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So here we have Alien Fossil Project commenting on the legitimacy of  Round Saturn’s Eye. Alien Fossil Project claims RSE  is full of bullshit. Yet Round Saturns Eye  used Alien Fossil Projects info on his video titled “David Icke and his Demons”




Alien Fossil Project has taken up debunking the Christian Troofer Network….I noticed he slammed Bible Creation Land who is Colcaspers buddy. Bible Creation Land is a self professed bandwagon jumper  (I have the video where he states this – which he went on to remove off of his channel) who has now taken it upon himself to expose the Christian Troofer Network and Troofer Community…..calls it a revelation. Funny thing is, Bible Creation Land hovers over this blog piggybacking off of  this site and has done since around June of last year.

Edited to add. If AFP did not give permission to RSE for using his content which is what has been stated, then this is further proof that RSE plagiarizes content that is not his own work.


UPDATED 8/25/14 Below

Here are some of the books the Peter Moon has been involved with.










Red Ice Creations – Bringing you Dugpa after Dugpa for your entertainment. At the beginning of this interview, Peter Moon states that a mysterious Dr. Anderson (a time traveler he claims) walked into his life on August 11th 1999. This was a day where there was a full eclipse. August 11th was also the beginning of the Mayan Calendar, but he doesn’t mention that… He states that this date coincides with the Montauk and Philadelphia experiments. Montauk Day is August 12th, and this day was chosen as the inception date for the Montauk experiments to magnify and ramp up the piggy backing spiritual energy to latch on to the Holy Spirit in an attempt to override it and create a new world religion. Vril.

Here is some more info on August 12th.

Hence the name of the organization Peter Moon is involved in, The World Genesis Organization. An organization that works under the umbrella of the U.N.

Here are some of the organizations websites


Atlantykron Summer Academy

Cultural Foundation


Lifetime of Hope

Living Through Art

Montauk Healing Center

Philippine Foundation

Planet Warriors

Thai Foundation

The Liberty Pole (that one sounds interesting,in a phrygian kinda way)

World Genesis Foundation

The World Genesis Foundation is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to the mission to “leave no child without hope for the future.” Our focus, apart from the alleviation of all kinds of suffering, is to create opportunities for the moral, physical and intellectual development of youth in areas of the world where opportunities are limited or do not exist today.

At around 22 or so minutes in he mentions a Dr Xien a Tibetan Occultist who seeks out and grooms kids with paranormal abilities I listened to about half of this interview and got bored.

So someone, who has published a plethora of scientology/new age books including a few for Stewart Swerdlow, re programmer extraordinaire is part and parcel of the World Genesis Organization, And we all know about that programming racket. So yeah…no wonder they are so interested in the future of children…


At about 3 mins in, Peter Moon explains synchronicity. Funny that name association/synchronicity thing eh.

Vril fail. New World Religion fail. Peter Moon Fail. Continue reading