Brigid found the below image embedded in a vid.



From the below upload. 

Meanwhile the Gnomes over at Infowars Alex Jones for example,  misdirects with goblins, his pal Steve Quayle sells giants, Doug Hagmann promotes a Bruja and encourages his Christian followers to donate to it.Mike Cernovich continues to be handled by AJ but has seen the light of Jesus (even though it appears that he might have been a big fan of Landmark or some other mind destruct / reconstruct facility at one point). 



Did I just hear RFB talking smack about people in the conference circuit who flog books n that? Yes, i did.

I see this as nothing more than a great opportunity to flog my new book.


This book is about “Christian” troofers  on youtube who, in one breath, promote people on the conference circuit (professional troofers”)  who flog books about giants, aliens and the nephilim etc… who have pulled a bait and switch to now bitch about professional troofers who sell books and promote each others info at conferences lolz.

Edited to add:-



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Edited to add 3/20/17 Look at all of the alt media fronts who previously set themselves up as bastions of truth who now, if they are not emerging as the mainstream media i.e Alex Jones , are trying to distance themselves from the alt media i.e Jeff C aka New World Agenda & Co. Not to mention those who have jumped on the alt media bandwagon after the recent  MSM fake news barn shift to….the alt media.


October 3, 2014

The Revolving Door.

It looks like a portal to the truth

The revolving door has it all.A truth for everyone and a personality designed especially to deliver it.

All bases are covered.

Truth for Lightworkers.Truth for miscreants.Truth for rebels. Truth for the uninformed. Truth for the Aliens Truth for the programmed. Truth for the mind controlled. Truth for the monarchs Truth for the Reptilians Truth for the system busters Truth for the Indigos and Starseeds.Truth for the warlocks wizards and witches. Truth for Nibiruists Truth for the Classists; Truth for the Athiests.Truth for the Satanists. Truth for the Luciferians Truth for the Gnostics.Truth for the Occultists. Truth for the spaceships.

Truth for the Truthers.

(add various target audiences here)



More and more  people are sick and tired of buying the next book, attending the next talk, taking a big trip to the next seminar, the next big thing in the alt media.

The alt media will never address that though.

And why would it?

Various  alt media platforms would need be held  accountable and responsible for its actions. The content and the source of that content. Because the alt media doesn’t have a disclaimer, I have taken the liberty of  creating one for them as follows:-


(Insert name of alt media platform here) does not necessarily agree with or promote the ideas of next guest, we just need listeners in order to become the alt media platform of alt media platforms…to be recognized as ultimate holders of “truth”. In  order to get to that point we need to put any old  drivel delivered by any old driveller out there for your entertainment. You might end up buying a book or attending the next best seminar, sorry if this leads you down some rabbit hole, but at the end of the day, you shouldn’t have been so gullible. You may end up being programmed or reprogrammed. We do not hold, nor will we hold ourselves accountable for any forthcoming covert initiations into the new world or its religion because if we gave you a heads up about our collective agenda, our ruse will be exposed and we will all be out of a job.

While we endeavor to keep the information up to date and correct with the rapidly changing  times, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the charlatans that we give air time to, or  the information, products, services, or related rabbit holes that you may fall down.  We will at times regurgitate old guests to keep you oldies roped in. We do provide a platform for new upcoming truthers to lure in fresh meat although we never bother to research their backgrounds.  They are magical creatures for the best part and pop up out of nowhere like genies.

In no event will we be liable for any loss or damage including without limitation, programming, re programming indirect or consequential loss or damage to your sanity or your  soul.

Through this alt media platform you are able to link to other alt media platforms fairly easily as we oftentimes promote the same guests. We have no control over the nature, content and availability of said guests.  If our guests are unavailable they will oftentimes have a YouTube channel or Facebook page that you can visit at your own leisure.

Every effort is made to keep the varying platforms up and running smoothly. However, we  take  no responsibility for, and will not be liable for, the platforms  being temporarily unavailable due to technical issues beyond our control. It is usually the aliens or the government thwarting our attempts to get the truth out to you.

We do not and will never apologize for wasting your precious time in these times.

There are no refunds.



“Giant gnome fights global warming on College of Staten Island Campus”.



Some artist  believes that gnomes are real… creates this “symbolic  piece”.  A gnome laying down.

Quote  “The gnome represents “a protector of the Earth.” Mustonen chose to make the gnome lay down to represent humanity — and in turn, nature — in distress. The project symbolizes the effect global warming has on our environment”.


I am grading this piece an F minus  for the sheer lack of  originality in both concept and structure. It is a fucking gnome, there are millions of them on the planet, this is not original nor is it art.

Today, many gnomes came out of the woodwork to voice their concerns.

When asked for his opinion, Dave,  a gnome from London stated  “All this artist did was build a big gnome,  lay it down on it’s back and call it art. There are millions of  us little gnomes and we must unite and stand up against this giant gnome, things are getting out of hand, us gnomes are sick and tired of humans misrepresenting us and what we stand for and symoblize. We will not go out lying down! It is bad enough that that nutter Steve Quayle thinks we put on our pink and blue  hats to access portals. To add insult to injury, the creator of this giant gnome has been stealing all of our magic mushrooms, some of us haven’t eaten anything for weeks. Us gnomes also know that global warming is a load of bollox”

Several other gnomes when asked for their opinions, refused to comment.








Triggered by a red hat.

Outrage over the red cap mixed in with a long overdue vid on AFP.

AFP patronizes Wake us and Sy lol!

The scene from Requiem for a Dream really sums up the old whore.


Oh, forgot to mention, did I just hear Tara McCarthy who just got off the boat in the US bitching about having to get her Spanish language book out to talk to the cleaners in the gym that she attends. Yes, i did hear that. And what exactly has Tara McCarthy done for America? 





I haven’t bothered watching the new Twin Peaks episodes. 


It is way more fun finding Dugpas on Youtube socially engineering people n all that, …and then there is  finding them camouflaged  in your own back yard, and having fun with that too.




David Lynch’s nightclub, Silencio is located on the Rue Du Montmartre in Paris

Latin for “Mount of Mars”

Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 6.44.32 PM.png


On August 15, 1534, the Jesuit order was founded on a hilltop outside Paris called Montmartre. It was originally a Druid shrine where human sacrifices were made to Esus.

A basilica to the Sacred Heart of Jesus now dominates Montmartre.

The original French name of the Jesuits was la Sociéte des Pères du Sacré-Coeur de Jésus.

What did General Ludendorff say about the Jesuit and Jewish secret orders?  








The Dugpas over at Skywatch “TV” hath stated that they are not buying the Jaime Maussan  3 fangered Nazca alien mummy story as  they are highly skeptical about it’s authenticity due to the rubber demon fairy hoax. (You know, what makes you look even more stupid… is parroting phrases off of this blog,).

In further attempts to make LA Marzulli look like the victim of a cruel hoax, seems like Jaime is playing the role of the  scapegoat.

BTW did the people that bought the Rubber Demon Fairy DVD ever get a refund? No, they didn’t, did they. 

I have had a right laugh at all of you and your entire network fumbling about over this one lol!






Dugpa Quinn confirms that Buddhism is demonic by inviting Christians to “plug in Bible Verses” to the Artificial Intelligence that Buddhist’s were involved in creating. The manipulation being used against Christians is  being implemented under the auspice  of “fighting Satan” . Buddhists  don’t have the power to defeat the  AI that they were involved in creating because the AI is an extension and an outpicturing  of their spiritual foundation… which is demonic.