Jeff Rense from giving the good doctor  air time.

There is a lot more to be said about the  Swerdlows, some of it is mentioned here in blog posts, they have tried their best to silence some of their targets, including myself and I cannot state any more that the grandiose ideas that the  Swerdlows have about themselves are merely  self propagated rumor instigated by them with the help of the alt media.


From Nexus Editor

“I was a speaker at the Global Science Congress, in Florida in the mid-late 90s, which is not long after Swerdlow came out of jail and reinvented himself.

In a closed meeting of speakers only, where all the 20 or so speakers stood up and told us who they were, and what they were going to talk about, Swerdlow told us his story.

He told the stunned group of speakers, that he had been in jail, and that the CIA had identified him as one of the most powerful psychics on the planet. He claimed they came to him in jail and let him out on the condition that he helped them in their ‘experiments’.

Swerdlow told us that he was taken to a secret facility at Montauk and that he was used to sodomize to death, hundreds and hundreds of kidnapped young boys (mostly streetkids and orphans). He told us that the ‘energy’ from this activity was harnessed via some sort of ‘chair’ and used to open portals, through which demons and aliens could be contacted.

He doesn’t like people knowing this part of his ‘history’ nowadays, but that is what he told us back then.

At this same conference, Al Bielek told me that Swerdlow approached him, asking him to ‘modify’ his Philadelphia Experiment story to include being at Montauk and seeing Swerdlow. Bielek was outraged that Swerdlow was such a liar. At least Al Bielek believed his own story, whereas it was obvious that Swerdlow just made up what people wanted to hear.

Soon afterwards, Peter Moon got hold of Swerdlow, and his tales became even more outrageous – which was great for selling books.

And then came the period when Swerdlow became a ‘famous psychic’ – one who left a trail of financially burnt rich new age women who took sympathy on poor Stewart being used so harshly – and who Swerdlow took money from until they had none left.

For those who think I am making this up, this is Swerdlow’s prison details:

Federal Inmate Locator – from 1982 to present

Register #: 29938-053
Age-Race-Sex: 54-White-M
Release Date: 08-18-1994
Location: RELEASED Victoria

The guy is a known and convicted con man and fraud. Everything he has claimed about Montauk was fabricated after he watched videos of Preston Nichols, Duncan Cameron and Al Bielek. He pretends to have psychic powers, and it costs you a lot of money to find out that he doesn’t.

It is all bullshit – so please don’t give this fraud any extra free advertising!”

Last Edited by nexuseditor on 01/10/2012 10:09 PM
“The nature of the universe is such that ends can never justify the means. On the contrary, the means always determine the end.”
(Aldous Huxley)

Here is an excerpt from Blue Blood True Blood and Stewarts FAILED predictions.
GLOBAL PLANS 2001 – 2010
  • A staged Alien invasion will occur forcing all nations, religions and cultures to give up separate identities and unite under the United Nations
  • Certain Alien groups will be introduced as heroes who saved the Earth – This will likely be the group from Sirius A
  • A New World Religion will be introduced and enforced upon all people – This religion will have the male/female god/goddess as Princess Diana and Immanuel, hence the second coming of Christ
  • A cloned Christ will be sent to Earth from Mars proclaiming his New Holy Empire
  • Blacks will be eliminated from Earth except for those who have a mixture of genetics from other races, like the Ethiopians, Sudanese and some United States and Carribean Blacks
  • Atlantean technology will be revealed and exploited
  • Jupiter will become a second sun making this a binary star system
  • Frozen moons of Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune will become earth like after the new sun shines and a redistribution of Earth’s huge population will begin. At least 3 Billion people will be re colonized on at least 6 new Earths
  • All people will have a chip placed in their skulls connecting them to a central computer system
  • Interplanetary and inter dimensional travel will be openly available to select people
  • The so called “indigo Children” a code name for Illuminati to indicate children with abilities will be confiscated from their parents and trained by the Empire

From this post October 2012

It is now 2015 and not one of these predictions has materialized.


With a plethora of avenues and outlets such as the mainstream media, alternative media, paparazzi support (for the constant in yer face and in the news bombardment), gurus, books in the works, personal stylists for that “revolutionary look” to get the engineered revolution rolling, Russell Brand has the perfect team to support his efforts in being the poster child for the engineers.

I have written plenty about Brands involvement with the Transcendental Meditation  organization which is being implemented in schools and the military for example, This organization is run by David Lynch and it is nothing more than a money making pyramid scheme which indoctrinates the vulnerable under the guise of being remedial . 

August 25, 2013

I have been talking about Russell Brand (and several others) connections to those who are ushering in the New World Religion for a few years, some of which is posted on this blog somewhere…some of it on other forums across the web, mainly about Brand’s affiliation with David Lynch and the Trancedental Meditation movement and how it is being implemented in schools.

Anyway, things are coming together quite nicely now, a lot of the players are promoting more of the NWR because they have been given a platform to do so.

A recent guests on the Russell Brand show was New Age Mars puppet Laura Eisenhower (mentioned her somewhere on this blog) While she was talking about appearing on the show I caught her flashing the 666 sign.


Here is a blurb from Freeman TV, where he talks about Katy Perry and Russell Brand, claiming that key people (such as Russell Brand) with a large outreach are waking up and allowing the truth to enter mainstream media.

Per Freemans blurb he claims that the mainstream media is becoming an outlet for truth because “we professional weirdos are breaking into the mainstream”


Freeman has had many Dugpas appear on his shows over the years including the all time favorite, Dugpa Swerdlow. Freeman TV is JUST another alternative media outlet that promotes the NWR and its players. Freeman seems to be using the empathy sucking sympathy card by claiming that these individuals often pay a terrible price for their involvement in the media etc, which on one hand is true..although the ones who have paid a terrible price are the ones that have either been offed, silenced, suicided or locked up in mental institutions.

NOT because they are some pre-programmed fuckwit with their own TV show or New Age alien off planet story to sell you…..via the mainstream media.

Freeman also states that the X logo on Russells Brand X show stems from none other than Aleister Crowley, although Freeman seems to think Brand was probably unaware of the esoteric meaning.

“In one final twist, it seems the devil has left his mark on Russell Brand’s career as well. The symbol for his show, Brand X, is the actual Mark of the Beast. Although I doubt Brand chose the symbol based on esoteric knowledge, Satanic forces dominate Hollywood and many stars are extinguished on the path to global domination. Our entertainers and artists need us now more than ever to help escape their inescapable prison. If you really love your celebrities, share your information!”

One final twist??

So what does that mean? Is Russell Brand an unwitting victim and tool for the agenda while innocently promoting the symbolism and programming of Crowley while simultaneously doing his best to wake people up?
No, it means that Russell Brand and his X show is
supported and approved for specific programming purposes. Look at his guests and you will find out who and what they want to program you with.

Here is a blurb and link to full article.

“Katy Perry says she “sold her soul to the Devil” and it seems that we professional weirdos are breaking into the mainstream. Stephen Colbert has had Andrew Basiago as a guest to talk about his time with Obama and missions to Mars. Alex Jones appeared on CNN cranking up record views for Peirs Morgan. Cory Feldman is outing Hollywood for pedophilia and Roseanne Barr and Mary Sean Young are publicly speaking out about trauma based mind control. Recently, British actor and comedian, Russell Brand, has had David Icke and Laura Eisenhower on his talk show. Key people with a large outreach are waking up and allowing truth to enter the mainstream media; but they need our support as they try to enlighten their audience and loved ones and sometimes, they pay a terrible price”

From this post August 2013

And 5 Witches promote Russell Brand.


Mark Passio. Occultist who hates people. Here is a pod cast which was done over a year ago and re-upped on youtube recently. Mark states that he hates people. Well, what is the point in churning out info if it is not for the love of mankind?

I hope for Mark Passio;s sake that he took a step back, re evaluated this vent and realized that he more than likely has not put his work out there for the love of people, but for glorification of himself and his dark occult leanings (which he claims in the video below that he is leaning more and more towards, even though he claimed to have disembarked from the dark occult years ago. I guess you can shit while sitting on the pot at the same time after all).
At about 40 minutes in he asks the armchair quarter backers, the nit pickers, finger pointers etc etc…to give him their websites, articles, radio shows, life changing books, life changing documentaries, events, rallies, political activism’s, educational outreaches, conferences, unpaid work, blogs etc…

Well this is mine. Hope you like it as much as Thomas Sheridan does.

Mark goes on to mention that Icke Tsarion and Maxwell have put out the most truth at about 45 minutes in.

5/20/16 Edited to add – as you can see Mark threw his dolly out of the pram in a raging hissy fit and made the video private lol! Thank goodness for Keepvid!

Updated 4/15/15 from another post here.

Mark Passio spits his dummy out over comments about him on the AJ show and because someone dissed his skullz (I did)  and doesn’t appreciate his “great work” . Mentioning something along the lines of he doesn’t know why alternative researchers allow comments on YT channels because it gives idiots a platform to voice their total dribble.

Oddly enough, Mark Passio is OK with Youtube allowing Mark Passio to voice his total dribble, and any one who might agree with Mark Passio gets a pass too.



Mark is am expert on Christians and Christianity apparently. Here is where Mark Passio’s talk on “Fake Ass Christians” was held – note the masonic  two pillars, arch and all that. 




I have documented Vinny Eastwood’s crap since he interviewed the Swerdlow’s in 2011 in an attempt to provide damage control for them.  Here is what he posted at this blog and my response. Vinny has gone from hosting guests such as the Swerdlows and Icke to Passio and Sheridan. Are we getting the bigger picture yet with the alt media fronts?

I have noticed lately that there are several fifth columners  who now claim to be exposing the alternative media.

I must admit, I am the king 🙂 Thanks for the love note bro, unless you’re hated by someone who has no life, you’re not living a good one yourself.


My rebuttal to your comment on the below post.


I don’t hate you Vinny. Although I am not surprised that you would try and twist my exposure of your pulpit into an opportunity of  claiming that I am  driven by hate. That’s the easy option isn’t it.

The only thing that is funnier than that assumption of yours, is you seem to  think I have no life, when the truth is,  all you know is what I may have mentioned here, but again,  you have fallen short of the truth because you have very little information to use against me which is why you need to resort to vacuous quips that hold no water.

Your job is to promote charlatans, programmers and re programmers, and even though you have read examples of your own scumbaggery on this blog, which you could reflect upon at some point and change for the better, you try and defend yourself in an imaginary battle that you have already lost.

You are aware of what you are doing and you are quite happy to do it. You are  a tool of the system. An enabler of programmers and handlers.

You think that someone like yourself who has promoted numerous liars over the years, who in addition begs and relies on donations from listeners to keep your lie factory afloat equates to  living a good life.


So as a  token of my generosity,  take this dollar and  put it towards a consultation with Stewart or Janet.  You only need another 300 or so of them, but hey its a start. As you already know, they are the worlds leading metaphysicians, they could really get you back on the right track.

Additionally, I think it is your duty as a bringer of truth to report back here with your experience of said consultation that I have kindly kick started off funding for you.

Cheers in advance.



November 28, 2013

Vinny Eastwood thought he was being clever when he removed this video from his website and YouTube.

Hey, I would rather be an anonymous coward with truth, than an infamous charlatan with little to none.

I would rather be an independent blogger than be part of the dog and pony show AKA the alternative media.

For the record. My parents are not quack cult leaders, re-programmers or charlatans so do not chalk me up as nothing more than an angry individual with nothing better to do than “attack” the self proclaimed way-showers via some stupid Freudian projection.

As you can see, this blog and its contents have come a long way and contain irrefutable proof of your agenda and more succinctly the fact that you are not in any way shape or form “leaders” despite how you, the alternative media and your “spiritual” connections in the arena attempt to paint it that way.
The alternative media and the clowns that are involved have been quite happy to give you a platform for damage control and lies, which has nothing more than bolster the truth that is contained in this blog about said agencies and their minions.

Despite your uninformed assertions about me being a very confused individual, how is that looking for you now?

Maybe the self proclaimed expert on psychopaths, Thomas Sheridan should give his opinion on the above video clip. It could make for a pretty interesting show.

Trying to hide things in these times of truth by erasing it from your website and Youtube?




Prior to Eric Dubays evidence for a Flat Earth,  he had evidence for a Hollow Earth.

dubayhollow  New World Religion promoter  Eric Dubay  has done a couple of blog posts/videos etc on the “coming new world order” which if it  isn’t obvious by now is a requirement for the  initiates.   dubaytwat Similar to AFP, Dubay jumped on the “exposing” Icke bandwagon. Dismissing one failed psy op to usher in an updated one. He also claims  Alex Jones  is controlled opposition despite being a prior fan.


dubaypiggybackerdubayisadugpa Much like Terence McKenna , Russell Brand and David Icke, Eric Dubay is  a DMT and Ayahuasca pusher.   Here is some of what he believes about hallucinogens. There is a fair amount of info about why the use of hallucinogens are necessary for the NWR mentioned here. It looks as if Dubay picked up where Gnostic Media left off after the bait and switcheroo.

“If you have mischief, wickedness, or secrecy in you, then entheogens will take you down into the depths of your own hell. But if you have kindness, love, and truth within you, entheogens will raise you up into the heights of that heaven. When people of a poor disposition or in a negative mood eat magic mushrooms they usually have a “bad trip” and experience frightening or depressing hallucinations. When people of a good disposition or in a positive mood eat mushrooms they usually have a great trip and experience hours of uncontrollable laughter and a loving, close feeling with everyone around. Just like at Christmas Santa keeps lists of children who are naughty and nice, at Easter only good kids get to eat the colored eggs. This is likely because good kids on mushrooms are hilarious and lots of fun, whereas naughty kids on mushrooms guarantee a bad trip for everyone, so they get coal at Christmas and no eggs at Easter.”




Eric Dubay recommends……. Alan Watt. (one for Captain Slappy)


Dubay is an extremely ungrateful motherfukcer when it comes to those that have served or serve in the military.

Which is typical of NEW WORLD  RELIGION  operatives who prefer to use psychological warfare and pass it off as a bloodless crime against humanity.



Eric Dubay is a relentless promoter of psychedelics .Dugpas + psychedelics = transhumanism.

In this video, amongst other information Buddhists claim that meditation and psychedelics cannot be separated. Promoters of psychedelics are linking you up to the hive mind. (as are some who promote each other on youtube…) which is detailed in this video. Enjoy your transhumanism!


Sick and tired of the Mainstream Media? Figured out that the Alternative Media is not much different?
Well, fret not. David Icke is saving the day with his revolutionary idea of…..wait for it…the revolutionary idea of another media outlet for the playground. He has the mainstream AND alternative media figured out dontya know. He has claimed to be victims of both.

David Icke says…

“The Mainstream Media destroys information. If we had a mainstream media that even vaguely associated itself with the true meaning of the word journalism,none of this would be possible. But the same people that control the politicians own the media, and so the media is not there, just like governments to serve interests and inform the people. Its there to tell the people by the people who own the media what to think and what to believe”

15 minutes in…

…..and here we have Simon Parks (Stewart Swerdlow’s good friend ….talking with Philip Schofield on the BBC about being molested by aliens. .

The interview begins with a statement leaning towards the reality of aliens probably not existing..

then goes on to a 25 minute conversation with a politician / councilor who says he has had sex with an alien and a lion woman and is visited frequently by aliens that wear purple cloaks.

(You should see the ones that wear the purple hats, they are something else…the purple cloaked ones do not have any real is all holographic..Apologies for not posting an actual pic in this day and age of wonderful technology…but I will draw a rendition in crayon at some point…cant quite take pictures of holograms yet…sarc)

Yeah, it’s that easy…

It is also stated by Mr Parkes that if aliens wanted to take over the planet, that they would have done it when humans were cavemen as it would have been easier. What about the whole “aliens messed with humans DNA thingymabob?

Or that “they” being the aliens… created us? Or the other one…that the aliens bred with humans? If the sole purpose these entities was to gather negative energy, with all the wonderful technology and sacred knowledge they are said to have, according to Mr Parkes, (and others) would they go the the bother of creating a holographic illusion to siphon energy from? Wouldn’t the advanced aliens be able to bypass the material and siphon energy directly?

Vril like?

So Let me get this straight…the people possessed by demons that run the BBC… run the politicians and ONLY put out there what they want you to believe.

So yeah…calling bullshit on the alien is demons that have control of Mr Parkes. He just doesn’t know it.

Its generational. He said it.

I thought I would put this one up here as well, for visibility. 

July 2, 2013

This is a mere test of your gullibility.

In my last post, I mentioned a little bit about Simon Parkes and his recent appearance on the BBC. He himself has stated that the mainstream media are all “in on it”..shit talking the mainstream media is a tactic the Dugpas often use to help validate the alternative media shows they appear on. It makes the alternative outlets appear legitimate, interesting and more “open minded”, when in fact the alternatives are just another cog in the wheel of the NWO.

He threw away an opportunity to be a prominent member of Parliament because he “didn’t like the area he lived in..the violence, the filth, it was just too much”.

Yep..sounds like VERY much like a politician to me…. I mean, its much easier to go feign going rogue and talk about being molested by aliens than to be a politician and deal with the problems that politicians create.

Dugpas usually begin on the fringes and work their way up through the hierarchy. David Icke and Stewart Swerdlow are a couple of prime examples of this. Simon Parkes is just another in the long line of deceivers who have been waiting in the shadows to make a timely appearance for your consumption.

He states in on of the interviews that he is coming out for two reasons firstly to tell you “that your government lies to you and knows a lot more and is not telling you the truth” and secondly because there are other people out there that have experiences and nobody to turn to”.

If Simon Parkes is not aware of the company he rubs shoulders with he is in for a big surprise..BUT the truth is..he is aware of who he rubs shoulders with AND the agenda.




Just thought I would give Mr Parkes the political / NWR Dugpa some more air time.


  1. You have only moved the source of where you get your info from the msm to the alt media and think you are getting the “truth” now. I think you just want media of any kind to entertain and inform you. And you are free to do that.Knock yourself out.

    More here from another response.

    And you think you are not a “sheep” because you get your info from the alternative media barns on the farm? This blog, at times, connects the dots of the alt media fronts. Why does that piss you off? Why would someone who connects any kind of dots piss you off?
    As an example, a person “wakes up” about the msm, starts listening to the alt media for news source and info, doesn’t bother to connect the dots, or pay attention to the hosts or regular guests that do the circuit.
    Don’t call those that listen to the msm sheep (it is a shitty term when you think about it, at some point we have all been there, including yourself) to go on claim that in some way you are not a sheep now because you get your info from the alt media.

    Stop being a gatekeeper for the alt media fronts.


  2. The only thing more corrupt than the mainstream media is the alternative media. I realized this when I became aware that almost none of my comments were getting approved on any of those shills’ seemingly independent websites. The reason? Probably because they were actually on the mark. The other thing that I became aware of is how sophisticated they’ve become in the deception. They have phonies that sound exactly like the average Joe now, with all of the imperfect lexicon, stutter, unkempt appearance, relatively uneducated, the whole package. The web is wide and deep, and must be avoided completely. The Ministry of Truth isn’t the White House, it’s the “truth movement”.


  3. Hi X. You are right, the alt media has become more sophisticated because they have such a wide range of charlatans and self proclaimed experts to choose from, which gives them the opportunity to bombard their listeners with disinfo, half truths, and in some cases downright lies from all sides.

    If people would take a minute to step back and look at what is being pumped out by alt media agencies, they would realize that they are being led down the garden path. Red Ice Creations has been showing its true colors as of late. I think that this agency is a good yardstick as to the true motives of the alt media.


  4. Are you actually challenging any of these people on particular points to their theories or just making sweeping statements that they are lying, without specifying what they are lying about exactly?

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  5. Which theories do you mean?
    That Stewart Swerdlow went back in time to shoot Jesus? Or he is the leading voice of metaphysics?
    That Joseph Chiappalonne was Jesus (and a few others) and is here to collect viables?
    David Ickes theory on the royals being shapeshifters? Who also claimed to be the Son of God…that he promotes the use of DMT even though the hallucinogen psy op has been exposed here? Long before Jan Irvin’s bait and switch.
    That Jan Irivns prior theory about hallucinogens has now taken a turn to state the exact opposite of what he was saying a few years back?
    That Simon Parkes had sex with an aliens.
    That Laura Eisenhower goes to Mars ?
    (Even though MIT claimed it is not possible to survive on Mars for only around 60 days?)
    That Thomas Sheridan rips off this blog for his own personal gain?
    That Mark Passio is a confused occultist who hates people yet for the love of humanity exposes the new age?
    Russell Brand is a world class revolutionary – who wants transcendental meditation in schools and other institutions (even though schools and some of these other institutions have been dubbed as programming centers)
    That the alt media is a psy ops?

    There are a few examples.

    Are you challenging me about what I have written? Or are you just making sweeping statements that have an undercurrent that alludes to me being a liar? What are they telling the truth about exactly?
    What am I lying about exactly?
    I thought that I had cataloged a good portion of the discrepancies with proof of discrepancies over the past couple of years.


    • “That Joseph Chiappalonne was Jesus (and a few others) and is here to collect viables?”

      You are the liar here. He has never said that I can recall. Maybe you should review what people actually say before you call other people liars.

      He never said he was here to collect viables. He stated he was here to present a message for future happenings. He has never said believe what I say, or you will not be saved like your pagan Jesus does.Calling people you do not agree with liars is one thing, but misrepresenting what they say is plain lazy and evil IMO.Clearly, anyone who goes against what your precious Bible says is a liar.


      • Yeah…it is easy to put grand statements out there like Chiappalone does under the guise of “giving a message” and using the easy “out” with his motto of “Take it or leave it”.

        Pure flippancy on his own part.

        The post below clearly outlines that Joseph Chiappalone presents himself as someone “chosen” to give a special message to the world. He has claimed to have non human consciousness, contact with ET’s who have given him this info…yet with that badassery claim, needs people like you to do his dirty work and aid him in damage control efforts.

        All because he lost his license due to malpractice and that doesn’t bode well if you have previously stated that you have been given a “divine” message for humanity.

        Which is then claimed to be a honey trap, which of course Chiappalone didn’t see coming despite his non human consciousness. While at the same time, he has clearly stated his ET given mission as a messenger.

        Below is a partial quote, the full quote can be found at the link below.

        stefan says:
        December 26, 2014 at 3:52 am Edit

        What do you want to say to 650 million viables that will not hear from Joseph? Cause in this rate it takes 26000 years… Time is brief, we all know that, so lets help him, and you can start by donating to him, Cause i was the first to do it in 30 years he said.


        Yep…what are you going to say to those 650 million viables? Are you going to tell them about him losing his license, you know to keep it on the up and up.

        Donate donate donate…..can’t forget to mention that.

        Full response here.


  6. Fair enough. Without having read through all your archives I stumbled across this page and it seemed to be sweeping statements without being particularly specific, your answer clears my question up largely. What harm to you believe exists in teaching kids to meditate? Can you be more specific about the hallucinogens psy-op?

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  7. It isn’t just children and meditation, it is being implemented in prisons, native American reservations, the military etc. TM has been proven to be a cult movement based on partial Hindu concepts. I don’t particularly care if someone wants to be a Hindu, that is entirely up to them. But what is not being told to a lot of people involved in TM in schools is that they are being given mantras based on invoking Hindu deities and they are not being told this. The Mahareshi has been proven to be a fraud, people have paid ridiculous amounts of money to be indoctrinated by this movement to learn how to meditate.

    With TM in schools for instance, this has taken place of a lot of art and music etc (lack of funding) If you take a look into who is backing this program you will find people like Russell Brand, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Russell Simmons, Oprah, Moby, Katy Perry etc.. (who have all, for the best part have made their living by expressing themselves through music and art).. David Lynch has said himself that TM is money in the bank for him which is as low as you can get in my opinion. Especially when he is targeting the most vulnerable people with his TM program. When I take a look at David Lynch I see a Hollywood puppet and a disturbed individual who has obviously found no peace or beauty through his TM practice which is reflected through his art and music.

    There are quite few posts that have covered this, here are a few examples

    This posts explains why TM is not good for children.


    • I would add that even meditation teachers don’t think that teaching mediation to children is such a good thing. For a variety of reasons.


  8. If you take a look at who is pushing the hallucinogen psy op, you will find people like David Icke, Russell Brand Terence McKenna, Timothy Leary and Carol Rosin.

    Hallucinogens make life easy for programmers and social engineers. It is a lot easier to program people on a mass scale if they are under the influence of hallucinogens, just add music and the right setting etc…

    From the 60’s / LSD / Grateful Dead

    To Raves and Ecstasy. I used to go to raves 88 and 89. If you look at rave flyers from those times you will see the agenda and predictive programming play out via flyers.

    Rave flyer subliminals.

    Based around the Himalaya Regions and dedicated to Fringe Science, Bio-energetics, tantric Taoism, shamanism, and psychedelic Research for the sole purpose of individual and collective evolution of consciousness in the world.
    Our aim is to investigate crime on subtle levels of the psyche and the prevention of misuse of psychic powers, to avoid degradation in physical manifestation.

    Dampa Sangye used to say:
    “If the old generation could perceive the world with the same heart as the new crystal children, they would realize, that the world they have been living in, is really a Matrix, a prison for the mind.”
    He is also delighted to see the advanced evolution in western psychedelic research, and how it affects People to live a life with deeper Consciousness.

    Dampa also explained how Psychedelic Research is building a bridge between the young and the old generation:
    “A conservative old human ON LSD can easily keep up with the high vibrant frequency of a
    crystal rainbow child ON MEDITATION”, and with a smile he would add: “So what happens if a crystal rainbow is on LSD!?
    Levitation, Teleportation or even Mutation?! And there we have the X-MEN, that´s how movies are created!”

    From this post.

    TV show Alice in Wonderland /Rave Beyond Wonderland subliminals.

    David Icke

    Hope that helps a little.


  9. “Thomas Sheridan, just another failed lower level black magician and plagiarizer. If anything he is much like Alexandra David Neals Tulpa, an unruly fat little monk masquerading as an enlightened “artist” “researcher” and bringer of “troof”.

    I am sure Thomas must think that his constant lifting off of this blog pisses me off but he would be wrong. It proves how stupid he is and it also proves how stupid the alt media fronts that give him time on their shows are. Thomas Sheridan lifting off of this blog just gives me more kindling for the fire, I consider Thomas’ plagiarizing a gift, it is like free wood for me. Thanks Thomas!”

    Listen to this nut case spew pure crap and hatred with no facts. Any wonder no can have a rational discussion with these zealots.

    “Yeah…it is easy to put grand statements out there like Chiappalone does under the guise of “giving a message” and using the easy “out” with his motto of “Take it or leave it”. ”

    This is just one of many off the wall statements from these close minded bigots. I suppose it is just as easy to slander people also based on nothing but your opinion also.

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  10. Sheridan has a history of using multiple personas as well as being a bit of a sex pest and a racist.It is no secret. . I think he and Chiappalone would get on fabulously. Despite Sheridan’s aversion to alien nut jobs and channeler’s, there is real potential for a meeting of the minds with those two.
    They could start a revolution together.

    No facts? You really are as thick as shite aren’t you.


  11. I have finally had to give up on Sheridan. He had potential, and for a brief moment, attempted to be something other than a 2-bit bullshit artist. Now, of course, having no other options, he has decided to publicly state that there are serial killers running around England somewhere pushing people off into canals.

    An utter moron, a true degenerate who couldn’t find his ass with two hands and a flashlight, and of course…of course, is proven a coat-tail rider of the largest order. He was never anyone, he will not be anyone. He’s down to pandering and selling lunches with himself…

    from a dude that never did any street-level work, knows literally nothing of historical fact, whose “research” is other youtube videos (books seem to heavy for him to pick up, nor comprehend), reduced to claiming imaginary serial killers while selling buffet lunches is…pathetic, AND hilarious.

    Seems he is exactly like his daddy, David Icke, Lizard Overlord Extraordinaire.

    Amazingly, they all seem to be brain-damaged to the point that if you were to mention they are using a 2,500 year old scam and con from Pythagoras, they would be too stupid to know what that meant.

    Which is odd…didn’t their Aliens, Light-Working Annunaki, and psychopaths that only Tommy can see, tell them all that?

    I guess not. Dicke…sorry…Icke, is on the downhill side as it is, thankfully, so the new crops of morons like Passio the anti new-ager new-ager (exactly like Tommy the Bonehead Sheridan) are coming up, full of nothing but bullshit and chaff of course.

    Not exactly hard to reap idiots like them.

    I did give Tommy a chance, like I did with the others…they are just so greasy, it doesn’t take long before they collapse and hang themselves.

    Overall, none of the troof movement morons are an issue, as they drain dry (more and more walk away, and they are forced to go full moron to accomplish any crowd pulls).

    The mere mention that Passio was on ANY show with more than 20 viewers, or that Sheridan is doing “talks” now (for pay of course, he can’t help anyone for free…oh no, he’s Anti-Jesus Christ SuperStar, remember?), should tell you their desperation level to be termed “relevant”.

    Jones is less than relevant now, his pull is way down on the backside of even remotely “middling”.
    The Young Turds…sorry…Turks, are the same, and many of the RT-fronted devout marxists/atheists are attempting everything (including backing drug-dealers in a rush to ride Baltimore’s bandwagons) to get a view.

    The Law of Gonzo is in full effect.

    I know literally nothing of Red Ice Radio, they are irrelevant in any real world issue.
    I did see some E. Michael Jones interviews there, but his problem is, as a Roman, that uppity Jews not on the Roman company plantation, are devil jews. To each his own conspiracy.

    Of course, his conspiracy is jew-centric, which I find odd, because that ain’t what the Eugenics Congresses or Fabian Society were worried about in their writings. He seems blind in both eyes to certain, specific, and inconvenient things.

    He makes a good interview, like Colonel Aquino (who has done a few of late that were top-notch, and he is nice enough to explain exactly what Passio and the others are doing…though I doubt many would listen…why listen to a man that was one of 1,500 operators in Vietnam, running game theory models?…when you could attempt to catch imaginary serial killers or lizard-aliens, that is).

    And…of course, as usual…there are self-proclaimed free-masons coming out of the woodwork, left, right and center, who also wouldn’t know their ass from a hole in the ground…at best, they can quote some irrelevant hack like Mackey or Pike.

    If they ain’t bitchin’ about “Illuminati”, the masons are bitching about Rome, and vice versa.

    Last I looked, both are mostly on the irrelevant shit-list anyway, with almost no pull-power whatsoever.

    Though by accident, and from time to time, they rip-off some decent paragraphs, but that is about it, and it is always regurgitated bullshit that wasn’t important when it was written, and of which, nobody has read in 2 centuries, if not more.

    People from time to time send me links of these “great thinkers” like Brand, or other idiots…none of which are even any good at panhandling, other than whoring themselves cheap. The newer ones are not better, trust me…they are infinitely too stupid to be better at it then the morons that taught them how to do it. Just stupider, and stupider clones coming off the bullshitter assembly line.

    Just different colors of shysters and con-men running loose, screwing fish, rubes and other morons, along with panhandling like degenerate idiots.

    The good news is they always collapse, 98%, pretty fast.

    The only reason a few lasted more than a year or two (in the real world)…
    is because of who is backing them, which should be obvious.

    Though I will go down saying Michael Voris of ChurchMilitant I do like…but the Hovind crew just got so disgustingly greasy, so fast, panhandling and e-begging, I couldn’t handle it anymore. They handled their brief, 15-minutes of fame as an “authority” WORSE than Torquemada did.

    That’s what you end up with when they are 5th-string protestant “enlightenment” nutters.

    I swear to God…Tommy Sheridan should have been SS for as many handjobs as he gives the Germans in every video, if he isn’t hawking the Vikings as an uber-race, instead of a failed society that couldn’t figure out peanut butter and steam engines, he is hawking Nazi’s as an appeal to authority.

    I have come to the erstwhile conclusion that all of youtube is insane. And stupid.
    As Jerry Seinfeld said…a garbage can. Of nutjobs. Pandering rusty, failed junk that the originators couldn’t even sell 4,000 years ago.

    Except for me. I am not insane. Just ask me. I will tell you. I am an authority. Obviously, I am god.
    Because someone on youtube told me.

    Someone too stupid to even fix a lawnmower.

    But just smart enough to make really horrible quality videos of themselves droning on and on about flavor of the week idiocy.

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  12. “I know literally nothing of Red Ice Radio, they are irrelevant in any real world issue.”
    Red Ice might seem insignificant to you, but they have hosted from their internet pulpit, numerous fuckwits who are accompanied with large amounts of bullshittery, which is more than likely aimed at people like yourself.

    I.e. Alan Wat, Sheridan , Icke, Swerdlow, Passio.


  13. Add this one to the list as well , hypnotherapist , studied Psychology and Media Production.

    Nothing new from this one either….

    Sanders makes ties into the hippy movement, LSD, MK Ultra, the CIA and Frank Olsen. He also addresses the close relationship between the military and the musicians of the 60’s.

    (Has also appeared on Freeman Fly show).


  14. It’s a fecker! i have been a guest on a radio show as a poet…then the shit hits the fan and i have a radio show… I interview people suggested to me… and have kept it going now for 6 years when i really have learnt loads, made loads of mistakes and upset many people…and ALSO had great people getting a platform that they would not have usually.
    I have been burnt by some real nasty people…at present being attacked BIGTIME by TS… many people blocked me…and diss me…I was fooled for a while by Kevin Annett, TS and a few others.
    I am definitely on Alt. media….but feck..where else would they have me?
    I am sure I’ll be feckin’ fooled in thefuture as well!
    Maybe that’s it….I’m justa feckin’ fool?
    Having said that, the people who have said they have healed after listening to the info on some of my shows…and came out of a suicidal dark place….makes the shite all worth it!
    Wanna come on a show and chat about all this? lol


  15. Good post…both of you…besides having to say purplepebble you have an excellent blog going here, weeding out the shysters and we got busloads full of them nowadays, most folk who have some sort of big support from above are owned anyway. Normally I would never post anything on ANY blog or whatever, but there are still a few sources that are just doing the job as it is supposed to be done and Sean is one of them. We were all fooled once, no exceptions, Kevin Annett, yes , I fell for that one too, those were the days eh ? Well we have grown a bit now and dont fall so easily for all those freeloaders out there cashing in on our demise as that is what it is.

    Without exaggerating too much I think the state we are in now I can safely state that ninety per cent of the ” truth movement” has some sort of agenda if it comes from the authorized sources.
    Keep folk chasing their tales , jadija…
    A lot of folk are going through rough times and that is not an accident.
    Vinny Eastwood aka the pimpmaster..all in bed with Reptile man….rolling eyes…did we really once listen to that ….??? .yep…but those days are all over now.
    Anyway, Sean does good work and it is time folk would be more grateful for those of us that put in a lot of effort to keep things balanced and honest, a few of my mates did a few interview there and I can assure you a lot of information the public has never even heard of is thereby shared with a larger audience who can make good use of it.

    Those people who do the right thing usually are never invited on ANY authorized “alt media” hoopla station. Wont happen. So when that came to be I thought no that cannot be, nobody gives the ordinary person a voice if he or she has something to share to make this world a better place one way or another.

    Until now Sean has been one of a very few , actually the only one to be honest who made a stand, who does his thing the way it should be done and such statements should not be taken too lightly. In an age of amazing deception some keep balance and contribute a lot. Therefor PIR , who is not on the payroll, has to be crushed by the system.
    RedIce, eat your heart out 🙂
    and yes, PP, maybe it s time you could share all your information in an interview , would be great.
    not just the evil side of the alt media but also on how you would like it to be, in what direction it could go and share some of your viewpoints in a coherent fashion if that is not too much asked.
    Would make a lot of people grateful so we can start cleaning out the filth.
    thank you both and all the best



  16. dear Pebble, as you may have noticed there is a little breeze at the moment on this Sheridan crap etc, so , that in a way has sorted itself out. Maybe one day we can do a little interview, anonymously, to keep the sniffer dogs at bay, I like your exposes, mainly because it is not easy to expose those charlatans and in my opinion, most are charlatans, some are better than others but still, some things cannot be discussed , some truths and mechanisms are not allowed to be exposed, that s why we end up in places like this, a forum, a blog, that s it.
    Truly, most names out there are controlled and that is a sad statement to make for starters.
    People really have no idea how controlled it all is.
    I wont call names here but I think they all know how to play the game, they all do.
    Those big radio hosts, their dugpas as you call them, they all know each other and promote eachother. Just cashing in, handing out some breadcrumbs for the sheeple.
    The whole system is so completely rigged it is beyond belief, lots of people pleasers out there
    talking hoopla and new age and this and that. Keep folk chasing their tales forever.
    To be honest, truly honest, I have not found ONE SINGLE ” truth leader” EVER that is real.
    Not kidding.
    wont happen
    They all do some sort of spiel on the mind of their public, again, some are better than others.
    Some give a lot but they wont give folk the whole package, there is always a sort of scam going on, a sort of deception and control. Always. Plus there is the money thing, they always want money.
    Dont know why but they always want money.

    A while ago you asked if mr Watt belongs to the bunch too, of course he does, but he is better than others they give us.Basically he is a gate keeper, that s another branch of charlatans
    working by omission, giving only parts of the truth using a technique.
    Could explain all this but I am not in the mood.

    Still, never throw out the baby with the bathwater I say, some do have some things one can learn from…but people want to be fooled , maybe that is human nature, looking for a leader, etc, maybe that is somehow hardwired into a lot of people. Recently you described yourself regarding belief systems, politics, etc, and I do fit into that box too, not connected to anything.
    We see how many people around us fall for those fakers, almost everybody falls for some sort of deception when you boil it down.

    I often wondered why the elite gave us the Internet, but now we know, we see the damage.
    the total carnage on truth

    Sure , we can say our peace , but we are completely overtaken , pushed aside by the conglomerate of fakers who run the big sites, and you know, get the whole show, get promoted this that and the other , jadija….
    old news…

    You also may have noticed real truth is not popular, no shit eh ?
    So even if some parts of truth come out most folk dont give a damn, they dont want that as it involves responsibility and so forth, they dont want that , they want excitement, entertainment, mystery, you name it, whatever, just dont give them facts, they cannot handle truth.

    Do you see ” TPTB” shake in their boots? Do you ? No you dont, me neither.
    I dont know if you are on Facebook or other horror adventures, but if you do, you can clearly see the general state of mind of the public, it is devastating. You know it is.
    A total freakshow, basically people exchange one freakshow for a new flavor , that s what it is.

    I have given up , completely , on things like Facebook or whatever sort of hoopla that s going on
    as facebook is the NSA s wet dream, grabbing all data etc, keeping a pulse on things, you know that.

    On another note, just thinking out loud here, maybe it is possible to also address other issues
    not just the exposing part as that throws up a lot of dirt , there is so much of that in the alt media
    to go around, huge topics indeed and maybe outside the scope of this blog…

    I also prefer to work on solutions and I do, but again, that does not belong inside the scope of this blog. Still it is very ” funny ” well…amusing…too see how easy it is to lure the majority of the public into all realms of BS, amazingly easy, as that s all they know, ” repeat after me” and follow the leader. Very few people can break through their programming that is a fact and even if they do they will stand alone, I can assure you , they stand more or less alone.
    You are very aware and you do not seem to have a nasty agenda
    good for you

    hope you continue the work

    maybe time for a funny movie
    so we can have a laugh too


  17. Hi Robert,
    I saw that Thomas threatened those who expose him by pulling out the “big guns” i.e giving his high up mates in the mainstream media a call. (and he calls himself a heathen anarchist?)I also saw that he resorted to the “numbers game” he has more followers and has “fans” worldwide. When you look at the bigger picture, his video views are not that high in reality. I guess he needs to put out there whatever boosts his delusions of grandeur. He really did stoop to a new low with some of the things he wrote. It also seems as if he has been working a social experiment himself. “control groups” and all of that, wtf.

    You are right in the respect of “don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater” I I am not aware of everyone out there who would call themselves alt media, I have spent the majority of my time here highlighting what occurs in the mainstream alt media and yes, there does need to be some solutions, who knows, maybe this blog would inspire someone to do build alternative solutions to the what is the mainstream alternative media, no books sales, t shirts, conferences, no just promoting the next barn on the farm kind of deal.

    Those vids are hilarious!


  18. Well, purple P, his royal galactic highness Thomas ” and his team” , has reached new levels..rock bottom…it is beyond laughable, downright silly and obnoxious , such behavior, big time. Could post the link to his wannabe blog but I wont do that as that would attract more visitors so he would slip out on his drooling himself about that, how popular he has become and how he made the truth movement go forward and all that jazz….it s all a joke, still strange how he reacts, normally alt media puppets completely ignore everything that does not suit them, they just keep rocking, like Lizard man, they dont give a shit, they all have this Al Gore mentality, psychopaths, this global warming hoax to push the agenda 21 script,etc, just an agenda to fulfill and that s all there is to it. By the look of things he is not really well paid to do that.

    The recent happenings just show us what scam artists they all are or bullshit artists as Cooper called that lot.But people keep following the leader and that s a flaw in human nature.

    He has a way with giving his ” work” nice titles though, we have to grant him that…
    some self reflection took place over there, must have a good yoga teacher…
    Inner truths ..titles like ´The Empire of Bullshit´ by Thomas Sheridan
    You see, he knows his stuff alright…at least he is honest about his bullshit
    what was it ? Gin in a jar , jar in a Gin, Djinn..bla bla …whatever….crash ..syntax error. screen…
    The internet is overloaded now with those types.There s no end to it.

    ah…some folk start making funny videos about the bloke ..our man from Goldman Sachs ..and full of crap

    yep , it finally happened…
    he has gone mad…a terrible loss for the ” Troofer $$$$$ movement”
    I will light a candle tonight for mr TS

    But , on the other hand, we often see this happening recently , over the last few years, big names attack each other, I remember Alex J making fun of Icke and soon after they are buddies, Alan Watt, same thing, oh watch out for Alex Jones, bla bla and the next thing you know they do interviews together, all sellouts, all of them…you see how it works, total confusion and mindf@ck , that s all it basically is.You know all that as you did some nice work like our little dugpa ” Vinny”
    Maybe most folk cannot be helped as they keep voting etc for those controlled opposition types
    the Ron Pauls, the , what s his name now, the new one, Trump or something. Growing up is a hard thing to do it seems and than they wonder why nothing changes and the agenda continuous hmm ?
    All high free masons by the way, they always are, we are just the profane. Base material.

    quote by PB
    …not just promoting the next barn on the farm kind of deal

    good one, as that is exactly what is is, they cater to a public, a certain audience, no shortage of volunteers and consumers, UFO people, reptile worshippers, new age love and light types, than you have those ” anonymous groups” , another big scam in my opinion, you see, I make a lot of friends all the time posting stuff LOL 🙂
    Vegetarianism, Occupy movements, bilderberg protests, bla bla …you name it , it s there, all taken care of and all controlled
    all a scam

    Obviously, you are indeed not fully aware of the many names out there nowadays, there are so many of them it is surely hard to keep track of them all, agreed.
    Names like M Tsarion or J Maxwell, all Blavatsky / Alice Bailey Luficerian / Lucis trust new age control grid hoopla.
    mumbo jumbo occult yadiya ….yawn….twisted Hinduism in an agenda 21 sugar coating for public consumption – available on DVD at your local reseller
    to contribute to the flock of the good shepherds to fleece them properly

    your own little power animal for the living room to cuddle – Carlos Castaneda style – all in a shiny, carbon conscious sustainable golden plastic wrapping…gluten free , of course, totally ” organic”
    to put under the Satan ..or was it Santa ….tree , you know , christmas or Xmas, well you know that one , hmm or maybe throw in some ” aliens” from the Aztecs by this dork , what s his name
    this Austrian nutter, big scam artist, he had it all made by indian crafsmen those stone tablets to fool the public and it worked very well, “Chariots of the Gods” was the title of his book
    Daniken or something, Aztecs in spaceships, you cant make this stuff up, really
    but it worked , it took off, big time.
    he is probably millionaire now
    and we are here in this blog..go figure…
    Those people in the alt media, most of them are all in cahoots.
    One big show out there

    Meanwhile our Tommy , who cannot find his shower or a hairdresser, feels so great about himself because he was according to his words the first who exposed this other fruitcake, the messiah type from Tavistock, what s his name, Russel Brand or Brand X , or flat earthers , oh really, he is so smart , amazing. We did not know our ” infinite consciousness” sextoy Russel who loves to hug Reptile man..if reptile man is not engaged in romantics with the Texan guy, is fake shite, big Uber Dugpa, we truly had “no idea” of that …yawn…rolling eyes……duhhh
    Thank goodness Tommy made us aware of that threat to our virginity … 🙂
    So we can keep our blushing under control….

    So you did read his blog, nice of you to stay awake and be submerged in the level of humanity and
    consciousness that goes on in the alt media…unbelievable that people can write that crap and feel proud about themselves, shows us a lot , does it not, shows us what the alt media is really made of with some minor exceptions. It truly does.
    scams scams scams
    so many fucking liars

    there is some truth in these vids
    partial truths
    you never get the full truth on anything nowadays

    If you ask me I think the whole ” truth movement” is a cia operation to a large extend
    not all of it , but most of it, esp the big names
    Like a net or web to catch the sheep that start to start firing some neurons in an unauthorized fashion, bring them back into the pen

    by the way I do have something going with solutions, but that s another topic altogether
    not really for public consumption shall we say
    but of course first things first, first folk must leave the alt media crap , things like Facebook, etc etc and start thinking rationally and do their own homework, like you did, etc.
    because only unless that has been done, nothing will happen anyway

    and remember, stay gluten free


  19. Yes I checked out Thomas’s blog, looks as if he is tracking IP address too.

    I watched all the vids you posted. Re Alan Watt, I only listened to a couple previously, with him and Sheridan. Who was promoting who there? For someone as seemingly astute as Alan Watt, why would he join forces, even for a couple of interviews , with Sheridan? Ya see. Who bullshitted who there? What forces aligned them together? Who sweet talked who in that scenario? Is Alan Watt an experiencer or an observer? It is a different kettle of fish between the two.
    A poacher is a different class of hunter than say, a fisherman who works all day to catch a fish or two. Honestly.
    There are a lot of poachers out there. Ultimately, it boils down to how honest one can be with oneself. Are you in it for yourself, to glorify yourself, to further the game, or to help others? What are the motives to helping others? To make yourself feel good? To relieve a bad conscience? Because it is what you are called to do? Because you know better? Because you love people? Lots of questions we need to ask ourselves. Getting down to the wire. That is not directed at you personally either. Just questions.

    I also listened to a couple of the vids off of the internet radio thing. I actually liked that. I am a much better writer, than I am a speaker, I could show more in a blog post, than I could potentially talking about blog posts or whatever. I am not a trained speaker. That is why I love vids by say Sy or Chrissy for instance. To me, It is real and it is raw. Spiritual “levels” don’t matter to me, and the ones who claim to have reached some level, always fuck themselves.
    Like Bill Cooper said, prove me wrong.


  20. Regarding mr Alan Watt and his hooking up with other dugpas, well…that will remain a sort of a mystery maybe, not sure, he says it is his personal choice but that is massive BS, so the guy is not clean but , at least, gives out good facts but only in a limited way, he is very hot about people like Carroll Quigley, but he will never mention the Jesuit connection, wont happen, ever. Georgetown university etc, also most things he and TS discussed ” culture industry” well that s a bit of old news, we know all that shit for long, nothing new under the sun there…

    they all play their part in the game , that s how it is
    some are better than others
    but in the end it all comes down to one thing, they are all bullshit artists , one way or another
    took me some time to figure that out how infected aka infiltrated it all is
    and they all need money , they always need money

    However, I am very disappointed to hear you still have not reached your ” purple level of cosmic eternal love vibration ” yet… 🙂

    Real and raw that s far enough yes
    That s how it is
    most dont like that they prefer fantasy and BS
    the feel good stuff and not doing anything tangible

    is Vinny E still at it ? What a bunch of whiners
    the money must be good than

    Liked by 1 person

  21. That vid is by The Vigilant Christians buddy. If people are that worried about population control, start a family and stop fucking moaning about it. I also find it funny that the end times fear porners who make a mint selling end times porn, prattle on about things that might happen by 2030.


  22. You don’t agree. Do you think that anti natalism isn’t used as a weapon / mind set as a factor in population control? You don’t have to agree. I don’t think that people who choose to have children and raise a family need or should be labelled by anti natalists as nothing more than mindless breeders, What a load of spiritual elitist bullshit. If someone chooses not to have children all well and good, it doesn’t make that person more spiritually “evolved” than someone who does.


  23. Never mind.
    Although the Dugpa topic is important there are many other topics at hand too.
    Maybe we should leave it at that statement.

    But it was an interesting ride but I have to move on now.
    Good luck with all your efforts.


  24. Never mind? So I / we should be worrying about something that may or may not happen by 2030? the people that we need to be looking at for this info is Jeff C and RSE? Have you read this blog? Throw in JP Sears for a little NWR / New Age guru damage control? Give a man a fish and he will feed himself, teach him how to fish and you know the rest. Give a man a rope long enough, and he will hang himself. You know the rest.


  25. LMAO @ Thomas Sheridan. I just had the great pleasure of watching him reveal himself for what he really is when he became curiously thin-skinned about my blaspheming Alex Jones. I kid you not. Same thing for Michael Tsarion.

    Liked by 1 person

  26. Max Spiers…….. His videos have gone viral since his “mysterious death” earlier this year. I have watched a few of them and it seems like he’s just memorised everybody’s work with a bit of his own twist or story and regurgitates it all out. Looks off his head too in some videos. just wondering have you come across his work?


  27. You and your ten cent fucken website is a complete travesty and waste of energy. Your discreditations are based on facile PITH and your generalizations and blanket statements show once again that ignorance and stupidity – NOT KNOWLEDGE – really is the perfect tool of disinformation.

    Liked by 2 people

  28. The most triggered, ‘typically’ socially engineered person here is YOU and this website is a bunny rabbit consciousness drinking hole for stupid little caged rodents and you are the master rodent

    Liked by 2 people

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