May 6, 2012

Before I go into depth with the information expressed on this blog, it is only fair to explain how I came across some of this knowledge myself, so that you can come to your own conclusions as to whether the information I am presenting is legitimate or not. To begin with, I am going to relay something I have experienced personally regarding the Conspiracy Theory Industry.

I say industry, because a lot of the prominent people responsible for revealing certain “hidden” truths that you hear about in the New Age and Truth Movement are the backbone of an industry that relies on a certain amount of ignorance, naivety and gullibility, on an intellectual and spiritual level, from the people that they target.

The leaders of the “New Age”,”Truth” and “Conspiracy” movements are somewhat untouchable due to the mediums through which these ideas are presented to the public. Mediums such as alternative radio shows, books, conferences and talks that are excessively over priced and, for the best part, a one way Pulpit for these new age, conspiracy theory priests and their cohorts to tell you what they want you to hear.

Book Writing – One way mediums that can’t be questioned on an interactive basis.

Alternative Radio Shows – You might think alternative information is being provided on a somewhat interactive medium where callers can ask questions and glean “truth” from both the shows host and guests, but these shows are tailored specifically around the guest speaker and their “specialty” knowledge.

Oftentimes these show hosts have a vested interest in having repeat guest appearances because all of these people have jobs that they want to keep and they are relying on you to keep tuning in to their white noise on some level. There is a lot of back patting that goes on behind the scenes, a lot of money is made from this industry and they are relying on you to keep them in business.

The funny thing is though; people listen to these shows, read these books, go to the conferences and lectures and never even think to fact check anything they have heard or read. These people are counting on you not doing your homework on them. If you really start digging you will find that most of this nonsense is either completely fabricated or a bare-faced lie, but because the sources of their “knowledge” are usually “highly classified” or from “the stars”, what’s a person to do? I’ll tell you.

There is a spiritual agenda involved in this business which will be made clear to you at some point if you aren’t already clear on it now. If you are aware, please be patient with me while I lay out the foundations for those who might not be. I am speaking from personal experience here which I will go in to so that you can see exactly how some of these people operate in order to keep their public profiles and reputations at the forefront of this convoluted labyrinth of rabbit holes, which are designed to keep you dis-empowered on some level.

To begin with, I want to relay to you a little experience I had regarding Stewart Swerdlow who appears regularly on some of these alternative radio shows which is one of the mediums he uses to get his nonsense out there. I became aware of Swerdlow in around 1999 or 2000 or so when someone emailed me a link to his site. I read his site daily, bought a couple of his books and had a consultation with him a few years later. This experience was pretty eye opening at the time because during that consultation he behaved unethically by what we would consider to be Spiritual standards, by asking me not to repeat certain things that were divulged to me during the consultation to my boyfriend. The moment I stepped into that consult and the door closed behind me, the first thing out of Swerdlow’s mouth, was that I was not to trust my boyfriend, that he was not the right person for me, that I should expect the relationship to end within a year or so…and that I must not mention any of what was said during the consult to my boyfriend. This is only some of the “info” that Swerdlow enlightened me with but the rest is for another day…..

Moving along to more recent shenanigans……..

Early on in 2010, I started a thread about Dugpas on the David Icke forum which is still up on his site with about 45,000 views or so. I have been unable to post on his forum since the following experience relayed below. I will get into the Dugpas in another post so bear with me if that is your interest.
In early 2011, someone posted a link on the Icke site that replicated Swerdlow’s work almost verbatim, which I thought was odd because of Swerdlow’s claims about being the only person on the planet with this kind of “specific” information.

The thread was titled “Mind Control Victim” with a link to a site was actually generated BY the person who owns this site. While I was on the forum one day I questioned this person about his information and told him that this “mind control survivor” looked like he had been groomed by Swerdlow. After a number of posts to and fro with this person, I figured out it was the actual owner of this site pushing his agenda and an online battle of wits ensued.

To cut a long story short, I had anticipated this particular thread getting removed from the Icke site, because of Swerdlow’s public friendship and association with Icke and I came to the conclusion that the Icke Forum, amongst other things, is used to place that sometimes links other sites that support the labyrinth of deceivers in this surreptitious network of New Age Charlatans.

After about 9000 or so views the thread was removed from the Icke forum. Because I anticipated this, I printed the thread out an re-posted it on another forum as evidence of underhanded shit going on in the world of big name “Truthers”.

I managed to find a forum that is run by the former web master of Swerdlow . The owner of this forum Hyperspace Cafe had cut all ties with Swerdlow after witnessing numerous discrepancies like Swerdlow laughing about his clients and talking about how stupid they were amongst other things.

Several more people came forward last year to express their horror stories involving Swerdlow at the Cafe and during one attempt to put the lid on, and silence some of the posters, this interview was held with Vinny Eastwood through the medium of an “alternative radio” as a tool for damage control. Here you will find slanderous accusations and a “psychological profile ” pertaining to myself at about 20 or so minutes into the interview.

Seems a little odd right? Swerdlow’s talking in terms opposite to the unconditional love that Icke continually prattles on about. There is a reason for that though.

Here is an example of Janet Swerdlow’s musings against anyone who might question her or her husbands spiritual authority as the world’s foremost “Metaphysical” leaders


I am talking here about the major players in the Truth Movement/Conspiracy Theory circuit that are distorting and hiding information by removing threads that are of interest to their followers in order to save their public reputations as “way showers” and “key holders” of truth. In the case of Swerdlow, slandering those who are exposing them via “alternative radio shows” as a form of damage control.

You may come to find that the way-showers you have been relying on are nothing more than Dugpas themselves.

More to come.



  1. The only problem I see is that you spend all your time disproving and others, yet you do not specify what beliefs or truths you know that disprove them. State your ideas and beliefs and then maybe you will have some credibility. According to you, anyone in alternative media is just trying to mislead us. My question to you is “what is the damn truth?”

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  2. I use basic common sense, examples. comparisons and sometimes just catching them red handed to disprove those mentioned here. I have talked about my consult with Swerdlow, he is a monarch programmer. I have caught Sheridan ripping info of this blog and trying to then fob it off as his own research, someone even mentioned this blog on his YT page and he deleted it, which is all posted here as I caught some of it. I have a video here of Vinny Eastwood taking the piss out of me along with Swerdlow, I have cataloged the bs that the alt media and some of those involved pump out. I don’t know what else I could possibly do.

    Edited to add: I have a laugh though at how many now alt media “debunkers” who have recently come out of the woodwork, come here, hoard the info that they find and then fob off it off as their own. This site has been documenting alt media psy op since day one.

    The only thing that they omit is a link to this blog. You can usually tell who they are because more often than not, whoever it is they are shilling for, is mentioned on this blog. The majority of them are Youtubers and have the words “media” “awake” “truth” “matrix” etc included in their name.

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  3. Here is another example. Why would the Swerdlow say the royals use magic mushrooms in “bedroom rituals” while on the other hand Icke regularly recommends using magic mushrooms to free the mind.

    at 18 minutes in

    (and really, all the Swerdlows do is read the news out of the Huffington Post and the Daily Mail). A few ears ago he use to get all of his info from “inside sources”.

    ‘Researchers studying the effects of psilocybin on the brain have found that the naturally occurring psychedelic compound frees the mind to make new connections by sprouting new links across previously disconnected regions. This may explain why people experience effects such as “seeing” numbers as colors after taking magic mushrooms, which contain the mind-altering compound.

    The study, which was published by the Journal of the Royal Society, concluded that post-psilocybin “the homological structure of the brain’s functional patterns undergoes a dramatic change.”

    This is absolute rubbish, this is basic neuroplasticity and you don’t need shrooms for this to occur. Psychedelics are a programming tool.

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    • I’ve noticed and pointed out some inconsistencies in “the movements”. But but while a psychedelic drug ‘is a programming tool’, it is immediately implied that it may also be a ‘reprogramming tool’ or a ‘deprogramming tool’. It depends on what you are doing with it, why, with whom, under what circumstances, and so on.

      There are plenty of really good people to go to for a massage, but just because Mr. Swerdlow would not be a good one to trust, does not mean that massages are not in any way, by any means, by any agent, good for you.

      If my logic is inconsistent, or if I have stated an untruth, then please tell me.


  4. Hi purplepebble thank you so much for writing this Blog, you have saved me from a life of reading the lies of these people, i cant get the years back i wasted on swerdlows but better late than never, you have been a real eye opener to the likes of sheridan and eastwood as well. What do you think of matt delooze? And once again thanks


  5. Hi Kelly,
    Thanks for dropping by I am glad to have helped in some way. The beautiful thing is, and one of the reasons I started this blog was to show people what is going on in the alt media etc so that none of them can screw with innocent people any more. If it has helped one person, it has been worth it.

    I like some of Mat Deloozes symbology stuff although I disagree on his ayahuasca stuff. Icke is the same way in that regard. There is no magic pill, potion and ultimately, the hallucinogen agenda is a tool of the New World Religion.

    On a side note, I thought this was amusing from Zen Gardner from a link at Ickes Headlines. This blurb gave me a laugh seeing as Icke is one of the biggest liars out there and Zen Gardner is quite happy, and probably chuffed to be affiliated with him.
    Zen Gardner assuming that he himself is in an even more awakened state now after “reflecting” on what he previously fell for while being a complete Icke tard.

    Icke has recommended Sheridan and both Icke and Sheridan have been on Vinnys show.

    Here is what was posted at Ickes headlines from Zen Gardner. I hope that those who read this can see through the double talking Zen who is quite happy to lead people to Icke. What a load of crap and obvious attempt to put the blinders on people who still might fall for it.


    ‘I frequently correspond with a close friend with whom I shared a large part of my “middle life”. We were recently talking about how it can be dismaying realizing how many stupid things we fell for in our previous limited understanding yet we can’t have any regrets, as whatever it took to get us to an awakened state was all good. Whatever it took to get here, so be it!

    I was musing on this thought and the intense pressures we all endure going through life and all of its challenges and wild changes. So often things seemed insurmountable with no end in sight to those particular situations we find ourselves seemingly trapped in.

    When thinking on this and how I literally exploded into this wonderful new awakened conscious awareness I had an interesting analogy come to mind that made me smile inside.’



  6. I think half the views are from Sheridan, Icke and RSE hehe.
    I had a laugh when I found out about Sheridan trying to create a Tulpa. .all of that psychic energy, the sheer spiritual, mental and physical discipline it must have taken him to prepare….which was probably about 5 minutes……you can tell he is a spiritual master capable of such feats, and a man of pure discipline… just by looking at him lolz.

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  7. Putting this here in recognition of Thomas Sheridan’s incomparable spiritual prowess. According to Tom, he also put a Djinn in a jar, but I think we can all gather by now this was a typo on his end and he actually meant to type was that he put Gin in a jar. BIG difference Tom.

    apurplepebble says:
    October 26, 2014 at 4:36 pm Edit
    Posting here for even more visibility …..
    Per Thomas’ blog post on psychic attacks. posted September ish 2014.

    “The primary initial indicator that you are being psychically attack by a black occultist is that you have a constant sensation that you are being watched all the time. This feeling is ever-present, as in some cases, the magician – as incredible as this sounds – has created a Tulpa, which is a seemingly living thought form which can appear as an animal, often a bird, or even a black, sometimes human shape, in the corner of one’s eyes or a floating and swirling dark mist above the target’s bed at night. The term ‘Tulpa’ is a derived from a Sanskrit term meaning ‘constructed phantom’, which has been created by means of intense spiritual and psychic concentration which is an illusion and cannot do any harm to the target, apart from causing psychological torment.



  8. Hi ya. Just found your blog. I myself am increasingly disillusioned with the conspiracy movement and the “new age” in general. These days I’m turned on more by those dissing them and their leaders! Ha Ha. It’s great finding people with disparaging, eye-opening stuff to say re Swerdlow. Icke etc…Those sorts of people have severe personality flaws! I’m still a bit of a fan of Icke but my enthusiasm is dwindling. I recently borrowed a copy of his latest the book The Phantom Self and found myself rejecting it after a couple of browses! All this dugpa stuff is intersting and will check out more of your blog soon. Anyways, I have a blog of sorts detailing my path and insight post 2012….http://spiritbomb777.blogspot.co.uk/


    • Hey Da Renn, I like your attitude haha!

      I too am a fan of anyone dissing the guards such as Icke and co although not all of the dissers are genuine,there are a few who are.

      I spent some time in the new age, spent money on a lot of bs. Believed a lot of bs. Leaders , spiritual leaders who operate pyramid schemes prefer that you don’t look into them or their connections. People are told to focus on what the powers that be are doing more so than what spiritual leaders are doing…yeah, you know something is up, so you check out the “system busters” that have been strategically placed….once a person realizes that the control mechanisms are a little closer to home (as in the spiritual “wayshowers”) via alt media platforms, the agenda becomes a little clearer. That has been my experience at least.

      Anyway, thanks for stopping by.
      I checked your blog out and I especially loved the pic of the bluebells. So beautiful.

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      • I’ve got lots of bluebell pics….Glad you like my attitude, new agers don’t ha ha! I like my attitude too…You gotta have an attitude with them ‘cos they’re full of shit….I met Icke a couple of times back in the 90’s, spent a few hours with him one day back in 95, me and about 10 others. He was a nice enough guy back then but I’ve heard some things about him since that doesn’t put him in the Infinite Love bracket…..He’s rather full of himself really – and misguided. It’s weird how when he started out he was getting all his information from channeled sources and you know what I think of that! 😉 He communicated with Jesus, the spirit of the Earth, Racorsky (St.Germaine) etc – I was into all that shit myself. These days he vehemently denies Jesus even existed! Something funny going on there methinks. X


  9. Icke did at one point say he was the Son of God, so it is odd that he did a complete 180, wonder if it was Jesus or Ragorsky that told him that as well. I don’t think he is a nice person at all, if anything he is a social engineer. I agree to that he is full of himself lol! New agers aren’t too find of me either. I have had a few arguments with some new age teachers that I knew a while back.

    One claimed he was a Breatharian, (I don’ think he was a breatharian at all, I think he was a liar lol) he would slag of people that ate meat, and even though I was a vegetarian at the time, I pointed out to him that for instance tribal people relied on meat. But he was eager to deem them less evolved than he was because of it. Him and Eric Dubay would have got on fabulously. (but he probably would have deemed Dubay less evolved for eating vegetables lmao),

    It must have been interesting to meet David Icke. I can imagine him being a lot different 20 years ago. More human maybe.


  10. Yeah the “guys” told him he was a Son of the Godhead and it obviously went to his head – as those sort of statements would – playing to new age vanity and spiritual narcissism. Breatharianism ha ha! He was definitely lying, the new age is based wholly on deceit. What about Jasmuheen who supposedly lives on light! I saw her when she was doing the rounds in the late nineties. She used to be fit, I fancied her a bit; but she’s aged since then – her DNA is following the cradle to grave programming regardless of her spirituality. She looks like a grandma these days…

    In the face of all that I feel we need to step up our efforts to counteract the bullshit 😉


  11. Hello
    Ive just stumbled on your site researching personalities in the alternative media , I wanted to find critiques that were not from mainstream media or from alternative media with agendas or standpoints which would make their critiques biased. Could you let me know if you have any strong political , philosophical or religious positions that influence your opinions on this site.


  12. HI Andy,

    “Could you let me know if you have any strong political , philosophical or religious positions that influence your opinions on this site.”
    Do you mean Am I paid for? No I am not.

    Political – I never picked red or blue, or anything inbetween.
    Philosophical – I am unattached to any philosophy or philosopher.
    Religious – “Christians” have called me a jezebel and a baal worshiper, Gnostics have called me a zealot. I call myself a Christian, but as you can see….I am not biased when it comes to calling any of these individuals and or groups. Christian or Gnostic out on their bs. That has nothing to do with bias, that is knowing shit from shinola.

    If it is an opinion, there would be no facts to back up any claims, if it is the truth, there are facts and evidence to back up claims.

    I hope that answers your question somewhat.

    Do you have any strong political , philosophical or religious positions that would make you ask me this question?


  13. Hi apurplepebble

    Thanks for letting me know that your a Christian , that gives me some perspective while contemplating your critiques
    “Do you have any strong political , philosophical or religious positions that would make you ask me this question?” …….No


  14. You are welcome, it s just some material I found, but it shows the basic rules of the game, might be interesting for newcomers, how it all operates. The above techniques are just a few, there are more techniques used on us all the time, I once saw a TV show of Alex Jones and this high mason, this Ventura character, they start off properly and within five minutes they have turned truths into a sort of hollywood mishmash , turning it all ridiculous, things like FEMA camps, etc , just having a sort of laugh about it, confusing and disarming the viewer, before you know it those dugpas take the mob into la la land, pronto. Most dont even realise it. All subconscious programming.
    Like a virus , it infects and kills the host , slowly, unaware, confused.
    Most folk cannot really point the finger at it, when asked.

    I noticed you seem to on high alert on the “mushroom” agenda, the DMT, the psychedelics, drugs, etc, or how did Huxley call it ? Soma, he called it soma.
    the drug for the masses to move them into the new world without too much obstruction, like they float into it, like most folk around us , they float through live.
    Actually , when Icke started drooling about that , his ayuaska, or whatever it is called, that was a red flag for me personally, even in those days when I was a sinner LOL
    a big eye opener, once he started promoting that it was really game over.
    I could even deal with his alien , moon is a spaceship crap, …….barely…….like maybe he lost his favorite gnome when he was a little boy, that sort of thing, we have to forgive him, but…there comes a point when the whole fakery implodes so , there you go.

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  15. “I noticed you seem to on high alert on the “mushroom” agenda, the DMT, the psychedelics, drugs, etc, or how did Huxley call it ? Soma, he called it soma”.

    I made s short vid that might answer your question about why I feel the way I do about this topic.

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  16. Is that you in the starring role Pebble? It nearly gave me a flashback, of being pursued, a bit frantic but with the sensation of walking through water, while being lectured to on the depressing history of psychedelic victimization of innocents by the state, the gesture and expression of “get away from me, leave me the hell alone,” witnessed and stuporvised by Mr. G. Gnome. Or maybe I am simply projecting my own anxiety (nervous giggle).


  17. Really Michael? Why such a hostile and negative reaction to what has been presented here? There must be one place at the very least that presents another view of the contemporary alt-belief subculture, especially when the thought leaders are advocating hard drug use, engaging in actions that are unethical at best and predatory at worst as in the case of Swerdlow, and charging sometimes exorbitant fees to impart their knowledge. PurplePebble provides concrete examples that demonstrate the cross-pollinated entrepreneurial sleaziness of certain bad actors, who reinforce one another to help advance their careers. PP is not arguing that all alternative belief systems are garbage, in fact PP demonstrates a high degree of tolerance. Critical thinking capacity is required for anything we come into contact with, from adverts to the news to politicians, why would this subculture be any different? Opportunists, charlatans, users, egomaniacs, and rip-off artists are to be found in all fields and disciplines–New Age, truther, conspiracy is not immune to squalid false-prophets that infect every man-made endeavor. Simply examine the era of the cult, the 1970s, when cult membership was at its highest, when those who claimed to possess all the answers to all of the world’s problems proliferated, and people ran off to join communes, churches, ashrams, families, by the thousands. Is it any different today, has human nature changed so much in 35 years? Do you have a counter-argument to what is written here that you can articulate beyond calling it horseshite?

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  18. PurplePebble, the Icke video with Arizona Wilder, called Revelations of a Mother Goddess, seems to me to be genesis of the royals/shape-shifting reptiles conspiracy of world domination…’stuff’ as far as Icke goes. The American TV series V, the original one from the 1980s, set off the reptilian conspiracy that has held fast since then, as it was tremendously popular at the time and still has a cult following. Yes, there are some Biblical references to talking snakes, as we all know, but V just fits so perfectly into Icke’s whole program, whether filtered through Arizona Wilder or Sitchin. He has served to discredit political anxiety about the New World Order/globalism more than anyone I can think of, it is a textbook disinfo campaign. The Wogan interview was not until 1991, the preceding years were mid-life crisis (affairs)troubled ones for him. Has anyone considered he might have front brain damage from heading those soccer balls? Whatever happened to Ms. Wilder, I wonder. There are many Mind Control videos of her talks on youtube. Worth a look, to see how much she influenced him.

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  19. You make a good point about Arizona Wilder. I skimmed through one of her vids today as it has been years since I watched any of her info. What you mention makes a lot of sense. I have never been a fan or follower of Icke, even though I am told by the above poster Michael that I am either a disgruntled ex follower, or MI5 have a sex tape on me.. which would be pretty gnarly considering I am an impotent fat bloke who lives in his mothers basement. Weaponized Icke followers. Gotta love the imagination.


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