In the beginning.

I started a thread at the David Icke forum to share some information that was given to me about a masonic ritual for high ranking masons that involved a satanic ritual which involved a sect of Tibetan Monks known as Dugpas. When I first started this research, there was little to no information about the topic of Dugpas to be found anywhere. Maybe one or two sites that were related to Helena Blavatsky, but that was about all I could find. I was given this info in around 2004 or so.
I posted this information on the Icke forum (in around 2010), and around a year or so later a website popped up out of nowhere claiming that a group of “beings” were coming back to Earth to save humanity via a message given to some woman residing in Wales, UK. Seeing as I had been researching the nefarious Dugpas, I was surprised to find that out of nowhere a group calling themselves the “White Dugpas” had surfaced.




Here we just find the same story template found in two seperate books, and one author.

There is no such thing as a White Dugpa, this book was an entirely fabricated story, written by an already failed new age author connected to Eliahi Priest, the supposed keeper of the Philosophers Stone, connected to MI6 – according to him, cohort of Dr Carol Rosin, and several others involved in Exopolitics. To understand this fully, you need to start HERE AT THE BEGINNING.


Several other people are exposed on this blog including David Icke, his pal Stewart Swerdlow, Ed Chiarini and Former White Hat aka Michael Hemmingson plus a few others involved in the Dugpa Network whose main goal is to usher in a New World Religion. This is being implemented with the help of the Alternative Media who give their friends and acquaintances a platform to spread their fear, lies and confusion for mass consumption, not too different from the MSM.

Links removed as of 7/13/14.

This site has a satirical slant, I have a sense of humor and use it to point out the fails, fallacies and fictions perpetuated by the true Dugpas who are hidden in plain site, selling their books, which, if you have read any of them, you will find that many of these writers contradict each other, yet they align themselves with each other in several other ways. For instance, David Icke supports Stewart Swerdlow, they give each other props, mentioning each other in their books, David Icke has advertised Stewart Swerdlows “deprogramming” seminars and his website on his site.

i.e. David Icke claims Jesus never existed, while Stewart Swerdlow claims he was sent to assassinate Jesus via the Montauk Project.

Stewart Swerdlow claims that channeling is a mind control program that sends messages via satellite, while David Icke has written about an entity that he channeled…oh and ‘the guys”.

So was the experience that David Icke had with these beings, a channeled mind control satellite transmission? If you go by what Stewart Swerdlow claims, yes. But David Icke would have to disagree. If David Icke were to agree, that would put the rest of his claims under scrutiny.

Take the time to look at the the inconsistencies of the stories that the guests and figureheads in the alternative media are promoting. You will find that while they are busy at getting you to connect the dots with what they want you to focus on, it is an organized distraction from what they are doing.

This page will be edited from time to time.

Last updated 10/19/13


  1. Nice new layout on your blog, PP and your Gnomie looks very contemplative. 🙂 You’re right about the gaping holes leading to their undoing. They can’t control the rate at which people become aware of this info. through the internet. And there’s still the bit about their rabbid exploitation tactics defiling every spiritual rule in the galaxy–a punishable offense. They’ll still be pulling off their evil stunts but they’re sweatin’ it NOW!


  2. What specifically do you mean with your terms? With no definition your statement becomes meaningless. You provide no reference to give back-up for your claims – You need to put more energy in what you really mean. I don’t know enough to agree or not.


  3. (Link to NWR rabbit hole removed – I do not and will not support or advertise rabbit holes and or NWR fronts )

    Or am I misunderstanding what you are saying?

    My reference comes from experience and experiences within the entity known as the new age religion and some other experiences that I can draw from…

    what would you like me to explain better to make things clearer, I don’t mind doing that at all.

    there are people who are quite prepared to listen to people like Icke and Swerdlow for example…do they have anything to back up their claims?

    Wilcock and Fulford…anything come out of these two that is valid?


    Any of them?


  4. It is easy to fool people, pointing out that to them they have been fooled is not so easy. Nobody likes to be fooled, it’s a hard one to swallow, especially when you think that your intuition or some kind of divinity led you there in the first place….there is a mock divinity that ends up mocking you in the end if you arent careful….if you take a look at the intimidation practices fostered by people like Stewart Swerdlow in attempts to shut people up when someone calls him out, such as calling the cops on a forum owner just to be a spiteful asshole, dehumanizing people by calling them a “non person” as he did with Yukesam at the hyperspace cafe forum, labeling people as damaged or whatever while on “alternative radio” shows…setting up fake pages as shown in Yukesams video which is posted here under “A response to a reader” …..It is the most vile, disgusting attempt to put a lid on the racket that touts itself as “God Mind”… ..the list goes on…if people would rather carry on supporting these individuals that’s their problem.

    Understand the true meaning of “no deviation” from the program. ( where have you heard that before ?) it is clear that the new high preists are not wanting people to deviate from their program, otherwise they would not be so invested in trying to put a lid on people who expose em by attempting to publicly humiliate them.

    If people read stuff on this blog and find it offensive…good. The truth is an offense and I hope you are offended. If you think that the “programming” and all that crap ends with people like Stewart Swerdlow, David Icke and the rest of them, think again. David Icke might claim that he will go further down the rabbit hole than anyone has ever been…that is a mighty statement to make about oneself and it is no wonder it was removed off his site. Flip flopping Windsor sponsored tool.


  5. So after sensitive, ethical people get entangled with one, two…or more of these Dugpas they don’t usually forget the experience.

    It usually leads the more inquisitive ones in a quest to understand what happened, who they were dealing with and how this type of deception is allowed to continue. It leads to an eye opening – even horrifying journey where truth is much sicker than fiction.

    ~Warning: Enter Blog only if you are up to relentless sacred cow tipping~

    You see, most people would rather cling to a pleasant illusion that’s only fractionally true than have this very illusion shattered by the truth. For some it’s their only way to make it through. The global grand scale of this deception alone boggles the mind and makes a human being feel very insecure…to put it mildly

    . ~ We wish we didn’t need to expose them – we wish they’d stop — But since they show few signs of slowing – we’ll be poking logs to reveal the rot. ~


  6. Swerdlow would be killed for attempting to reveal top-secret techniques to a paying public. This means only a couple of things. 1. He is making it all up. 2. He is promoting a distorted version of universal symbols and energy to manipulate people (with backing). Those who really have knowledge are quiet for good reason. He uses his own ‘lie sandwiches’ to promote his work. A lie sandwiched between two truths or a truth sandwiched between two lies -so that the lie seems more plausible. Quite simply, he would be killed. Icke would also be killed as would Jones. They exist for a reason and the reason is to confuse you.

    People who follow these type are people are looking for love, sex, power and/or money and an easy way to get it. The essence of the universe is love, forgiveness, compassion and gentleness. It is that simple.


  7. Hi Lady Wild, you are right about this. Both Swerdlow, who has made claims of being “more powerful if he were killed” as it would validate his story, etc and Icke has alluded to some kind of “divine” force keeping him untouched. It is utter rubbish. The only reason Icke is able to do what he does and keep doing it is because he is nothing more than a public relations officer for the monarchy.

    They approve the message because they want people to think they along the lines of what Icke is putting out there about them. The same way Cecil Beaton the royal photographer was a PR officer for them although his job was to paint them in a more positive light to the public at the time. If you take a look at some of Beatons photographs quite a lot of the imagery is being rehashed today. Some of Beatons subjects also included Orson Wells and Aldous Huxley for expample. Masonic checkerboards, masks, fractured personalities, monarchs, hand signs, puppets and one eye symbolism was being put out there 50 odd years ago although not as saturated as it is today.


    Ickes job is to portray the monarchy as an all powerful, all knowing race of supernatural shapeshifting monsters, because that is what they want people to think. Shock and awe value.



  9. Please note everything mr priest and his accomplice joanna wilcox have claimed to be true has been deleted does anyone actually know the results of the truth ammnesty or should i say visa hearing? Apart from anonymous people who say they were there whilst refusing to substantiate or give any clarification of any fact regarding that day after asking for support they released nothing relevant regarding the case


  10. What a load of utter bullshit! I went to school with Jo. She is as genuine as they come. She had been psychic since she was a child. She always tells the absolute truth as she sees it and only ever wants the best for people. She nearly lost her kids and her freedom cos of the crap people like you have spread. I think you have gone so far down the rabbit hole you have lost sight of the truth. Peace.


    • Oh really?!!
      This is what Joanna Wilcox posted online in 2010 :

      Hey guys this is jojo here,An extremely important event happened for all light workers a few days ago, world peace diplomat eliahi priest went into several lodges and mind control research centres and put them on trial for warcrimes against humanity and for supressing alien technology, he is a master magician, and has a cosmic clearance passport, he is also tearing down the mod and half of mi6. This videos are not on you tube, they are on my wall via eliahis site on facebook. Please feel free to add me to facebook it is joanna wilcox, please be aware that there are currenly druids, wiccans, mod, cia, black ops, mk ultra survivors on the facebook, it is for primarily those who are awake so we can all now move together, feel free to comment under the videos but please leave the wall free of gifts so that incoming lightworkers can see the videos easily on the wall, many lightworkers have pledged to stand with eliahi, myself included, if you have seen the movie trailer to my book you willknow what i mean.He has a huge intelligence network. Please pass this message on to all of the light, it has begun. its time to take up the sword of truth!

      Read more: http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/profile/jlightworker#ixzz3XEzQw9dV
      Talk about going down rabbit holes! lmao
      And you , Heather Bryson, have the audacity to accuse PurplePebble of being partially responsible for Joanna Wilcox nearly losing her children?

      Heather,If you don’t want blisters on your butt ride a good saddle and while your at it get some integrity.


      Liked by 1 person

  11. If that is the case. Where are the fekkin “White” Dugpas? There is no such thing whatsoever.

    BTW, how dare you accuse me of being responsible for her freedom or her children. No “creating your own reality” involved there then? Amazingly enough I am responsible for neither. Nice try though.

    I hope, nobody was stupid enough to get that symbol tattooed on themselves.

    I would say, that “angel” was full of shit. Probably some Dugpa fuckin with her.


  12. Oh yeah, that failure of a black wizard Eliahi Priest who is linked to the nazi Werner von Braun’s torchbearer and Ecstasy smuggler Carol Rosin .

    EliahiPriest galactic piggybacker loser was chuffed when social engineered revolutionary Russell Brand joined his “team” of loser wizards, his screenshot bragging about this accomplishment is in the pretenders vid.

    Has that psy op seeder been deported back to Australia yet?




  13. Oh and lets not forget Eliahis link to “exopolitics” conjob and Rosins budd satanic panic cultivator Alfred Labremont Webre who was recently been interviewed by Richie Allen. Need I say more?


  14. David Icke is a dugpa, a liar and a sihll of the NWO? I am so unhappy i didnt find this website earlier how long have you been trumpeting this bullshit? Its quite a large fountain of wank and horse shit… Blanket statements and generalizations and extreme amounts of throwing the baby for the bathwater…. Your credibility is just…. dirt..


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