The irony. So let me get this straight. Tracy Twyman claims to be a descendant of  the bloodline of Christ ….which according to Twyman originates with  aliens who are the rightful rulers of Earth …OBVIOUSLY LOL!

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 7.54.40 PM.png


But wait… quite happy to be promoted by Liberty Cap Press while recently adding Mithra and Cybeles to the repertoire. Twyman. along with Freeman Fly were plugged by a caller during a chat with Alex Jones over at  InfoWars  .

Freeman Fly (Alex’s buddy)  claims to do Jesus banishing spells at his house or whatever so I am guessing Tracy Twyman  won’t be visiting Freeman any time soon then haha!

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I am mentioning this because it ties into my previous post and narcissistic esoteric gatekeepers. 

Two giant alt media narcissistic vampires discuss the mainstream media 


Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 7.56.19 AM.pngPublished on Jul 7, 2017
Steve Quayle joins Alex Jones to discuss and break down the insanity of the mainstream media.

This is how narcissists implement cognitive dissonance on their viewers.

Narcissists are liars. Narcissists elevate themselves, these individuals rely on their viewers for supply. Narcissists use the “hero” and “victim” card whenever useful. Narcissists are exploitative. Narcissists believe that they are brilliant, special, chosen. Narcissists hate criticism and will use flying monkeys and triangulation to demonize those that see through their bullshit. Narcissists use projection.  For instance, Steve Quayle states that those who call him out are “jealous” which is a delusional statement. Narcissists often use these kinds of statements  because they actually believe in their self propagated self importance to the extent that they believe people are jealous of them. Steve Quayle doesn’t know anything about the individuals who he claims are jealous of him, who could  quite easily be more successful than he is. 

Steve Quayle has stated amongst other claims that   ” 300 million giants are going to come out of a portal” and people believed it. Yet this is not “insanity” its the troof.

As well as claiming that gnomes have to put on little pink or blue caps to come through portals during a conversation with cohort Sheila Zilinsky while flogging one of  his books.


Narcissistic viewers will also support the narcissistic media hacks because they don’t want to be considered   flawed either. The narcissistic viewer will fight tooth and nail to support whatever bullshit is being promoted, even it if has been proven to be bullshit. 

There is a plethora of information that can be researched on the traits of narcissists. I can guarantee you that if you research these traits, that you will find that the majority of those in the mainstream and alt media have a lot of narcissistic traits going on. One big narcissistic club.

Don’t get gaslit by alt media narcissists on Youtube. They all elevate themselves, promote and support each other and you are their meal ticket. No different from mainstream media narcissists. 

Edited to add – Another tactic narcissists use, especially on YT etc is “You are awake, otherwise you wouldn’t be here, listening to  this  info”. This old chestnut works on those who like to see themselves as “awake” and it works especially well on narcissistic viewers and participants. And it is only used to blow smoke up the arses and inflate the egos of those who the bullshiitter is targeting. So watch out for this tactic. 

Edifying others  –  A gnostic calling out other gnostics. 

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Vid from NervouS ChopstiX – Sour Grapes


Edifying others claims that he is led by the Holy Spirit, yet is wrong on all accounts filling his viewers minds with lies based on his own gnosis. Claiming he is not called by Jesus Christ to keep his mouth shut. Yet, he propagates lies just like Steve Quayle and Co.



Dugpa Doblin – Founder of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies.


The video below takes a look at those who have promoted the use of hallucinogens in the past and those who are promoting their use presently under the guise of spiritual freedom, healing  and enlightenment. You know who they are.

Obviously everyone who takes their advice  is too bombed to realize that hallucinogens are being promoted to ultimately  try and enslave people.

Can the  planet be hijacked by a few old  nutjobs who have done one too many hits that they actually  believe their own bullshit?

Edited to add – You can also tell who else is promoting this agenda on YT  because they make a big to do warning people about transhumanism for example , while promoting the  use of hallucinogens.   These individuals will also state that the TV is bad for you ,  but they are quite happy to  keep you locked into interacting with your computer all day. i.e these individuals will churn out umpteen uploads throughout the day alongside  encouraging people to  watch other channels that they recommend.

Some of these individuals will also encourage you  to  buy or  use their apps, to keep you locked  in to the network while discouraging people to avoid facebook and twitter, while using these platforms themselves to spread their propaganda.

So yeah, those involved in the YT community  promoting the use of DMT = online handlers  and active MK Ultra programmers.

The two screenshots below are from two separate dates, several months apart. Icke states in the latest upload that he puts a face on those involved in the agenda. This is an attempt to redirect attention of his involvement. While exposing the involvement of Facebook, please feel free to join him…on Facebook.



Links to recent articles supporting  what Timothy Leary, Dennis McKenna and Co have promoted.

computers erase thoughts – link to article

The smartphone is eventually going to die, and then things are going to get really crazy

Here is a piece from the above link…

The medium term

In the medium term, all of these various experimental and first-stage technologies will start to congeal into something familiar but bizarre.

Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and the Google-backed Magic Leap are all working to build standalone augmented-reality headsets, which project detailed 3D images straight into your eyes. Even Apple is rumored to be working on this.

If you have watched the videos I have made on this subject  Leary mentions in his Cybernetics talk with McKenna  that information will be “transmitted straight to our eyeballs”.


Microsoft’s Alex Kipman recently told Business Insider that augmented reality could flat-out replace the smartphone, the TV, and anything else with a screen. There’s not much use for a separate device sitting in your pocket or on your entertainment center if all your calls, chats, movies, and games are beamed into your eyes and overlaid on the world around you.





Not telling the whole story.  As you already know haha!


June 7, 2012


(Race and Resettlement Office)

it represents the bonds of kinship and family that tie together those of the same racial blood



In a video posted a couple of days ago, Paul Begley acts  quite surprised that The Express news out of the UK  mentions an article which is built around his “observation” of  signs in the stars relating to  the end of the world.  Not sure why he would act so surprised seeing as they have been using his fear porn in their articles for just over a year.  and in turn, Begley has been promoting them. 

What is absolutely transparent about this social engineering project  is that there are numerous articles written  by two “journalists” that pretend to ridicule him on some level,  then hail him as a modern day Nostradamus and a prophecisor.

Here is an example of his predicitons from 2015.


Why would a UK “newspaper” repeatedly promote exported low brow fear porn from the US ?  Similarly why would Paul Begley repeatedly promote stories from The Express when they have painted him as some kind of Harold Camping on steroids ? I can only guess that Paul Begley is quite happy with this arrangement. His name gets used, he can use the articles every now and then to legitimize his fear porn and doom, while his  followers defend the “mockery” from The Express. The Express,  in turn, gets a mention and  exposure to the US market and voila! Its a win win. 

 From what I have seen, certain stories are highlighted and linked from Begley’s channel and funneled over  to The Express. However, he has only linked a couple  of the stories that feature him.  It would be too obvious (or maybe not to his  followers ) that this is, in reality,  a cross promoting, social engineering  racket. 




As well as promoting english rags that are unworthy to even  wipe yer bum with, Begley is a promoter of giant NephilimTards such as Steve Quayle and L A Marzulli. 


Much like David Ickes rigged webstats (you know, to make  it appear  as if everyone is coming to check out your website because you typed in some ridiculous number such as 4 million visitors a day or something along those lines )

In 2006 Steve Quayle boasted 5 million views to his website (that he typed in) 


The typed in stats skyrocketed to  a whopping 90 MILLION views  per year…an additional  85 MILLION views over a couple of years. 

See, its easy when all you have to do is make up a very large number in your mind (not too large though as it would be know, if you typed in “See why there are  4  trillion visitors to this site a year” it would be a little over the top…. so make it big, but not too big…..and type it onto the front page of  your website for that “everyone is checking out my info” feel…  hahaha! 




Edited to add:  Individuals such as Paul Begley , Steve Quayle, L A Marzulli  and co state that it is un Christian for others who call themselves Christian to call them out as frauds,  regardless of how many lies they pile up around themselves. Despite their  crimes against humanity, anyone who calls them out is worshiping another god or something along those lines.

According to Mr Begley, he is on some “list” along with his cohorts and has had a few “visits”  because of the info that is put out between them all. L A Marzulli states in so many words that  President Trump might get them out of the mess by having a word with the agent and get them off this “list”. I can see it all now… Steve Quayle is  going to have a word with his buddy Alex Jones, who in turn is going to have a pow wow with the POTUS to pull some fairy hawking scumbags out of the mire?  lmao!


So here we have Alien Fossil Project commenting on the legitimacy of  Round Saturn’s Eye. Alien Fossil Project claims RSE  is full of bullshit. Yet Round Saturns Eye  used Alien Fossil Projects info on his video titled “David Icke and his Demons”




Alien Fossil Project has taken up debunking the Christian Troofer Network….I noticed he slammed Bible Creation Land who is Colcaspers buddy. Bible Creation Land is a self professed bandwagon jumper  (I have the video where he states this – which he went on to remove off of his channel) who has now taken it upon himself to expose the Christian Troofer Network and Troofer Community…..calls it a revelation. Funny thing is, Bible Creation Land hovers over this blog piggybacking off of  this site and has done since around June of last year.

Edited to add. If AFP did not give permission to RSE for using his content which is what has been stated, then this is further proof that RSE plagiarizes content that is not his own work.


3.40 pillars n pyramids and gnomes throughout.

Sweden, what say you? You come here every day and don’t say a word.

Tell us the truth, are there gnomes in Sweden or not or is this some sick and twisted  lie?

Other than that, a catchy choon.

Not sure about some of the lyrics though.


There are a lot more similarities between Round Saturns Eye and David Icke than most would think . Similarities which are pointed out in the above video.

Are you pro slavemaster?

Pro hypnotizer?


  The  item below was posted at Ickes site recently. The “Reptilians Among Us” video is narrated for the first several minutes by none other than Dugpa Swerdlow Monarch Programmer extraordinaire.


No elliptical pupils on this reptilian drawing? I guess this message is more believable if the messenger has eyes that are human.

David Icke  has also made a bit of a hooha lately about the system giving Russell Brand exposure.

 Why does the system give Brand exposure? Why have  numerous MSM and  alt media platforms given Icke exposure?
Here is a post from July 2013 which talks about self proclaimed alien abductee Simon Parkes who also appeared on the BBC. At the time this was aired, Parkes was going through the required “I am being attacked” phase.
So in conclusion – neither Brand, Icke (or Parkes) are a threat to the system because they are of it.
David Icke I am just pointing out here one simple fact – that which threatens The System is not promoted by The System. That’s all. I am not saying that Russell is of The System, only that he is clearly not seen as a threat by it.
David Icke Those that are really exposing ‘The System’ for what it REALLY is – and there are many now – don’t get within a hundred miles of Question Time, Newsnight, Channel Four News, etc. etc. Think about it.


People are beginning to understand that one of the purposes of the alt media is to promote manufactured wayshowers like Brand, Icke and other New World Religion charlatans and their respective rabbit holes. David Icke  conveniently forgets his appearances on the MSM? Or does he. Is Ickes vilification of the MSM and Brand is nothing more than an effort from “system buster” Icke to justify the alt media psy op.

Another post on Ickes headlines on the same day as the “Reptilians Among Us” video was a post about the pictures taken at a Rothschild Ball.

Obviously, the reptilian overlords devised a genius back up plan,   “We shall disguise our reptilian selves further by dressing  in surrealist artsy gettups at this shindig so that we can  really fuck with peoples minds”.

Over a year ago there was an internet rumor that these pictures were “leaked”. They weren’t leaked, there is a book called Bals which has all of these pictures in it. It is not as if some infiltrator  found these pics in some creepy attic, blew the dust off and exposed the goings on at this ball by posting the pics on the nets. The book was published in 2011.

Here is some info I posted about this from September 2013. Alex Jones jumped on this story when it was circulating and likened it to his Bohemian Grove exposé.



From Ickes headlines today. He we have a news story that is not so new news if you are a reader of this blog.  Icke doing his part to spread the word of  Transcendental  Meditation in schools.

Remember that David Lynch is the ultimate king pin of T. M. program  in schools and several other institutions with people such as Russell Brand, Katy Perry, Ringo Star, Oprah Winfrey and numerous other celebs backing this program.  What Icke does not mention is the number of parents that oppose their children being indoctrinated further, who  have been successful in getting this program shut down.  Uninformed parents are unaware of the pasty faced men behind this cult who prance around in gold crowns and white gowns. David Icke is not doing himself or these children any favors , he is pushing a cult based program that reeks of mind control. Mantra mantra mantra. Robot robot robot. 




The Education system and Hollywood.

Engineered and brought forth to the children and aided by Hollywood agenda by who?

David lynch
Hollywood Producer

Platform and airtime – courtesy of Alex Jones (alt media) Hollywood, MSM
Used by David Icke in certain agenda pushing videos.
Handler and TM groomer of Russell brand


Russell Brand
Hollywood Puppet

Connected to
David Lynch kundalini activation partner – TM agenda puppet
David Icke cohort, kundalini activation partner
Platform and airtime – courtesy of Alex Jones MSM and alt media

David Icke
Alt media platform.

User of David Lynch info for spiritual educational ‘
purposes via video.
Kundalini activator and cohort of Russell Brand
Platform and airtime courtesy of Alex Jones, MSM and alt media

Ringo Starr – mainstream music puppet product of the Mahareshi
Paul McCartney mainstream music puppet product of the Mahareshi
Katy Perry – mainstream music puppet
Jerry Seinfeld – Hollywood puppet
Ellen Degeneres – Hollywood puppet
Russell Simmons – mainstream music puppet
Martin Scorcese – Hollywood producer
George Lucas – Hollywood producer
Clint Eastwood – Hollywood puppet
Oprah Winfrey – Hollywood puppet

to name a few.

ALL participants in the foundation for “consciousness based education and peace”

AKA pass that common core test.


Here is an exquisite example of preemptive alt media / NWR programmer damage control.

On David Ickes site a week or so ago there was a link to an article written by Preston James who uses the JANUS PRINICPLE to portray the evils involved with and behind the MSM.

I had never heard of Preston James although I thought it was pretty interesting he is listed on Jeff Rense’s site, along with David Icke, Joseph Chiappalone and Zen Gardner (aka the rabbit hole cultivator and topiary trimmer),to name a few.

The alt media talking heads are heavily invested in making the MSM media talking heads look like the programmers that they are, because this diverts attention away from the plethora of programmers and social engineers who are operational in the alt media.

David Ickes ad.


Here is my rendition which portrays the truth.


From Renses site


From Renses site.

This was posted on Ickes site yesterday, a link to an article on Controlled Opposition by Zen Gardner, which outlines a carefully planned societal manipulation that eludes the public that is engineered to control all of us.
If Zen Gardner was on the up and up, he would not be too happy with himself upon the realization that he is involved in a carefully planned deception himself. As astute as Zen Gardner and the rest like to consider themselves, I think a re evaluation of said astuteness is required, because wool over my eyes is non existent and this attempt at corralling the herds into the alt media barns on the farm is a fail. So do not bother talking about your “concerns” of exploitation and subjugation of humanity when you are nothing more than a farm hand that is up to your knees in alt media controlled opposition shite yourself.

I have said it before and I will say it again, none of these people question each other on an open forum, none of them call each other out openly, despite the evidence of the multitudes of conflicting stories that are pumped out they continue to be a bunch of yes men that use “spiritual correctness” as a “polite” excuse to make themselves appear  enlightened and on the ball.

Namaste motherfuckers.




Talk about trimming the topiary.



On a daily basis I get quite a few views from Australia, so with that in mind, I thought I would post this little schpiel/appeal by Duncan Roads,  NWR/UFO?Alien propagator.

“I am looking for people with some inside info on what happened to David Icke, the liquidation of, and the crowd-funded half million pounds that was spent in 4 months before it all went belly-up. From what I can see so far, all that money, all that hype, all those broken promises of transparency and all the broken promises of creating the world’s first ‘alternative’ news TV channel – has ended in nothing but missing money, and everyone blaming each other. I have read a LOT of detail, from different perspectives – and I do not say this lightly – but the infamous David Icke is looking more and more complicit in a massive fraud perpetuated upon thousands of supporters from all around the world. Given my own experiences with David Icke in the past, I am not surprised – but the scale of this fraud and embezzlement is quite shocking, and is going to have repercussions on other attempts to create genuine alt media channels on TV or the net. This was no conspiracy by the system or the illuminati. This is good old ego, greed and deceit back at work by those who profess to denounce such traits – and they are NOT going to get away with it without scrutiny. So anyone with personal experience in that mess is invited to email me:”

Well, in the grand scheme of things,  the money is not  that important, it is only money. What is more important is  the fact that  Icke is complicit in a massive conspiracy/psy ops to usher in a NWR  along with his cahooting buddies. If Duncan Roads thinks that his own  little NWR empire that has been created off of the same scientology-esque blue print as Ickes, is that much different, Roads is not only fooling himself, he too is fooling everyone else.  So yeah, nice try.  As for “genuine” alt media channels there are none. 

“Consider exospeakers information as giving pieces to a large jigsaw, we don’t really know what the big picture looks like,” 

You will never be able to give the bigger picture, when you are in the frame yourself  dictating to the photographer on  what you want him to focus on. Boiling the whole TPV thing down to good old ego, greed and deceit is not the full story and it is not the bigger picture either.  The TPV front did what it was supposed to do, it doubled it’s output on some level as it is still running via Sean and Co plus Richie Allen has his offshoot show which was seeded in TPV.  When a big barn starts to stink tear it down and build two small ones in it’s place.

So back to the land of make believe and fairy tales,  what really happened to the gnomes of old?

Well, they were abducted by the grays.


And to prove it, here is one of their experimental hybrids.


The failed programmers and handlers know that their psy ops has been rumbled, which is why there are a few alt media fronts out there that have moved away from the reptilian, alien bullshit.

You will know who they are because they will have some obscure convoluted connection to people like Icke,  who has in some way recommended them at some point.

Too late.