So here we have Alien Fossil Project commenting on the legitimacy of  Round Saturn’s Eye. Alien Fossil Project claims RSE  is full of bullshit. Yet Round Saturns Eye  used Alien Fossil Projects info on his video titled “David Icke and his Demons”




Alien Fossil Project has taken up debunking the Christian Troofer Network….I noticed he slammed Bible Creation Land who is Colcaspers buddy. Bible Creation Land is a self professed bandwagon jumper  (I have the video where he states this – which he went on to remove off of his channel) who has now taken it upon himself to expose the Christian Troofer Network and Troofer Community…..calls it a revelation. Funny thing is, Bible Creation Land hovers over this blog piggybacking off of  this site and has done since around June of last year.

Edited to add. If AFP did not give permission to RSE for using his content which is what has been stated, then this is further proof that RSE plagiarizes content that is not his own work.


Video from Sy.

This video takes a look into the Alternative  media platform pillars.and fronts that promote each other within their little  cliques.

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Sick and tired of the Mainstream Media? Figured out that the Alternative Media is not much different?
Well, fret not. David Icke is saving the day with his revolutionary idea of…..wait for it…the revolutionary idea of another media outlet for the playground. He has the mainstream AND alternative media figured out dontya know. He has claimed to be victims of both.

David Icke says…

“The Mainstream Media destroys information. If we had a mainstream media that even vaguely associated itself with the true meaning of the word journalism,none of this would be possible. But the same people that control the politicians own the media, and so the media is not there, just like governments to serve interests and inform the people. Its there to tell the people by the people who own the media what to think and what to believe”

15 minutes in…

…..and here we have Simon Parks (Stewart Swerdlow’s good friend ….talking with Philip Schofield on the BBC about being molested by aliens. .

The interview begins with a statement leaning towards the reality of aliens probably not existing..then goes on to a 25 minute conversation with a politician / councilor who says he has had sex with an alien and a lion woman and is visited frequently by aliens that wear purple cloaks.

(You should see the ones that wear the purple hats, they are something else…the purple cloaked ones do not have any real is all holographic..Apologies for not posting an actual pic in this day and age of wonderful technology…but I will draw a rendition in crayon at some point…cant quite take pictures of holograms yet…)

Yeah, it’s that easy…

It is also stated by Mr Parks that if aliens wanted to take over the planet, that they would have done it when humans were cavemen as it would have been easier. What about the whole “aliens messed with humans DNA thingymabob?
Or that “they” being the aliens… created us? Or the other one…that the aliens bred with humans? If the sole purpose these entities was to gather negative energy, with all the wonderful technology and sacred knowledge they are said to have, according to Mr Parks, (and others) would they go the the bother of creating a holographic illusion to siphon energy from? Wouldn’t the advanced aliens be able to bypass the material and siphon energy directly?

Vril like?

So Let me get this straight…the people possessed by demons that run the BBC… run the politicians and ONLY put out there what they want you to believe.

So yeah…calling bullshit on the alien is demons that have control of Mr Parks. He just doesn’t know it.

Its generational. He said it.


Russell Brand (court jester for the empire) wishes to add to the frivolities, despite being banned in Lebanon and wherever else he has been advised not where to go, hopes to appear on David Icke’s show.

Russel Brand’s “Messiah Complex” tour has been cancelled in the Middle East for fears of his safety.

LONDON — British comedian Russell Brand says he has cancelled Middle Eastern dates on his forthcoming tour after promoters said they couldn’t guarantee his safety.

Brand had planned to take his “Messiah Complex” tour to Abu Dhabi and Lebanon.

Brand has said the tour focuses on icons including Che Guevara, Gandhi, Malcolm X and Jesus, and examines “the importance of heroes in this age of atheistic disposability.”

But Brand told BBC radio Thursday that the Mideast venues “contacted us to say we can no longer guarantee your safety.”

Brand said he thought organizers were wary of the sensitive topic and the poster, which “does depict me looking a little bit Christ-like” and wearing corporate and religious insignia.

Russell Brand said….

“Those gigs have been banned. Pulled because of threats from extremists that if I went there, there would be problems,” Brand told BBC Radio 5Live. “The venue contacted us and said we can no longer guarantee your safety.”


Taking the piss or advertising?


‘I am excited by David’s new venture. We all complain about media bias and now we will have an outlet beholden only to the people. I think it will be crazy and fun and I hope to be on it.’ – Russell Brand

Hope? Or guaranteed spot for the ad?