Because sometimes, you just have to spell it out for those who deny what is right in front of them.

So, while  Icke  and Company and all of his silly little foot soldiers in the alt media  are busy prattling on about their concerns regarding  “common core”  and education being a brainwashing tool  ….It is a full circle kinda deal.  Why do you think NONE of them ever mention meditation in schools.  

David Icke talks to Alex Jones about the suppression of human consciousness via.

1. The Education system and Hollywood.

Please Dugpa blowhards, while your dirty little mouths claim that the education system is a programming tool, you are quite content to avoid this subject while inadvertently supporting the trance endental meditation program being implemented in schools
and other institutions such as prisons, Native American reservations and the military.

Engineered and brought forth to the children and aided by Hollywood agenda by who?

David lynch
Hollywood Producer

Platform and airtime – courtesy of Alex Jones (alt media) Hollywood, MSM
Used by David Icke in certain agenda pushing videos.
Handler and TM groomer of Russell brand



Russell Brand
Hollywood Puppet

Connected to
David Lynch kundalini activation partner – TM agenda puppet
David Icke cohort, kundalini activation partner
Platform and airtime – courtesy of Alex Jones MSM and alt media

David Icke
Alt media platform.

User of David Lynch info for spiritual educational ‘
purposes via video.
Kundalini activator and cohort of Russell Brand
Platform and airtime courtesy of Alex Jones, MSM and alt media

Ringo Starr – mainstream music puppet product of the mahareshi
Paul McCartney mainstream music puppet product of the mahareshi
Katy Perry – mainstream music puppet
Jerry Seinfeld – Hollywood puppet
Ellen Degeneres – Hollywood puppet
Russell Simmons – mainstream music puppet
Martin Scorcese – Hollywood producer
George Lucas – Hollywood producer
Clint Eastwood – Hollywood puppet
Oprah Winfrey – Hollywood puppet

to name a few.

ALL participants in the foundation for “consciousness based education and peace”





Another facet

AKA shut the fuck up and enjoy your outwardly imposed “quiet time” based education and indoctrination program, courtesy of the aforementioned dugpas, enablers, institutions, Hollywood and puppets.

Edited to add this oldie from around June 2012. It needs updating, few of these dugpas have fallen off the radar, but there are a couple more new dugpas to add to the list. One of these days I will get around to it. In all honesty, I don’t think I need to though.


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