Quinn just figured out the role of Buddhism in AI. Or did he?

Christian’s don’t take advice off of Buddhist’s. Christian’s do not offer cups to tea to God for favors.  Christian’s don’t need to plug the Bible into a computer program to “defeat the devil” either. But the Dugpas sure would like to have a bunch of Christian’s plugging in Bible passages to AI lol! 

Pretty amazing how the Dugpas tried to pull this one off. Bunch of Dugpas are involved with the creation of  AI to enslave humanity, puts a Dugpa in place to “save humanity” lolz!



Edited to add

Quinn has a dig at Lift the Veil by alluding to people using animals (cats for instance)  to manipulate peoples heartstrings. Quinn also states that “natural settings” can be used as a manipulation tactic which is ironic seeing as he has set up shop in the forest. he also states that certain youtubers use dark magic to manipulate people into doing things. This too is ironic as Quinn has asked Christians to interact with AI and plug in the bible to some strong AI interface. Doesn’t Quinn know that computers emerged from dugpas dabbling in dark magic? Despite the apparent labyrinth of bullshittery,  Quinn claims to have hijacked evil.


I am mentioning this because it ties into my previous post and narcissistic esoteric gatekeepers. 

Two giant alt media narcissistic vampires discuss the mainstream media 


Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 7.56.19 AM.pngPublished on Jul 7, 2017
Steve Quayle joins Alex Jones to discuss and break down the insanity of the mainstream media.

This is how narcissists implement cognitive dissonance on their viewers.

Narcissists are liars. Narcissists elevate themselves, these individuals rely on their viewers for supply. Narcissists use the “hero” and “victim” card whenever useful. Narcissists are exploitative. Narcissists believe that they are brilliant, special, chosen. Narcissists hate criticism and will use flying monkeys and triangulation to demonize those that see through their bullshit. Narcissists use projection.  For instance, Steve Quayle states that those who call him out are “jealous” which is a delusional statement. Narcissists often use these kinds of statements  because they actually believe in their self propagated self importance to the extent that they believe people are jealous of them. Steve Quayle doesn’t know anything about the individuals who he claims are jealous of him, who could  quite easily be more successful than he is. 

Steve Quayle has stated amongst other claims that   ” 300 million giants are going to come out of a portal” and people believed it. Yet this is not “insanity” its the troof.

As well as claiming that gnomes have to put on little pink or blue caps to come through portals during a conversation with cohort Sheila Zilinsky while flogging one of  his books.


Narcissistic viewers will also support the narcissistic media hacks because they don’t want to be considered   flawed either. The narcissistic viewer will fight tooth and nail to support whatever bullshit is being promoted, even it if has been proven to be bullshit. 

There is a plethora of information that can be researched on the traits of narcissists. I can guarantee you that if you research these traits, that you will find that the majority of those in the mainstream and alt media have a lot of narcissistic traits going on. One big narcissistic club.

Don’t get gaslit by alt media narcissists on Youtube. They all elevate themselves, promote and support each other and you are their meal ticket. No different from mainstream media narcissists. 

Edited to add – Another tactic narcissists use, especially on YT etc is “You are awake, otherwise you wouldn’t be here, listening to  this  info”. This old chestnut works on those who like to see themselves as “awake” and it works especially well on narcissistic viewers and participants. And it is only used to blow smoke up the arses and inflate the egos of those who the bullshiitter is targeting. So watch out for this tactic. 

Edifying others  –  A gnostic calling out other gnostics. 

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 8.01.27 AM.png


Vid from NervouS ChopstiX – Sour Grapes


Edifying others claims that he is led by the Holy Spirit, yet is wrong on all accounts filling his viewers minds with lies based on his own gnosis. Claiming he is not called by Jesus Christ to keep his mouth shut. Yet, he propagates lies just like Steve Quayle and Co.



So here we have Alien Fossil Project commenting on the legitimacy of  Round Saturn’s Eye. Alien Fossil Project claims RSE  is full of bullshit. Yet Round Saturns Eye  used Alien Fossil Projects info on his video titled “David Icke and his Demons”




Alien Fossil Project has taken up debunking the Christian Troofer Network….I noticed he slammed Bible Creation Land who is Colcaspers buddy. Bible Creation Land is a self professed bandwagon jumper  (I have the video where he states this – which he went on to remove off of his channel) who has now taken it upon himself to expose the Christian Troofer Network and Troofer Community…..calls it a revelation. Funny thing is, Bible Creation Land hovers over this blog piggybacking off of  this site and has done since around June of last year.

Edited to add. If AFP did not give permission to RSE for using his content which is what has been stated, then this is further proof that RSE plagiarizes content that is not his own work.


Video from Sy.

This video takes a look into the Alternative  media platform pillars.and fronts that promote each other within their little  cliques.

 images (2)


Vinny Eastwood thought he was being clever when he removed this video from his website and YouTube.

Hey, I would rather be an anonymous coward with truth, than an infamous charlatan with little to none.

I would rather be an independent blogger than be part of the dog and pony show AKA the alternative media.

For the record. My parents are not quack cult leaders, re-programmers or charlatans so do not chalk me up as nothing more than an angry individual with nothing better to do than “attack” the self proclaimed way-showers via some stupid Freudian projection.

As you can see, this blog and its contents have come a long way and contain irrefutable proof of your agenda and more succinctly the fact that you are not in any way shape or form “leaders” despite how you, the alternative media and your “spiritual” connections in the arena attempt to paint it that way.
The alternative media and the clowns that are involved have been quite happy to give you a platform for damage control and lies, which has nothing more than bolster the truth that is contained in this blog about said agencies and their minions.

Despite your uninformed assertions about me being a very confused individual, how is that looking for you now?

Maybe the self proclaimed expert on psychopaths, Thomas Sheridan should give his opinion on the above video clip. It could make for a pretty interesting show.

Trying to hide things in these times of truth by erasing it from your website and Youtube?



I checked out the little dugpa kisser Vinnies page yesterday and to my surprise he had a guest on by the name of Cameron Day who claims to have stopped being a Lightworker (after many years of infecting and imbuing people with his new age religion replicated energy and ascension twaddle).

Here is talking as recently as February suggesting people surround themselves with tetrahedrons and all that crap

And here is Vinny and Cameron – talking about the false light and how Lightworkers have been duped.

Now, coming from an “alternative radio” host who has promoted and had NUMEROUS lightworkers and Dugpas appear on his show.. and a Lightworker who has spent NUMEROUS years pushing the agenda….making money from workshops, his own “system” to aid ascension and all that crap…for me, he is ripe for the picking.

Cameron Day promotes crap from the Upledger institute and Cranial Sacral therapy. This therapy is a form of bone setting / manipulation, primarily the cranial bones, this then affects the cranial sacral fluid which flows through the pineal gland and the body.

Most, if not all of the Cranial Sacral therapists I have known are completely unaware as to what they are doing, it is sold up and portrayed as an “advanced” form of Lightwork. I should know, my first cranial treatment was 25 years ago, I then went on to learn this modality and was certified over 10 years ago. Sometimes to understand the rabbit hole, you have to go all the way down it.

Cameron Day will need a career change if he wants to continue on his new found road “exposing lightwork”. When your bread and butter has been made and is still being from pushing the agenda, you have no room whatsoever to talk about the subject. You are still Lightowrker…no if’s or buts.

There is no turning back.


You can hide and suppress all the evidence you like. But it wont help your agenda. It doesn’t make you look very good at all at the end of the day. Ultimately, you are no different from that which you cry foul about.

While I mention this, I do wonder what some the people who visit this blog
come here for. Many of you come from the countries swerdliar has ties to.
Your intentions reek of doo doo…you little dugpa kissers.

Swerd has a new template for his site…according to him, his ex web master(another one in a long line of many) apparently “stole” all of their clients account info off of them..passwords and all..still…nothing beats another makeover when you need to drum up some business eh? Siriusly.


If you have ever used the  Hyperspace ” Protection” Techniques, you know, the symbols and archetypes etc..which apparently emanate straight out of the “God Mind” itself (the ultimate protection techniques that the World’s “Foremost Metaphysical Leaders” use themselves)….

Know this.

When  these salesmen know that the “techniques”  they have for sale are  bogus the best thing for them to do is call ADT Security. Probably because on some level ADT actually provides some form of protection.

Whereas Hyperspace “Protection” Techniques wont.