July 30th 2012



In the early days of raves, the agenda was laid out subliminally in flyers.

Sunrise was the very first big rave, held on August 12th 1989. August 12th is piggy back day, the date used to energetically jump on the original God Spirit. 12th (3) of August at 12 (3) Noon til 12 (3) Noon on the 13th.  Montaulk Day is August 12th.  This was a big initiation and energy harvesting date.  There is a lot of symbology / trigger words in the flyers as you can see. I was at this rave and went to a few more afterwards, the themes became ominous in a fairly short time, when someone handed me the Omen flyer with the sheep being herded, I quit going to  raves.

Why David Icke pushes the Ayahuasca DMT agenda below.




Mind Machine – Trans-humanism

Dawn of the New Age

Alice In Wonderland


Phrygian Cap/Smurfs





    • You mentioned ayahuasca above, and only today did I recall a documentary on tv a few years ago, about people going to Peru to a camp run by a former stockbroker, taking it to ‘cure’ them of whatever their problems were, in some cases PTSD, major emotional problems, and addictions. I’ve been reading for the past hour about nightmare tales of ‘vacations’ to these shaman retreat places (sham is right! Shambolic is the state that gullible seekers end up in). Horrifying tales, some have died, been raped, suffered brain damage. To think of a person ingesting that at a rave–not knowing what they’ve been given, what has been added to it. How could a dealer be so evil as to to pass that to some inexperienced person, because they have the cash in their pocket. I’m also of the firm belief that opening those doors is inviting the demonic into one’s mind. This IS mk-ultra, whether a CIA agent is standing there or not. People can be convinced to voluntarily do this to themselves, if the circumstances make it seem they are simply immersed in this particular youth subculture. Feel ill just considering the scope and ramifications of this entire scene. And what are they given if they manage to eventually stagger to the end of this party, after a few years, or just a few bad nights out, and they seek mental healthcare for the brain damage? Prozac! From one poison to another, one illegal and illicit, and one sanctioned by the state.


  1. The Whirl-Y-Gig in London was my self-induced hypnosis rave phase. Pills, Thrills, and heartbreaks. Followed by several years of crushing depression, from the damage to my poor neurotransmitters.


  2. I used to go to Whirly Gig back when it was at Camden Town Hall, i think that is where it was in the beginning, I loved it at the time. The music wasn’t too ravey at the time, there was a mixed bunch of people, it felt cozy and safe. It felt like a family occasion. You are so right about one drug being sanctioned and another not. The funny thing is, I would never take a sanctioned drug, because it was state sponsored, little did i know, that so were some of the illicit drugs I was quite happy to indulge in at the time.


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