So here we have Alien Fossil Project commenting on the legitimacy of  Round Saturn’s Eye. Alien Fossil Project claims RSE  is full of bullshit. Yet Round Saturns Eye  used Alien Fossil Projects info on his video titled “David Icke and his Demons”




Alien Fossil Project has taken up debunking the Christian Troofer Network….I noticed he slammed Bible Creation Land who is Colcaspers buddy. Bible Creation Land is a self professed bandwagon jumper  (I have the video where he states this – which he went on to remove off of his channel) who has now taken it upon himself to expose the Christian Troofer Network and Troofer Community…..calls it a revelation. Funny thing is, Bible Creation Land hovers over this blog piggybacking off of  this site and has done since around June of last year.

Edited to add. If AFP did not give permission to RSE for using his content which is what has been stated, then this is further proof that RSE plagiarizes content that is not his own work.


3.40 pillars n pyramids and gnomes throughout.

Sweden, what say you? You come here every day and don’t say a word.

Tell us the truth, are there gnomes in Sweden or not or is this some sick and twisted  lie?

Other than that, a catchy choon.

Not sure about some of the lyrics though.


A few days ago Russell Brand slipped the ole DMT mickey into his NWO  koolaid that masquerades as living waters, while using Terence McKenna as a resource.

Terence McKenna discovered shamanism through his interest in the Tibetan Bon religion. Bon Religion – Red Cap Sect.





Russel played dumb by claiming that DMT was made in the Pituitary Gland (when it is not just only present in the Pineal Gland, it is present in every living thing. In Humans DMT is found in the Cerebral Spinal Fluid and travels (bathes) the cranium to the sacruum  traveling in a constant cycle up and down the spine. (To simplify it). The PIneal Gland produces it’s own DMT so there is nothing that needs to be added. DMT is being pushed by the Brand and Ickes  because the more bombed you are out of your mind AND body that  you are, the easier it is  to control you. See?

This isn’t the first time Russell Brand has pushed taking DMT, and for someone who claims to be rehabilitated and off of drugs.  it is blatantly obvious that he is full of shit seeing as he is promoting taking DMT to viewers on his Youtube channel . Viewers I might add, that he doesn’t know or give a fuck about.  I wonder how many of his teenage fans will contemplate the old DMT rabbit hole because of his vids.

Now you are  all DMT’d out…..T. M . in schools.

Forget Jones and Icke being the two pillars,  RSE and Brand are the latest  two pillars on the block, or is it the cube?

Kunt Kabouters


This article posted on David Ickes headline news on December 30th 2013 mentions a little bit about the counter culture movement of the 60’s and how it was engineered by the CIA with the help of Timothy Leary and LSD.



“As for LSD, the military and the CIA had been playing with it extensively since the 1950s. Then they unleashed their supply on the youth culture with a well orchestrated promotional media campaign worthy of Madison Avenue via agents like federally-funded Harvard Professor Timothy Leary and former (?) Army Intelligence officer and crypto-fascist Stewart Brand (“Mr Whole Earth.”)”

From this article.

This article was posted on David Ickes headlines on January 14th – Promoting Terence McKenna and DMT.



From here:-


Here is Daivd Bass with several other hooray henry’s who featured int his flop about the Knights Templar.

Predictive Programming? Yes.

The movie was a flop and so was R$E’s infiltration attempt.

Nice dreads. Bro.


Simons YT channel has been terminated. Yet David Bass / R$E a proven programming channel, is still in operation?


Join the ranks R$E of MSM / Alt media fails.Along with Icke and Brand. “BRUH”.

Round Saturn’s Eye, aka R$E, aka David Bass. Piggybacker, infiltrator, liar thief and impostor. Dugpa, masquerading as a Christian. The “ONE” who  the true Christ has completed a work in. Absolute BOLL-OX.

Edited to add:- What gave me a laugh,  is that one of the news paper stories from (The Mirror lmao! ) alludes to him having an allergy to christmas trees, a story that was published on Dec 12 2013.

RSE’s first video upload was on November 21 2013.  RSE has stated that he wants to get rid of Christmas, being a pagan holiday and all of that –  yet is still up for buying Christmas trees himself. 


Interviewer: “So might David ever consider a real tree again?

“I could probably give it a go now, but my mum might have to decorate it!” he says”.

From this article Dec 2013.

My winter sniffles were caused not by a cold but an allergy to CHRISTMAS TREES

To tree or not to tree, that is the question.

Or maybe this article was  just an excuse to slip in some pagan symbology.

Damage control from TVC.

Both channels are run by RSE  – BOTH  of these videos were put out on the same day.

One being RSE’s pilot video for his YT  ministry

Edited to add: – Forgot about this post from August 2012 – The dugpa connection – RSE promoted this movie.

This is a clip from the movie the end of the movie,  his ashes get scattered in Tibet.


On a daily basis I get quite a few views from Australia, so with that in mind, I thought I would post this little schpiel/appeal by Duncan Roads,  NWR/UFO?Alien propagator.

“I am looking for people with some inside info on what happened to David Icke, the liquidation of, and the crowd-funded half million pounds that was spent in 4 months before it all went belly-up. From what I can see so far, all that money, all that hype, all those broken promises of transparency and all the broken promises of creating the world’s first ‘alternative’ news TV channel – has ended in nothing but missing money, and everyone blaming each other. I have read a LOT of detail, from different perspectives – and I do not say this lightly – but the infamous David Icke is looking more and more complicit in a massive fraud perpetuated upon thousands of supporters from all around the world. Given my own experiences with David Icke in the past, I am not surprised – but the scale of this fraud and embezzlement is quite shocking, and is going to have repercussions on other attempts to create genuine alt media channels on TV or the net. This was no conspiracy by the system or the illuminati. This is good old ego, greed and deceit back at work by those who profess to denounce such traits – and they are NOT going to get away with it without scrutiny. So anyone with personal experience in that mess is invited to email me:”

Well, in the grand scheme of things,  the money is not  that important, it is only money. What is more important is  the fact that  Icke is complicit in a massive conspiracy/psy ops to usher in a NWR  along with his cahooting buddies. If Duncan Roads thinks that his own  little NWR empire that has been created off of the same scientology-esque blue print as Ickes, is that much different, Roads is not only fooling himself, he too is fooling everyone else.  So yeah, nice try.  As for “genuine” alt media channels there are none. 

“Consider exospeakers information as giving pieces to a large jigsaw, we don’t really know what the big picture looks like,” 

You will never be able to give the bigger picture, when you are in the frame yourself  dictating to the photographer on  what you want him to focus on. Boiling the whole TPV thing down to good old ego, greed and deceit is not the full story and it is not the bigger picture either.  The TPV front did what it was supposed to do, it doubled it’s output on some level as it is still running via Sean and Co plus Richie Allen has his offshoot show which was seeded in TPV.  When a big barn starts to stink tear it down and build two small ones in it’s place.

So back to the land of make believe and fairy tales,  what really happened to the gnomes of old?

Well, they were abducted by the grays.


And to prove it, here is one of their experimental hybrids.


The failed programmers and handlers know that their psy ops has been rumbled, which is why there are a few alt media fronts out there that have moved away from the reptilian, alien bullshit.

You will know who they are because they will have some obscure convoluted connection to people like Icke,  who has in some way recommended them at some point.

Too late.


Disappointing as that may be to one or two people at the Icke forum, Beaton had no shapeshifting skills.

This is what happens when someone like David Icke comes along and “informs” the uninformed about shape shifting reptilians. They spend hour upon hour down rabbit holes dissecting photos and are still none the wiser.



Beaton was however a master of shapeshifting into a woman by way of putting on a dress.


Beaton also had a brother, Reggie who was in the RAF.

NPG x126125; Reginald Beaton; Cecil Beaton; Etty Beaton by Lallie Charles (nÈe Charlotte Elizabeth Martin)

He committed suicide by jumping infront of a train because this whore woman “Lady” Camoys blackmailed him with threats of exposing his homosexuality to his mother unless Beaton photographed her…


She was also shagging this Nazi.


Who ended up like this after being hanged…..for being a Nazi.



Thonas Sheridan does some damage control on behalf of the psy ops.  Using religious metaphors that he decries  as being programming, like  the devil ,salvation and apocalyptic scenes of having “golden opportunities” of bringing it all down . Thomas Sheridan manages to use each metaphor to portray his inner visions,

A Brand distraction. No mention of meditation ins schools. Just pay attention to the superficial Jesus side of Russell brands role. The usual.

A bit about anonymous posters who talk shit about him on the intranets, need to “get busy washing their dirty dishes” and stay  out of the truth movement. Because they are not qualified. It  is sounding more and more like Thomas’s movement as time moves on if I am not mistaken. In his fuckin dreams.

If you are anonymous and want to to be a part of the “change” , you had best write a book, hold seminars, do the alt media radio circuit etc..If you have none of the above qualifications you have no room to talk about anything.  It would make Thomas very happy if you let the experts such as himself do all the talking.

David Icke blah blah blah…Gorilla 199 got a mention. Thomas mentions Gorilla 199s love for Icke, because supposedly  his fixation with Icke equates to some kind of Oedipus Complex or something.  While on the other hand, Sheridans fixation on  Jimmy Saville or  Hitler  for instance goes unnoticed and unmentioned.

Then some fun stuff at the end, with focus being on humor. Thomas tells stories about how funny he has been and still is, satire and all of that. Like the real  news does. The feel good story at the end.

If you are going to circle jerk, at least jerk each other off. Instead of yourselves. That is the polite thing to do.

Kings of truth.


(Edited to add : Thomas it is now July 22 at 4.24 pm and you are here again. That makes the total of your visits 34 times over the past  week.  Glad to see my blog is an inspiration for your erm “work” lmao) You are now claiming that the alternative movement is dying per your last blog post. where will you and all yer buddies  end  up?





Because this blog is does not pander to NWR gnostics and what they can glean from it (while at the same time shilling for NWR Dugpas and their accompanying rabbit holes) I will now continue to prattle on about the bigger picture of Merry go Rounds. As in David Icke, and his fuckeries.

Icke is hearing whispers and what not…(not sure if “the guys” told him), but I think the truth is he saw some website) of people “trying to take him down”. Again.
I am guessing the latest attempts to bring down Icke will have something to do with The Community Press Group. Finally, some “cuttin edge” news from top shelf shills journalists who have the inside scoop.

From Ickes Headline News. Seems as if Icke is pulling an Al Gore. Before the “truth movement” was invented, there was David Icke, the inventor of truth.

“Why would these people attempt to damage the work of someone who was at the front line 25 years ago before there was a ‘truth movement’ and has already done more to alert people to the truth worldwide than this lot will do collectively if they live to be a thousand?
(I agree with that)

Who benefits? The System. ( I agree, then again Icke is part of the system.)
Why would they be so quick to criticise the UKColumn which is way further down the rabbit hole than they will ever be prepared to go?
(Because it is supposed to pander to the anti Ickers, especially the miffed ones that got ripped off by the whole TPV bollox. You know, keep them on the merry go round)

Just thinking.
You can expect some major attempts to discredit me in the next few months which are bubbling in the background at the moment because I am getting far too close to the truth and they know that I won’t be intimidated or silenced.
I take it as a compliment and I’ll just run at them quicker.
Watch this space and all that”.

(Expect the Community Press to serve as a another watering hole come rabbit hole for those thirsty for truth, because Icke has told far too many lies and by golly, someone needs to do something about it. These journalists haven gone further down the rabbit hole than anyone. Icke has been getting closer to the truth for the past 25 years. Funny thing is, the only time someone “tries” to bring him down is because he is getting far too close to the truth. I think this is “close to the truth” schpeel number 25.

Please take note of those who the Community Press Group promotes and allows to contribute, regardless of who is on their present and prior “have shilled and will shill for” resume.

Screenshot of an old shill for Icke video’

Screenshot of a present day “Icke is a Con” article.


Just another hole.



“They can’t take me out unless I play a part in that, by entering into the possibility that that could happen, because once your make something in your own consciousness possible, you make the outcome far more likely because you are basically sinking with that possibility, I do not accept that, I do not accept that”

Maybe Icke should consider the fact that those who once saw him as a beacon of truth, hope, love and light have now accepted into their consciousness the truth that Icke isn’t as authentic and honest as what he portrayed himself to be after all.

mark twain

On those who try to take Icke out.

“I decided to say what I believe to be right and DO what I believe to be right and the consequences would be what they were. And what you end up doing “wears them out”.

“After 25 years, I have had ridicule and abuse from various groups of people and they have been in almost addictive mode to do me as much damage as possible, and I have been going boom booom boom going forward doing what I believe to be right”

Icke mentions something along the lines that those that have tried to discredit him, are often replaced by another lot of discrediters, (the latest of which he alludes to are those who donated to The Peoples Voice) he is going to wear out as well, because “there is an energy of positivity, of creation…yeah that’s the word, because the energy of creation has far more stamina than the energy of destruction, which is trying to undermine, which is trying to destroy, which is trying to stop” (15.00 mins in)

“The energy of creation has far more stamina than the energy of destruction, which is trying to undermine, which is trying to destroy, which is trying to stop”….

Erm…….. dont you rely on destructive energy to “wear em out”? Or is that some new kind of creative energy nobody knows about? one of those new frequency kind of deals?

David Icke may “feel” victorious by ignoring those who have woken up to his thieving, lying ass, he may “think” that he has “worn out” those who have been calling him out, and he may convince himself in his own mind that he will ‘wear em all out”. Truth is Handlers and Programmers are masters of breaking the spirit to then fill up their subjects with the program….by “wearing em out”. Icke showing his hand here.

I am wondering who it is exactly that he has worn out? I am going to guess that the hordes people he fleeced are still living and breathing with a voice and the ability to share their experience of being ripped off by Icke. These people have experienced it firsthand, they have already made up their minds by not acquiescing to Ickes lies. It is a beautiful thing.

So having fleeced thousands and thousands of pounds, disappointing the viewers with shitty content and the added insult of the money disappearing into thin air, David Icke is going forward doing what he believes to be right. Which so far has resulted in him cockin a deafun to comments while bombarding his YT channel with rehashed interviews. Valid concerns from former beleivers who have questions about where the money donated to TPV went and why the content of TPV has whittled down to sporadic podcast from Richie Allen. There is absolutely no ownership or responsibility on David Ickes part whatsoever, just a handful of excuses. So he is doing what he believes to be right by ignoring the elephant in the room. HIS room. And yeah, he has ripped you off, and now he is going to wear you out. Thats the quality and thinking behind Ickes “creative energy”.

(Russell Brand and his Trews have picked up where TPV left off).

There is also no point in lying or manipulating the remnant with words and metaphors to whitewash the truth. The foundational energy that David Icke is calling “creative energy” and intent behind the inception of TPV was not authentic. Agendas were involved. The Creator of this magnificent Universe, being mightier and far more intelligent, wise and loving than starchild Icke, has responded already by saying NO to Icke and his fuckeries.

The bigger picture is something Icke does not want people to see. Which is why the above video is just another me me me wishy washy damage control tirade with the additional testimony of what a bad ass he has been for the past 25 years.

Fortunately, if you can manage to take Ickes words out of the equation, and see it for what it is, the energetic picture tells another story. The Peoples Voice is as worn out as David Icke is.

Pat yourself on the back for not acquiescing any further to David Icke and his programming.

unverse says no to ike

Russell Brand is acting as the intermediary for the alt media transitioning into mainstream. TPV was a conduit. Russel Brand mimicks that which Icke was doing, ad-libbing to the newspapers, while in addition having a laugh and taking the piss etc. because no astute person could do this for themselves? 9icke could not pull this off while reading the newspapers, he is far too pious for jokes). Russel has a few more listeners because it is free, a noteworthy/controversial guest or two and all of that. It certainly didn’t require a few hundred thousand to get off the ground.

Same shit, different dugpa.

And really, David Icke, you aren’t wearing anyone out.



Part 1.

Hi-lighting a few in no particular order.


After a 25 year long path of lying. Icke continues to lie to the remnant of the hangers on and the fresh meat that crosses his path. The Peoples Voice TV. Although the crowd sourcing campaigns have resulted in fewer and fewer people contributing, the dog and pony show has managed to relocate to a state of the art studio. Seeing as the most recent money sucking campaign has raised very little money, let us see how long TPV continues on little to no donations. I have a feeling it will outlive the lack of funds.


Here is an excerpt from an interview where genius Thomas shares his respect for Icke.


Remember kids, the door that Icke has kicked down, is the one that leads to more lying Dugpas such as Thomas, who discards Ickes reptilian schpeel for the sake of setting up another trap under the guise of him being an expert on psycopaths. He cant help it if Icke followers are “coming to his “work” now. That is because recently Icke advertised Sheridan on his site, which of course led people to Sheridan.

Thomas, unable to come up with an original thought and have any legitimate insight continues to lift from this blog and pass it off as his own knowledge.

Here is an example of his ‘original work”.




And a line separating lying ass Dugpas like Thomas, Icke etc is drawn right HERE on this blog.

Give it up Thomas. The pagan magick spin that you are pushing is nothing more than you doing the jig on the white square. How is European Paganism different from Amazonian Paganism. Riddle me that next time you come here.

Plus a note of warning to you Thomas. You do not have any spiritual protection with that ole magick of yours. It tends to backfire sooner or later. Just look at Ickes present debacle, it is all coming apart at the seams. People will wake up to your game, just as they have done and continue to do with Ickes lies.



The two most renowned metaphysical leaders on the planet. Of course they are. Because they told you they are.
Even though they dismiss “rumors” on the internet about them being fraudulent and untruthful, they continue to hold up the idea that they know “God Mind” better than anybody and have been given “special” information via God Mind.

Merely a case of a self propagated rumor instigated by them?


With a plethora of avenues and outlets such as the mainstream media, alternative media, paparazzi support (for the constant in yer face and in the news bombardment), gurus, books in the works, personal stylists for that “revolutionary look” to get the engineered revolution rolling, Russell Brand has the perfect team to support his efforts in being the poster child for the engineers.


Mark Passio. Occultist who hates people. Here is a pod cast which was done over a year ago and re-upped on youtube recently. Mark states that he hates people. Well, what is the point in churning out info if it is not for the love of mankind?

I hope for Mark Passio;s sake that he took a step back, re evaluated this vent and realized that he more than likely has not put his work out there for the love of people, but for glorification of himself and his dark occult leanings (which he claims in the video below that he is leaning more and more towards, even though he claimed to have disembarked from the dark occult years ago. I guess you can shit while sitting on the pot at the same time after all).
At about 40 minutes in he asks the armchair quarter backers, the nit pickers, finger pointers etc etc…to give him their websites, articles, radio shows, life changing books, life changing documentaries, events, rallies, political activism’s, educational outreaches, conferences, unpaid work, blogs etc…

Well this is mine. Hope you like it as much as Thomas Sheridan does.

Mark goes on to mention that Icke Tsarion and Maxwell have put out the most truth at about 45 minutes in.

Part 2 to follow.