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Woodford  vs Mark Sargant

Sy and friend chat begins at about 10 minutes in.

You know you have arrived at the epicenter of  bullshit town when Russell Brand interviews you. Which begs the question, Brand also interviewed Laura Eisenhower a few years ago,  Laura claims to go to the planet Mars regularly. Is Mars flat too? Can Russell get both of them on his show so that they can all hash it out. Cheers. 







Inspired by a recent soundbyte. 





“From high mountain peaks to laboratories deep underground, a garden gnome named Kern has been trotting the globe to reveal a little-known fact about our planet: The force of gravity is not the same everywhere on Earth. Gravity is the force that pulls objects towards Earth.

A company that sells precision scales is behind Kern’s travels. It sends the gnome and a digital scale to scientists around the world. The experiment shows why the company has to adjust each scale it sells to account for local gravity differences.

Kern, who travels alone via the United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS), is weighed by the scientists at each location. Weight is a product of mass times gravity. This means that in spots where gravity is pulling more, Kern will weigh more, and in places where this force is less, the gnome weighs less.

“Kern has by far weighed the heaviest at the South Pole and lightest at Mexico and Mumbai, India,” says James Nester, creator of the Gnome Experiment”.



 Couple of things. 

Gatekeeper Edifying Others has done some brilliant research on the red hat, (per his upload last week).  It is red, and it is a hat, it is masonic. That is about the long and short of it. 



WakeU.s From Slumber shared this on YT . A Red Hat Hero. 





‘We are so thankful to the hero in the red hat that got our wives over the gate and under the stage to relative safety. We would like to know if he and his girlfriend made it so that we can thank him in the future,’ Larry Rorick wrote.

‘Our wives eventually made it out the back of the stage and over a 15 foot fence with about 40 people of the 22,000. They never saw the red hat again. Please help us find him if you know him.’



 “He didn’t follow them over because he had to find his own girl. Our wives eventually made it out the back of the stage and over a 15 foot fence with about 40 people of the 22,000. They never saw the red hat again.”



hero land


From the Huff Post –

Can’t imagine gaslighting a kid like this.





“Collecting gnomes isn’t just a hobby for my son Elias, it’s a way of life. In the morning, he puts on his bathrobe and walks up the hill behind our house to check on his gnome-home built into the hill under a Juniper bush. He leaves notes, and receives them in return. Not long ago, when one of his goldfish died, the gnomes sent a conciliatory card. He responded, on lined paper with a drawing of a house shaped like a mushroom and a smiling face: “You note did cheer me up, and I will be fully cheered-up soon. Thank you for all your kindness. You are very good friends of mine. You make my life awesome.”


“Gnomes, as my family understands them, are the diminutive, pointy-red-hatted custodians of the natural world: master farmers, animal doctors, vegetarians, they have names like Geronimus B and Thelonious; they are kind and quiet and good. In these fractured times, they connect us back to what we care about and what makes us happy: a place-based life that intimately integrates the landscape and the community”.




Another college art installation .


“Three hundred and six gnomes stand in the gardeHouse of Lafayette, just down the road from Sullivan Parking Deck. Each holds a small toy gun.

They are an art installation by Frederick Wright Jones, an art professor from Muhlenberg College, who said that the number 306 was not randomly chosen, and neither was the location”.

“In essence, [the gardeHouse] was the perfect site for the gnomes. [The gardeHouse] protects the students from unknown dangers. It’s very much about the fear of the unknown and what might happen,” Jones said.

The gnomes all together represent a large voting block of the population, Jones said. Their small guns are a representation of protection and fear of losing what one has, he added.



This is the type of shit that manages to get headline news on Drudge. This Niburu bollox has been floating around for years now. 

Didn’t Swerdlow claim that Niburu already was blown to  smithereens in 2003?  haha!



Not at all surprised that this fearporn hustler is subbed to Steve Quayle, Paul Begley, Lisa Haven, Leak Project (who gave him an interview last year),  Lyn Leahz and …Alex Jones to name a few.



With around 30,500 views on his YT channel, (I think Sy has more than this bloke) Meade also makes headlines in  The Sun and The Daily Star. The journalists at The Niburu have not reported on this story. 

You know what this means…it means that we will never get to see Steve Quayles giants after all, which is a shame,  I was really  looking forward to witnessing all of that. You might have also pissed your money away attending his last conference,   If you ordered end of days food supplies from Skywatch TV, it won’t arrive before Saturday the 23rd. Derek Gilbert said sorry, no refunds, he blew all of the money he earned selling the end of days food supplies on a top of the line underground bunker.


Sy has a chat about Niburu bollox.



The irony. So let me get this straight. Tracy Twyman claims to be a descendant of  the bloodline of Christ ….which according to Twyman originates with  aliens who are the rightful rulers of Earth …OBVIOUSLY LOL!

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 7.54.40 PM.png


But wait… quite happy to be promoted by Liberty Cap Press while recently adding Mithra and Cybeles to the repertoire. Twyman. along with Freeman Fly were plugged by a caller during a chat with Alex Jones over at  InfoWars  .

Freeman Fly (Alex’s buddy)  claims to do Jesus banishing spells at his house or whatever so I am guessing Tracy Twyman  won’t be visiting Freeman any time soon then haha!

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 7.55.44 PM.png



Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 8.45.41 PM.png





The tittles of some of the uploads look like an attempt to make the hallucinogen agenda appear to be something other than mind control. For Instance…

“How Ayahuasca exposed the Controlled Opposition and the Truth Movement”

I think it is pretty clear that the hallucinogenic agenda is controlled opposition in and of itself.


Lolz at the comments on this one haha!




Timothy Leary (1920-1996), outside Village Theatre in New York. presenting his celebration #2 titled 'THE REINCARNATIONS OF


Edited to add the below vid,