Here are some tips for the Dummies who through no fault of their own have been sucked in to David Ickes labyrinth of derision.

There is a reason why David Icke uses certain methods which on the surface make him appear to be the opposite of what he actually is, a lying Dugpa who has been initiated into the Dark Brotherhood for the purpose of ushering in a New World Religion…along with a few of his cohorts in the “industry”

David Icke uses Hegelian Dialect, Neural Linguistic Programming, Hypnotism, the Astral, Ley Lines and Astrology to name a few to aid his stage appearances and make him appear to be a conscious being .

Hypnotic Inducer at beginning of talk.

QUOTE : “I dont want no discord today..well actually, you can have discord, just don’t blame me for it OK”

He has a certain flow that is used while he talks and if he is interrupted, it throws him off completely and he loses his momentum. When you pay attention to David Icke at work in his talks for instance, it is ultimately one long winded bombardment of the senses via visuals, trigger words, fear mongering and love bombing  If he gets interrupted he  gets extremely flustered, aggressive and angry.

(see recent Bestival talk and Ventura video)

David Icke “channels”.

(Luckily for channelers and  for this “being”….  you can’t actually see it yourself, it is exclusive to David Icke and other channelers who might experience this being in its many different guises and under its many “pen names”)

Icke uses the term “all things are possible” while omitting the likelihood of  what is probable.

He uses the term “Open Your Mind”….  frequently…implying that people are not open minded…

David Icke  states that “if you connect the dots between apparently unconnected people, situations, organizations,etc and you start to see how they fit together and suddenly this bewildering confusing world, starts to take on a much clearer dimension”.

(please refer to “alternative media” network “New Age” network and who and what they promote, how they are intertwined and do a little dot connecting with regard to this)

David Icke uses certain linguistic  terms that kick the door wide open for him to gain access into the psyches of his target audience.

(infinite love is the only truth)

While simultaneously using trigger words like “Elite” and “Sheep” to marginalize his present and potential support network.

He has claimed that the evil establishment has fooled and terrified  the “alternative media” as he did on his site today while he has used several well known “alternative” media platforms like Jeff Rense and Alex Jones  amongst a plethora of “alternative media” avenues.

I have never seen or heard anyone in the “alternative” media appear “terrified”

They all continue to prattle on about the same old shit, supporting each other…nothing has changed with regard to the “alternative” media.

So Icke is now claiming that much of you lot in the “Alternative” Media have been terrified

while his big expansive fearless  balls  have not been fooled.

Icke will oftentimes  liken himself to Gandhi or Einstein..Did Gandhi ever talk about the size of his balls .?

He likens himself to certain individuals because this is how he wants people to remember him, he is laying a foundation of how HE wants people to remember him, a guru, a genius etc..regardless of the truth.

Here we see David Ickes Big Balls at play.

David Icke is partaking in spreading the gospel of  a manufactured spiritual construct.  HIS network is unravelling and going pear shaped is and will do so.because the construct he is involved in is a REPLICA that has pilfered off of the ORIGINAL.This so called ” awakening” will only happen when people realize the difference between the replica and the original.

David Icke believes that this World is run by reptilian beings.

(Without him having seen one personally. He claims that these beings have been seen since ancient history)

Does it ever occur to anyone that these “ancients” may have been using hallucinogens themselves and that they might have been tripping off of their neanderthal nuts ?

David Icke pushes the whole “imbibe in hallucinogens” program.

(He pushes this agenda despite the hallucinogen program’s roots being a cornerstone of mind control and programming)

David Icke uses his ideas about reptilians  to convince people that there is something more powerful and supernatural running the World  that people have no control over.A fear based concept that simultaneously goes against the grain of his intermittent love bombing.

David Icke uses Cognitive Dissonance to bamboozle his target audience.

(while pointing out how Cognitive Dissonance is being used….over there…. somewhere else)

Like this off of his site today….



Take a look at the rigged numbers.

From this screenshot from February 3rd 2001 the stats counter claims over 7,600,000 views since July 1999


From March 31st 2001 the stats counter claims over 15,500,000 views since July 1999.


So that is an increase of a whopping additional 7 million views in about 25 days.

Hyped up bullshit sells. But not for Icke according to his relentless ability to be on the ponce.

If we do the math from the above screenshots, if his ratings increased by 7 million views in less than a month and if his website was gaining momentum per the fake site stats by 2006 he would have had at least 1 Billion views. Yet nobody bought hardly a sausage of his site?

Why do I mention 2006? Because here we have Icke claiming something “real serious” about his work being in imminent “danger”. Begging for donations which is nothing new from this lying Dugpa.


Here from October 2006 he is on the ponce again per his legal fees.


December 2006 still at it..hit the donate button via paypal.

Still not enough..in March 2008 here he is manipulating Americans under the guise of an “educational foundation” into using his bullshit as a tax write off. lmao.


The above examples are but a few of the very many times Icke has asked for a handout.

And of course this tactic has been used throughout David Ickes career, the above examples are just a FEW of the many times he has asked for a handout… even up until a few months back with his needing donations for the Peoples Voice with which his mastery of the ability to ponce managed to raise over 300 grand.

Some of this will become evident when you  observe his mingling of fear mongering claims about reptilian shapeshifters that run the planet mixed with infinite love being the only truth….using New Age concepts   i.e Channeling and Kundalini awakenings while dissing certain aspects of the New Age Religion out of the other side of his gob…..

In this clip, David Icke , during his Wembley ritual uses body language and anger akin to….Hitler.

Have you ever seen Hitlers 1933 talk?

13 thoughts on “DAVID ICKE FOR DUMMIES – 11/12/12

  1. So who gets more respect? A man who stands in front of a crowd of people and begins to expose the elite and the royals who run the country? Or a scared, impotent fat cunt who sits at his computer navigating the puddle of shit that is his fuckwit excuse for a mind? For all to see in embarrassment for the human race, youre a fucken dickhead mate

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