• Will C W Chanter ever have an original thought or talking point or will he just continue to  orbit original  info and piggyback it ?
  • Why did C W Chanter state that he was quitting youtube because he had more important things to take care of and that he needed to get himself right  (to then return to YT a week later.).
  • Does C W Chanter seriously think he can start a new world religion by getting everyone to chant shit?
  • Does C W Chanter seriously believe that he can hex people to make then quit youtube? Is this ethical behavior for an attorney?
  • If C W Chanter writes open letters to other youtubers that have bigger platforms than he does, will he get picked up on and  finally make his big break? 
  • Does C W Chanter secretly consider himself to be an expert on non experts?
  • Is CW Chanter really bringing anything new to the playground ?



A few links from this blog – 2012



After years of being promoted by the alt media _ in 2017 Basagio has now taken it upon himself to “examine the so called alternative media” Are you fucking serious! hahaha!

Here is a blurb from an interview with Randy Maugans who himself  has promoted  Swerdlow numerous times lol!

In this, part 1, of a two-part, three-hour interview we break out the critical aspects of Truth Movement infiltration and subversion—and name the agents: ~The truth movement is threatened by subversion from within and without. ~. The truth is actively attacked by opinion makers in the mainstream media. ~Academic gatekeepers within the Truth Movement regularly attack truth tellers, misrepresent their testimony, suppress their testimony, and foment public disdain for truth tellers. ~Synthetic activists working for the US intelligence community steer the Truth Movement toward ineffectual outcomes. ~Synthetic scholars contrive false claims and inconsequential research priorities. ~Synthetic experiencers dilute the force of and confuse the public about real experiencers. We discuss the standards by which all information should be presented, assessed, and critiqued; how COINTELPROL Ops have been in effect since the advent of independent internet media; and how gatekeepers are installed to prevent genuine research and investigation.



Someone tell CW Chanter he is 5 years late. It is what it is… Failed Wizardry. 


Forgot about this one…from 2012

Here is Bill Ryan singing the praises of his”intuitive” friends, David Wilcock, David Icke and others…

“Every significant presenter in the realm of information in which you and I are operating in, there is a huge team, Project Camelot, David Icke, our friends DAVID WILCOCK, Alex Collier, Goerge Green..all have a PROFOUND SPIRITUAL ORIENTATION, every single one of them..we met Patrick ? the reason why he was wrong is because  he doesn’t have a spiritual orientation becuase he is a scientist, Bill Deagel is a profoundly spiritual person, Kerry is a profoundly spiritual person…they all have a unfying thread of being profoundly spiritual”

So Bill Ryan… profoundly spiritual and highly intuitive ?



Massive amounts of damage control being implemented . lol!




The Veil Thins.

On Conspiracy Theory Show

According to Swerdlow he was told he could say what he wanted…but was given a “script”

and it was all for sensationalism.  Curious..was his pal Icke given a “script”?

Quote “I was told I could say what I wanted. Then, at the set, I was given a pseudo script and told how to act. It was all for sensationalism”

Well…why did YOU continue to take part in a farce ya Dugpa?

Oh thats right…its what you do for a living…….

Were  Webre and Basiago given scripts too?

According to Basiago US presidents are elected years before elections

Would that include himself (Basiago) AND Ventura..seeing as they are both running for 2016?

Is Jesse Ventura aware of the thousands of boys raped and murdered for Montauk?

Is Ventura aware of Swerdlow and Ickes friendship?

Anya Briggs yes…I AM “UNIT” AWAKE

Are You?


I thought it was pretty  ironic that  Dolphins and the  Bullingdon Club have been likened to each other.

Dolphins Form Elite Societies and Cliques

As do Dolphin Kissers…please note the date of interest.

One or two familiar faces attended this

Dolphins and Teleportation Symposium

The outer circles when connected as per usual form a 6 pointed star.