Video from Sy.

This video takes a look into the Alternative  media platform pillars.and fronts that promote each other within their little  cliques.

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3.40 pillars n pyramids and gnomes throughout.

Sweden, what say you? You come here every day and don’t say a word.

Tell us the truth, are there gnomes in Sweden or not or is this some sick and twisted  lie?

Other than that, a catchy choon.

Not sure about some of the lyrics though.




While on the subject of masonic comedy………

A couple of days ago,  RSE posted this on his main channel in response to another poster…..

“Even if 99% of Christians write off luciferians/occultists/witches/kabbalists as beyond salvation.. I will not give up sharing the truth of the gospel to these people. If you cannot see what I am showing – ask our Father in heaven for the eyes to see. I am not a preacher but merely a small part of the body with my role in sharing why the gospel of Jesus Christ is the truth. You do not have to come to me for any manner of preaching – you’ve got Charles Lawson for that (even though most of your uploads are him speaking of conspiracies) – you do not have to come to me at all. This is a very unique calling and if you cannot handle what you see then don’t watch. But ask yourself if you truly know my intent, heart or what my relationship with the Lord is like away from this outreach. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again..

I will keep reaching out to the lost with the message of salvation in Christ crucified and risen again, no matter how many Christians try and stop me. God bless”.
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RSE then posted another vid on his side channel 2 hours after he posted the above comment.

End Times: Persecution is Coming // R$E

Published on Aug 5, 2015

“If you desire to follow your calling in Jesus Christ, the chances are these words spoken by the Messiah will become increasingly apparent in your life as these end times progress. This persecution will not only be from the ‘world’ but also from some who profess to be Christians. Stand strong and firm in your faith and your reward will be great in heaven”

So we have RSE who refuses to call himself a Christian, claiming that he will continue to do what he does – “reach out to the lost” ( via hypnotizing people through YT and using NLP ), no matter how many Christians try to stop him, to then state that the persecution will come come from some who profess to be Christians.

Pure Comedic gold!




Here is a comment I left at ColCapsers YT page  in around Feb 2015 on the subject of TVC R$E and the group of Dugpas masquerading as Christians on YT.


Since then Colcasper

White Rabbit is not legit. Neither is TVC ot R$E. Both WR and R$E have deleted comments that I have made on their channels. Has it ever occurred to Mario and his friends that rely on YT ad money, donate buttons and paypal donations etc.. that if is wasn’t for those who are involved in  the music industry, the satanic  symbols and movies etc..they would all be out of a job. They are reliant on the very thing they rail against and “expose” to put food on their tables.  End of.  As for R$E and  the Saturn rabbit hole , Jordan Maxwell, David Icke, Santos Bonnacci, Michael Tsarion  and Jay Weidner to name a few have all added their respective  spin on Saturn info. R$E puts that spin to well edited mesmerizing  YT vids and hypnotic music and parsing it off as a revelation  from the Holy Spirit.
ColCasperUK 3 months ago +Precise Vids
Jesus told us “Freely you have received, freely give” (Matthew 10:8), It’s one thing to make money off Youtube when you’re all about hot garbage that doesn’t benefit anything, but to make money off the word of God isn’t right, look at how he is acting right now, he always makes it about himself, his actions has surpassed him asking for money as to why he is a wolf

ColCasper monetizes his vids.


Despite this FB post from July 3rd.
This right here is exactly why I will NEVER ask for donations or monetize my videos, once you are in they control you, listen to what is being said and think about every account you watch, you click on a video that was uploaded 5 minutes ago and it already has an ad with no copyrighted material inside…THEY ARE CONTROLLED…AND THEY ARE MAKING BANK TOO…listen to what he says, there is a reason all these false truthers/false Christians do click bait videos that tell you jack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66IKxqvpimc


Stats from Social Blade


 Clearly monetizing his vids.

(Edited to add – noticed that he has been bringing Baal into his vids over the past week – must have pulled that info out of his ar$e)

Piggybacker confirmed

Updated – along with his sidekick The Real Christian who has taken it upon himself to “expose ” White Rabbit R$E and a few others several months after the fact.


ColCapser has zero knowledge of MK Ultra or Project Monarch but in his ignorance, he  gives me a good larf because he natters on like some old grandma gossiping about the neighbors dirty laundry while his own knickers are rife with skid marks.

In the words of Uma Thurman

“When you little scamps get together, you’re worse than a sewing circle.”

After Colcasper made a multitude of videos alluding to The Vigilant Christian being gay, Colcasper is exposed for cruising gay forums.

Oh the irony.




The post below is taken from something I wrote about in 2012 regarding the Terence McKenna Psy Ops.

José Argüelles (who was involved with McKenna)  wrote a book and published a video series titled  ” Book Of the Cube”

So here is yet, another  Dugpa with a series of books and videos that focus on  the “cube”

Dirty Wizard Fail

Dugpas are obsessed with cubes and use the symbology to program people which is why R$E is so heavily focused on the cube and wants his followers to focus on it along with him.

“General Ludendorff and his wife took to the field with great vigor and warned that the Tibetan Lamas had emplaced themselves at the head of Jesuit orders”



Here is the post from Dec 2012 title 2012 Shitake.


 helped along somewhat by Dugpa Terence McKenna.

Anyone out there ever hear about 2012 before McKenna wrote about it?


When did you first hear about 2012,

Can you remember?

QUOTE: “He claimed to be channelling various spirits, including the spirit of a Mayan king from the seventh century. He predicted a ‘shift in human consciousness’ – mass enlightenment.”

The actual date of December 21 first appeared in an earlier work – a 1975 book by Terence McKenna,  a writer known for his descriptions of “machine elves” seen while under the influence of drugs.

The date appeared in McKenna’s ‘Timeline Zero’ prophecy, and was based on McKenna’s own mathematics, the Chinese I Ching and a magic mushroom trip.

Jose Arguelles, author of The Mayan Factor (Image: Wikimedia)McKenna later met Arguelles and the two became, Wilson says, part of a circle of New Age authors who cited each other’s work, lending the ‘prophecy’ an air of believability.

“The significance of December 21 2012 in ‘New Age’ circles emerged from the work of ‘ethnobotanist’ Terence McKenna as he travelled deep into the Amazon in the 1970s,” says Wilson. His calculations of a ‘zero time wave’ suggested the world would go through a large change on December 21.”

From August 2012

McKenna –  Monarch Programmer – torchbearer Dennis McKenna.

Terence McKenna discovered shamanism through his interest in the Tibetan Bon religion. Out of the Horses Mouth  During one of his talks he states “The Mushroom said to me.”If you don’t have a plan, you will become part of someones else’s”

(This is the sect that even Blavatsky warned her groupies about these Left hand path devotees) See my post on Inversion Inversed at the top of this site).

Terence McKenna:” I discovered shamanism through an interest in Tibetan folk religion. Bon, the pre-Buddhist religion of Tibet, is a kind of shamanism. In going from the particular to the general with that concern, I studied shamanism as a general phenomenon. It all started out as an art historical interest in the pre-Buddhist iconography of thankas”.

Did Terrence McKenna have a plan? Or was he just another tool being used to usher in the New World Religion via the use of hallucinogens?

He also gave a Tibetan Buddhist Monk DMT who claimed that the effects were similar to what is experienced through meditation, the monk also said that it was about as far as one could go into the Bardo and still return to the physical plane afterward.



Join the ranks R$E of MSM / Alt media fails.Along with Icke and Brand. “BRUH”.

Round Saturn’s Eye, aka R$E, aka David Bass. Piggybacker, infiltrator, liar thief and impostor. Dugpa, masquerading as a Christian. The “ONE” who  the true Christ has completed a work in. Absolute BOLL-OX.

Edited to add:- What gave me a laugh,  is that one of the news paper stories from (The Mirror lmao! ) alludes to him having an allergy to christmas trees, a story that was published on Dec 12 2013.

RSE’s first video upload was on November 21 2013.  RSE has stated that he wants to get rid of Christmas, being a pagan holiday and all of that –  yet is still up for buying Christmas trees himself. 


Interviewer: “So might David ever consider a real tree again?

“I could probably give it a go now, but my mum might have to decorate it!” he says”.

From this article Dec 2013.

My winter sniffles were caused not by a cold but an allergy to CHRISTMAS TREES

To tree or not to tree, that is the question.

Or maybe this article was  just an excuse to slip in some pagan symbology.

Damage control from TVC.

Both channels are run by RSE  – BOTH  of these videos were put out on the same day.

One being RSE’s pilot video for his YT  ministry

Edited to add: – Forgot about this post from August 2012 – The dugpa connection – RSE promoted this movie.

This is a clip from the movie Chronicle..at the end of the movie,  his ashes get scattered in Tibet.



So I mentioned in a comment a few days ago, that  Round Saturns Eye has now added a Paypal button to his YT channel.

Again, just like the Vigilant Christian, and White Rabbit etc.. it costs ZERO to upload videos to Youtube. ZERO. These people  all have computers already, you do not need “equipment” to make videos, anyone can do it.  You do not need any special editing skills,  you do not   need to make  imitations of Hollywood  productions like R$E’s Youtube blockbusters.

On a side note. In an effort to blindside his own followers who donate to him, Vigilant Christian made a diversion video yesterday about satanic false preachers who make millions, although in reality the people that VC mentions  are no better than himself or his bros  Round Saturns Eye and co.when it comes to the parasite factor.  Does anyone seriously think that if Vigilant Christian was raking in $65 million a year, via his YT channel  he would be complaining?

I mention this a few months back, but here it is again.

TVC’s YT earning stats off of  social blade –

Estimated monthly earnings

$1.2K – $19K

Estimated Yearly Earnings

$14.2K – $227.6K

(this estimate does not include paypal donations or income from other sources)



At around 1.43 in Vigilant Christian uses a Joyce Myer image with this quote “If your minister is astronomically wealthier than you,. are they here to serve you, or are you here to serve them?”

Not sure about how much money those that follow and contribute to Youtube ministries like  TVC have, but I am going to take a rough guess and say that the majority of them (those that aren’t in school)  bring in closer to $14,000 a year, than a quarter of a million. So yeah, who is serving who ?


So,  here is the blurb that Round Saturns Eye added to his YT channel a few days ago.

“RSE is an independant outreach ministry to expose the darkness to help the world see Christ. I have now decided to dedicate all of my time to spreading the gospel through these endeavours. If you feel lead to help support this work in its expansion, for equipment and living costs please click the link below.” (1 Corinthians 9) https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr… 

Round Saturns Eye has changed his tune eh? Talk about bait and switch. Here is what he stated last year.

“The truth shouldn’t really cost money, particularly truth that is so easily available.  I don’t charge anything, nor do many others who are purely concerned for their fellow man and educating people out of this maze. Christ never charged for the truth and His were the greatest words of all time”


“I do not make money out of these videos but rather get reward from spreading truth”


These people who are “so concerned for humanity” do not need to  directly ask outright for money, too blatant for the hidden in plain sight parasites. Just use  the modern day collection plate aka Paypal.


R$E states that he has “now decided” to dedicate all of his time to  spreading the Gospel through his endeavors. (Youtube endeavors) .  It is glaringly obvious that this was R$E ‘s decision  because he clearly states that this is his decision.

Does the Holy Spirit recommend to people set up a paypal accounts and to start asking for donations?

Is this divine inspiration?

If you feel led to give your money to any anonymous Youtube “minister” who claim that truth should be free, in one breath, then adds a paypal button to his youtube account in the next, I would suggest not parting with your cash. 




This Google + page , Perceive Believe is pretty interesting, full of Saturn propaganda mixed with a verse spoken by Jesus Christ.


With comments from The Humble (One) , a supporter of  R$E.


Here is the other Google + page operated by the same person with a different spin and different symbology. As above so below.  If you do not know what this symbol  means, research it.


Is that black circle,  symbolic of the  black hole sun btw?

Perceive Believe, or is it R$E lol! , you fucked up when you started to follow me on G+ directly after I posted a comment at R$E’s  YT channel.

Which is odd because you, Perceive Believe are obviously watching comments on R$E’s  channel, while not posting anything under the name Perceive Believe at R$E’s channel. But you did sub to my G+ page.


Then unsubbed from me and changed  your  G+ name from “Perception Deception”, which is very David Icke-ish” lol!  to “Perceive Believe” after I posted the below comment here.

(Pretty amazing, the difference that two words, when switched around, can guide ones “perception” eh? )

My comment here:

“I would like to know what his connection to Perception Deception is ☺ Got a feeling they are one and the same. Time will tell.”

from  this post.


The YT channel associated with this G+ page is this one



I also found it odd that this comment was in response to someone recommending Killuminati the Movie, and there are a couple of these vids, infact at the moment, the only vids posted at Perceive Believes YT channel. You can also see the recommend in the second to top screenshot.

The first channel Perceive Believe’s YT channel subbed to was Round Saturns Eye.

I  perceive that you deceive.



To accompany his ramping up of end times fear porn mentioned in the previous post, R$E has resorted to using the old “looketh over there” trick to divert  attention away from his failed attempt to conceal his own  agenda.

Round Saturns Eye calling everyone’s bluff.

Published on May 28, 2015 “Legion in a cloak of light:


A warning for all fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

There are satanists posing as believers  in order to influence your mind and subvert you away from the true Messiah and toward the coming ‘light deception’ of Lucifer. This also involves attacking channels that promote salvation and exposure of the occult, whilst wearing a ‘believable’ Christian mask to destroy the work being done for our Father of Life’s kingdom in Jesus Christ the Messiah.

Please use your God-given discernment and do not fall into the snares being set out: the snares of self-worship, of sin tolerance or liberation, of a false “enlightenment”, or a golden age of Gaia posing as the real return of Christ. Jesus did NOT come to bring a one world age of peace on earth but the division of the world to bring a redemption for you from it. The “illuminati” video shown at the end is a prime example of what many will perceive as satire (satyr) used by the joker as yet another form of programming and mind control towards what is ultimately a serious proposition.”


Round  Saturns Eye states in the video at around 2.00 mins in that  it must be easy to call him a fearmongerer while anonymously sitting behind a computer screen….. While he churns out Hollywoodessque fear porn anonymously himself, from behind a computer screen. Who needs satire when you have irony eh?



The title of Round Saturns Eye  video is “Satanists Masquerading as Christians” although the people who run the sites/YT etc.. he claims to be exposing, do not profess to be Christians on any level. The two sites he mentions are a Gaia site run by  Lightworkers,  and a Demonology site, neither of which profess Christianity.

R$E isn’t exposing anything, he is programming people with his fear porn, provided for the best part by Hollywood, and fobbing it off as insights into the deeper mysteries of God. 


Partial quote of yours R$E  at another YT channel.

“The true Christ has completed a work in me and shown me the deeper mysteries of God”

Like I said, I think you have shroomed too much if you believe that about yourself.   


When all is aid and done,  R$E =  just another tentacle of the Christian “Truther “Network. Look at the movie titles per Round Saturns Eye and do the math. In the words of R$E , there are satanists posing as Christians, while wearing a “believable” Christian mask.

050902_Gnome on Pole