“The purple pebbles face needs to be attached to her work of iniquity!




“The purple pebbles face needs to be attached to her work of iniquity”?

Who the fuck talks like that?  lmao! Same goes with people who use the word “rebuke” all the time. I REBUKE YE!

Did you just step out of a Shakespearean play RSE ?

“I  rebuke thee Jezebel Spirit! For thy worketh of iniquity-eth! ”


And lets be honest. No one cares about your location. Not me at least.  Stop lying to your followers. You were called out for making a bunk video, that is all. You are not “on the run” either .So stop pretending that you are some kind of  spiritual refugee. Disgusting.  If you remember rightly, you made a video accusing others of being the Anti Christ with no actual proof. Get over yourself.

I have had a laugh though at  some of  you in the magician priest class thinking that they can trump Jesus.

So there you have it folks, Dugpas absolutely HATE freedom of speech and freedom in general, they especially hate  people who cannot be programmed by them. Typical  New World Order programmers.

Anyone with half a brain can scan through this blog etc and see for themselves that I have been exposing the NWR etc and the black magicians, the alt media and their tactics  for several years. In fact, while RSE was gallivanting around hollywood ,   I was  doing my thing here.


Round Saturns Eye Youtuber  – Uses Hypnosis and NLP  on his viewers. The reason for this is to stupefy his viewers in to considering / contemplating / believing the shit that he prattles on about. 

Feb 6th 2015


Round Saturns Eye – UK Dugpa export Currently targeting Christians in the USA.

Youtuber and Non Christian preacher who follows Christ who “feels” that he is  led and guided by the Holy Spirit  –  Round Saturn’s Eye.

What I found to be revealing about the YT channel and front that is R$E, is that the spirit that is guiding  him, which he claims to be the Holy Spirit,  also guides him to  block comments that link to this blog. Over the past several months he has sucked quite a few people into his “Black Cube” and kept them on a saturn styled merry go round via his well edited  mesmerizing Youtube uploads.

 R$E –   Another Barn on the Farm



So I have posted a couple of his YT comments  below from both of his YT channels here as what he says  does  not seem to align with his actions. I am sure I am not the only one who he has blocked comments from, although I do think he gets off on  love bombing himself via the comments he allows. Every now or then he will allow a commenter to say something that may raise questions, but for the best part he ignores them.
R$E is affiliated with The Vigilant Christian seen here sporting YT award. Which is like a grammy award for those who have successful  money making Youtube channels. 
(Although he did not make a video mentioning  the  pyramid, or is it just a triangle/ play button featured on this award.  If this was a  mainstream Hollywoodesque performer, he would be all over it and exposing it ) He is quick off the mark to repeatedly expose the  Illuminati,  like a broken record. His YT account accepts donations he is a YT millionaire,  so send him all your spare  cash.  It costs and absolute fortune to have a Youtube channel as you all know and he needs your donations to keep his pulpit up and running.  VC pumps out about 3 sensationalistic vids a week that which for the best part  contain repeat regurgitation’s of prior videos.

Estimated Monthly Earnings from YT (not including  donations

$1.2K – $19K

Estimated Yearly Earnings

$14.2K – $227.6K

Stats from Social Blade.


 Actual cost to run a YT Channel $0.00
Response to “Do you get paid by Youtube” question
Maybe it isn’t spiritual pride as to why other Christians do things for free. Maybe some of them just know more about where some of that money comes from with regards to  advertisers/advertisements  on Youtube, whether it be a political party, Disney or Warner Bros for example. Having said that, Mario ultimately does not know where his YT money is coming from. As for Christ growing on Youtube, Christ does not need Youtube. Christian Mario, who needs a paycheck needs Youtube. This is one of the reasons why he repeats  the same things over and over again, he gets views, he gets paid.  Claiming that atheists are doing it full time and if Christians don’t do it full time,  Christians don’t stand a chance is a poor argument used to justify Mario’s YT affiliation.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

TVC is affiliated with Round Saturns Eye  (who wont disclose what Bible he reads, or answer simple questions to his Youtube watchers) as well as  White Rabbit, who is The Hatter.

All affiliated with Max Resistance.

Screen shot 2015-02-07 at 9.18.30 PM
 Where is Alice in this sick joke? Maybe their followers are the unwitting Alice going down the hole to end up trapped in a black cube. Oh Noes!
Anyway, over a week or so a go (Jan 24th)  R$E  blocked a comment I had made, so he knew this blog post was on the cards. So here it is. By the way, if you haven’t noticed yet, he uses a fair bit programming symbology himself . The below shot was taken from one of his recent vids. Blue and Red Pillar + Ice (White).
Black Wizardry fail.
Below is a comment where he claims to have no fear, yet he is afraid to link comments to this blog.

+HUNRUSPWNZ  Not afraid of anything, but hes the one who stalks us and insults. Well thankyou for the advice but we all have a different walk and are different parts of the same body. From macleerys words he hates Christ. Peace.

Round SaturnsEye

 Just to add, Im not a “Christian” or part of any organized religion.. Mainly because of the attitude in your comment that is rife in the religion. But also because I follow Christ, not a vatican linked organization.

Which part of the video are you referring to out of interest? 99% of the video was about Christ/Father/truth/bible/signs of the end times… 1% was a shot from a lady gaga commercial that airs on mainstream primetime TV.. Certainly channel your anger toward the TV stations! Or local churches who think it’s normal content!
God bless


Round SaturnsEye

 Nah TV journalism etc but I have spent many years editing.. I know now that everything that I set out to do for myself in the limelight was to prepare me to use all I learned for Him.. The only real worthwhile purpose that any of us have in what we are personally given gifting in. God bless 🙂


+Watchman4u  Noone is informing me of anything, I have the freedom of thought and follow the Messiah only. Nothing that is hidden shall remain hidden. The KJV is unclear in some respects that are clearer in older scriptures! Saturn worship for one.. wonder why that was covered up.

Nothing that is hidden shall remain hidden. So here is the comment you were afraid to approve which you hid from view on your channel. Wonder why that was covered up.


Here is the link to this blog which he did not approve about a week ago, which relates to some of the info he has made videos about regarding raves. Posted here a couple of years ago. If you think that R$E’s info comes from the Holy Spirit, think again.
Here are some of the other posts I have made  on the subject of the Hallucinogen psy ops ushered in this time around with the help of Dugpa Icke.
3/3/15 Updated to add : Comment now approved. Too late though. Idiot. You forgot to approve the comment you didn’t approve (Jan 24th,  where you and Mario were discussing raves)   in the first place , you know, the one that I mentioned in my message.
And no last minute scrambling to approve it now because I screenshotted it today 3/3 and the comment has still not been approved. Maybe you can take this to the Father, he wouldn’t want you to look like a liar now would he?
Seeing as his Holy Spirit is working though you.
Hey, R$E while you are busy providing damage control for yourself and your piggybacking  filth hole, why don’t you get busy answering some of the simple questions that all the good people who visit your tube are asking you? I know, it’s easier for to  continue  to pump out dark craft, well edited subliminally manipulative YT  fodder for your target audience while fervently  cockin a deafun to fairly simple questions.
More to come on this black hole. Don’t get sucked in.
Edited to add – Lots of people diss television as a programming tool, yet think they are getting truth via well edited YT vids.
Dugpa R$E avoids answering important questions.
Hello PebbelI got a private message from mighty guru R$E
I decided to post message out in the open on the youtube video and then ask him some questions as he was asking for some to be subbmitted to him
Below is the post I put there it also includes the private message sent to me
We shall see if the mighty bible scholer will take the effeort to respond.
“Hi dude you sent me this message
“the holy spirit was sent because Christ defeated the curse. Christ sent the holy spirit when he left this place and went to be with our Father. I believe the bible is all the truth – i have been looking into earlier versions of scripture which is pretty interesting. I believe Christ 100% is my Messiah and that nothing was made without Him. I believe that satan has hijacked and lucifer is no real and true creator but rather a thief. Please be careful with a group who are out to destroy mine and others ministry.
This began when I refused the offer of money to basically buy my mind and ministry. There is a whole group with this agenda and it stems from a king james bible cult who put that version above Christ himself. Christ died for our sins and rose again to give us the way back to the Father. This is the only truth that matters in all of history. God bless.
“Im sure as a christian you will have no trouble answering this out in the open
1)What are these older versons scriptures you are reading ?
2) Why do you belive these older scriptures over ones used now
3)Why are you not exposing the group offering you money, who are these people

Cheers Darren”

To explain a bit more before receiving this message from mighty guru R$E
I had asked a few questions on his videos, these questions all had a very similar theam and went something like this

You say Saturn/Satan controls this reality, if this is true how can the holy spirit operate with out impunity?

also how do you reconcile this view with the traditional biblical view it is Gods sovereign will that upholds reality not satan from the planet Saturn ?

I went on to explain I agreed satan is a wild beast roaming the world looking to devour who he can, however I pointed out the tradition view would be to see satan as a prince given a certain tenure on this planet, ended by messiahs return. THat is a bit different from him controling reality from saturn. I also pointed out in my opinion this is quite a Gnostic point of view.

I would like to point out I am still waiting for these questions to be answered, also I dont think these questions are out of order in any way

Up untill now I have been very polite and have only now started calling him Guru R$E as the the whole thing is getting boaring as this dude is obvisly full of it and quite possibley causing damage people who are trying to come to Jesus

Question from another  Youtuber
“What was the accusation from ncbookz.llc? Is that true? That you are a false teacher”.

“a limited liability company? There have been many attacks lately and I will never attack anyone else”.
(You should be able to answer simple questions, you can do this without it being an “attack” . I think you mean that you will cock a deafun because that’s easier for you.  No accountability whatsoever.) 
“What i share is what I feel has come to me from the Father through faith and knocking at the door with all my heart and belief”.
(“feelings” …you “feel” that what you share is from the Holy Spirit R$E? lol!) 
If anything is not truth then that has not come from the Father.  (You haven’t come from the Father have you R$E )
The truth does not need to be argued but proves itself”.
(Prove your salt  by answering  the simple questions, there’s a start for ya) 
“I dont need to engage in video wars nor should anyone else”.
(aka I don’t need/want to answer simple questions, like what Bible do I read)
This is why the church is in such a divided mess. Let us go to the Father in Jesus Christ only. God bless”.
(The church is in a divided mess due to masqueraders like you R$E, it is nothing new though.)
Edited to add, is TVC is on board with R$E’s (David Icke, Jordan Maxwell, Santos Bonacci, Jay Weidner etc, ) Saturn info.
Another deleted YT post – White rabbit/The Hatter.   Oh noes the “Christian” mind control “exposers”  are trying to silence me. Fail.
+APURPLEPEBBLE Salvation isn’t a joke.. Ive been to church all my life and became a Christian. Then I fell away and was finally saved again when the Father put me on this journey. I cried out to Him for answers and He showed me. If that makes me a liar or a heretic then so be it.. He knows my heart.
The bible is the truth, the versions are getting more corrupt. There are older and slightly better ones than the king james I might add.. But the saturn cult is evident in the bible. As is everything else. It’s how you discern it. Many things we skim over and miss without the spirit of truth guiding us. If you have not been shown something it doesn’t mean the Father doesn’t show someone else through Christ the Messiah. Try not to judge where the Father is leading others in their answers.. this will veil you to deeper truth as it seems like you may think you already know everything. If we think that, we know nothing.


7:03 AM
I know Salvation isn’t a joke. I too have been to church all my life, and like many others fell away and came back. I was baptized in 2000.  Your focus on the black cube is to the unaware, giving the energy behind it power, which is feeding the very thing you say you are exposing.  So for as much as you think you may be on the right path, you are in fact on some level initiating people into it.
So, either you have been involved in one of these rituals (I have) and do not know it, the trauma from this ritual can lead to memory loss, or you are initiating people into it on purpose. So yeah, I do know about it.  As much as you may think I know everything, I get the whole know nothing thing and all of that,  but I know enough about what the focus of your videos are about. More so probably than a lot of your viewers do. 
When I first heard about you, I watched several of your videos and listened to your radio shows. When you did not approve a  comment,linking to my blog, it was a huge red flag which led me to believe that you have ulterior motives.
You might be able to dupe a lot of your followers via your well crafted videos, but you do not fool me.Why would you, who claims salvation and fearlessness, hide comments on your channel, if it is information that is also inspired by The Holy Spirit?  So, try not to judge me for what I know, as you too seem to think you know everything.   You may think you have trumped the black cube symbology, but the symbology is an illusion, the energy behind it is not.
If anything the black cube has trumped you which is pretty evident by your actions, what you respond to and what you do not respond to with regards to the information that you are putting out. I hope for your sake, that you have the Holy Spirit on your side,you are going to need it, but judging by your actions, you do not. But, you still have time.
R$E claims he was a Christian in the above message, fell away, says he was saved again, yet claims he is not a Christian.
That should be enough to tell anyone he is a confounder. End of.
Remember this , one of several comments where you claim you are not a Christian?

Round SaturnsEye

 Just to add, Im not a “Christian” or part of any organized religion.. Mainly because of the attitude in your comment that is rife in the religion. But also because I follow Christ, not a vatican linked organization.
6/20/15 adding this screenshot – RSE stated that “the true Christ had completed a work” in him, and that  he “feels” that he is led by the Holy Spirit. .  This comment by RSE completely blows those claims out of the water.
Thought this one was perfect for you and the little ring of deceivers that follow you. You know, the ones that cleaned up shop and  became overnight Christians on their  YT channels.  Today 4/21 they are busy working damage control for you at some other YT channel.
This video  is an example of how  desperate David Bass is. He was stupid enough to come here and try to “expose” me as a Baal Worshiper.
Now, why would David Bass use hypnotic inducers, subliminals and NLP on unsuspecting viewers while claiming that he is led by The Holy Spirit?
Do the math.



  1. One of The Vigilant Christians recommends, Red Pill Revolution aka Truth Media Revolution boohooin over Vinny Eastwoods YT channel being “shut down” last year.

    And here is Mario shilling for RPR.


  2. Glad you enjoyed it.

    Btw, I posted a comment on “scariestmoviever/KJ Osborne” YT channel a week or so ago calling him a parrot, on one of his regurgitated vids about monarch mind control. Funny how agenda ridden idiots / fake Christians with YT channels that are about mind control etc are terrified of leaving my comments up.

    This is exactly how low level handlers behave.

    Wonder why my YT comments are considered such a threat to these fuckwits ☺

    I have only started posting comments on YT over the past months or so, 1 comment on R$E one of scariestmovieever and one on ColCasperUK (who did not remove my comment).

    2 out of 3 deleted. Which says a lot more about these individuals than it does about me.

    I have to post more comments on YT obviously.

    Oh and for a laugh, here is one of KJ’s quotes on his YT “about” page.

    “Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.” -Ephesians 5:11


    All this concealing that you do . You think The Father doesn’t see it?

    Must be that piggybacking spirit again, working through another host.


  3. So, yesterday I left a message on White Rabbits YT channel as after I watched one of his “exposing” videos. Towards the end he started pleading for donations, mentioning that he had spent all of his savings after exposing stuff for 8 months.

    So in my message, I mentioned that there were people, like myself who have lived what he prattles on about in his videos who can also manage to be employed at the same time and expose stuff.

    Comment deleted.

    (oh and I screenshot it )

    3 out of 3 deletes from those in the “Christian” “Truther” Network.

    Not very Jesusy. bro.


  4. The below vid was shared and approved by R$E who seems to be fickle when it comes to pointing out the two pillars (which he has made note of in several of his videos). Yet I can see the two pillars in the mural behind the person giving this sermon about Cern. I am sure R$E would conveniently claim they are just “trees”.

    barron marshall
    +APURPLEPEBBLE hi there the mural behind pastor lawson is meant to be the river jordan.it is the baptismal tank underneath the painting.pastor lawson is a good god fearing christian who talks on the very subject matter you mention in his sunday school classes or sermons.if you are interested he can be found at thelionofjudah.org… i hope that helps answer your question in some way.peace to all

    I am not saying that Pastor Lawson isnt a God fearing Christian. The two trees look like two pillars to me and could well be. R$E has spent quite some time talking about hidden symbols including the two pillars, so when he links a video on his channel to a pastor talking about Cern, with what look like two pillars in the the background I think it is a fair question.

    Edited to add. If Pastor Lawson is also aware of symbology relating to the two pillars, why would he use similar symbology himself?

    R$E has stated on several occasions that he reads older versions of the Bible but refuses to state what that version is. He has also stated that he is not a Christian in a few of his responses such as the one below.

    +Round SaturnsEye
    Just to add, Im not a “Christian”
    or part of any organized religion.. Mainly because of the attitude in
    your comment that is rife in the religion. But also because I follow
    Christ, not a vatican linked organization..



    • All fair points PurplePebble.

      So R$E ,when are two pillars symbolic and when are they not?

      And why ,R$E, are you being evasive about the bible versions you adhere to?

      Liked by 1 person

      • The two pillars are symbolic whenever R$E tells his flock that they are symbolic. According to R$E Jones and Icke are the two pillars. He even draws a picture of his “evidence” at 3.21 (33) so obviously, it is true because he drew a picture. lmao again and again at this charlatan.

        TVC was also stupid enough to post it at his pulpit.

        As above so below in the beginning of the vid.


  5. Few interesting comments from dugpa R$E in response to a commenter.
    here is the comment with regards to context.

    majesty774 12 hours ago

    “Everything revealed in the Scriptures must be interpreted by the context in which it is given. It is dishonest to take a man’s words out of context, much more so to take God’s words out of context. Every word, phrase, verse, and chapter of the Bible must be interpreted in the light of its context. I mean it must be interpreted in the light of its immediate context and in the light of the whole Book of Divine Revelation, “Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation” (2 Peter 1:20).

    R$E is being dishonest and taking God’s word out of context and forming his doctrine by logic or tradition and then he seeks to find “proof texts’ for the doctrine he built. And R$E must not build his doctrine upon isolated portions of scripture”.

    R$E’s response
    “·Zeitgeist goal was to take away from what Christ did. My goal is to show how He died for our sin. The point made here only shows this further, that other scriptures point towards. He became the curse, he bored our sin. If I get anything wrong then I need to be told as I don’t want to. But I’m not trying to twist anyone’s words certainly NOT Jesus’s. But it all makes sense in the context of everything, and He did defeat it this way.. He did defeat sin and death. In regards to the language discussion please speak to my sister in Christ who is better on that than me. But yes above all His yoke is easy He is rest for our souls and that’s what truly matters”

    R$E 7 hours ago
    Thanks for the accusations majesty but I’m not being dishonest. I love the Father can you not hear my heart? This is not a doctrine.. This is the truth that Christ defeated the curse of sin. Point blank. What is false about the doctrine of the gospel shown at a deeper level?

    R$E 7 hours ago
    *not a false doctrine.

    “If you are of Christ please be encouraging of your brothers and sisters who are putting their neck on the line to be scrutinised by the public”


    Me. Seeing as R$E is such an errorist, I thought I would put this into context for him as well.

    One of your goals R$E’s is to demonize Gods creation, as in Saturn. You are demonizing creation. End of. story.

    And really, scripture is not the only thing you take out of context, that old manipulation of “putting necks on the line” to be “scrutinized by the public”. Yeah really putting your neck on the line by editing YT vids all day and taking long walks in the forest lmao!

    Playing the energy sucking martyr. I would love to see you R$E use this manipulation on some Christian who is about to get his noggin sawed off.


    • you seem to be very judgemental my friend.. i don’t understand why your so critical of me.. I am subscribed to ncBookz. what ever his name is… big deal… i am still doing vids by the way…i am linked up on Google plus now if you or anybody woukld like to talk to me… lets start again!!


      • Simon, we have been over all of this already. Like I said, I was respectful and cordial when I reached out to you to offer my support and post some of your videos here right? At the time I noticed that you were being hounded by R$E and some of those in the CTN i.e. C2C for example and I thought it was pretty disgusting coming from people who state that they are Christians. (Well, besides R$E as he states clearly that he is not)

        Edited to add – To make it clear what I mean about this is:- R$E has stated that you and whoever else which I am figuring is ncbookz “hunt in packs” alluding to the idea that he does not. I have seen the contrary on your YT channel where R$E and his pack have hounded you. I also get a laugh at the face that he is quite happy to send his minions over to your YT channel, yet he doesn’t have the bottle to post here. I also find it funny that R$E boohoos about hismelf in some vids that he “doesn’t have any friends” yet quite a few people come out of the woodwork to defend him on certain YT channels and of course he does have his “brothers” in the Christian Truther Network.

        Btw, I have every right to use judgement and so do you. If more people used that faculty, they might not end up being duped by the R$E’s and the likes of this world. Were you using judgement when you got sucked into R$E’s bs cube for a while ? No, you weren’t. If you understand what ncbookz is talking about in his vids please let me know because I don’t understand what he is talking about or how any of it relates to scripture.


  6. R$E clearly states here that he is using the occult to “reach the occulted”

    That would also include using the occult in his mesmerizing videos, subliminals, etc… and it would also explain how he has managed to dupe quite a few Christians and non Christians alike into following him into his cube.

    Jesus Christ did not use the occult to reach the occulted.
    The Holy Spirit does not use the occult to reach the occulted.

    Round SaturnsEye 11 months ago
    +keendreamer “The only reason Im on here is to show people a way, an answer.. I was sick of those who I saw were providing information up until a point. I prayed for answer.. Ive been shown some things I’d like to share to encourage, destroy fear and provide truth. I am a creative person, I like to create pieces. I’m not seeking any more emotion than I’ve felt from the truth myself. I work for noone, Im affiliated with noone. I just love our Father 🙂 I wish I didnt have to delve into the evil in order to show the good, but people in this day seem very disillusioned as things are turning upside down. Im simply using the occult to reach out to the occulted”.

    so what R$E is saying here, is that he “prayed for an answer” and the Father told him to use the occult. What an absolute crock of shit.


  7. R$E , when are you going to do a blockbuster movie that will connect your Cern fearmongering with the DMT “green hatted” elves per the Terence McKenna DMT trip mentioned on the Alex Jones show 2011 below. Bwahha! Spinna!


  8. Nice work man, i tried to ask R$E about the kingdom of heaven within and he and his followers attacked me.

    I mean he accused me of every label in the book, from a kabbalist, occultist, illuminist, theosophist, mysicist, luciferian and so on i couldn’t even reach some of his followers as they started to attack me aswell.

    He really locks people out from the kingdom of heaven and how to perceive this reality correctly without eating from the apple of knowledge of good and evil.
    He calls things evil that really leads to jesus and his teachings.

    Its sad, because someof his followers suddenly started to call me a know it all and stuff.
    And that alone proves to me that those who call me a know it all actually really are very far removed out of the know.
    Because R$E spoonfeeds the meaning of every single symbol.
    Most of the symbols come straight from the geometry of creation itself and therefore lead back to the creator.

    These poor souls are lost man and we know it.
    Not that it cannot be turned around, but people should start asking the father for the truth and start seeking and let the holy spirit guide you.

    Thats why the truthmovement is a joke.
    Actually the only real awesome channel is KilluminatiTheMovie in my oppinion that is.

    He gives information in such a way that you need to do the work to actually figure out how all of it works and true wisdom is being shared.
    But i will always be on my guard.


  9. Hi Maikel,

    Thanks for the input and thanks for posting. R$E has a group of friends (even though he uses the old sob story of not having any) who do his dirty work for him. A lot of these kinds of sites have an inner circle of sycophants that are willing servants, from shilling for him to trying to silence the dissenters
    R$E is an occultist, iluminist and kabbalist and to be honest, I would rather have the company of an honest occultist than one that tries to pass himself off as a Christian, he reeks of familiar spirit as well. For as much as he smooth talks his followers, he is not a Christian, he is a liar and his lies and double talk have been exposed.

    R$E has also called me a know it all, which gave me a good laugh because he got a smackdown for it. He has a little ring of inner circle sycophants that he tells who what to do and who to do it to when it comes to gang stalking people that call him out or expose him.These people monitor those who expose him.

    It is a shame as well like you say Maikel because he is using his focus pocus edits and hex magic music mixes to dupe his followers. if people would just turn the sound down and watch what he bombards people with in his videos, they would get clued up a little faster.

    I would like to know what his connection to Perception Deception is ☺ Got a feeling they are one and the same. Time will tell.


  10. Me.
    “I would like to know what his connection to Perception Deception is ☺ Got a feeling they are one and the same. Time will tell.”

    Changed name overnight to Perceive Believe on Google +


  11. R$E is on the ponce now. Considers himself an apostle

    “RSE is an independant outreach ministry to expose the darkness to help the world see Christ. I have now decided to dedicate all of my time to spreading the gospel through these endeavours. If you feel lead to help support this work in its expansion, for equipment and living costs please click the link below. (1 Corinthians 9)”




    Not sure what “equipment” he needs, he obviously has a computer, and Youtube doesn’t cost a penny.


  12. Yeah the perception perception / perceive believe are the same guy, but not connected to R$E in anyway, im quite close to the guy more or less.
    Anyway you are right to say that i rather hang around with people that are honest about their true intend.
    I know a guy who is absolutely luciferian in every way.
    Very racistic and very dualistic and ofcourse calling lucifer / Hazeus his king.

    The thing is even though hes utterly deceived he is a knowledgable guy and a nice person actually, but the only danger is not to get caught up with their ideology that they try to give out.
    The guy does show truth, but a complete 180 degree version of it.
    So at least i know that i am in the right place.

    Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.


  13. Posting this here from another thread. Amazing how David Bass was “grilled” by “white rabbit” and is super stressed out, fearing for this life, yet has his shit together enough to make this vid and publish it on the same day. So RSE edited and put his vid together under the “stress” of current “attacks” Who is making these vids for you RSE, for you to read a script along with?

    Couple of things, RSe stated that he has made a police report concerning the people that took down his FB page and that he has IP addresses etc. So RSE is monitoring people that visit his FB page and collecting data.

    RSE stated that he was concerned for his life and likened himself to Rik Clay and is now focusing on getting enough money together to get out of his town.

    Not sure as to what happened to him fearing no evil. What with his OCD condition, supposed mental health issues and being stressed out to the max, he has managed to relax, sit back, edit and research the material enough to put together a video about The Summer Solstice and Prince William?

    As well, while White Rabbit and co were putting RSE on trial, which I can only liken to the inquisition (no surprise there) White Rabbit mentioned in response to RSE who asked him why his channel was called White Rabbit, WR responded that his channel name was a joke. a mere piss take. Hopefully WR does not trigger any delta programming in any unhinged MK Ultra / Monarch Programmed individuals via his videos. So yeah its all a big joke to White Rabbit.


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