Richie From Boston state that there are “Certain channels that want to become the “new alternative media” ???   Yes I did. Well, that is absolutely hilarious considering that  Doug Hagmann – (who has , as you know  promoted L A Marzulli), Josh Tolley, Sheila Zilinsky  and John B Wells featured in the video I uplaoded over a year ago…all prattle on about how they are now the “NEW MEDIA”.


The conference featured was organized by Hear The Watchmen who promote numerous charlatans.  What is also funny as fuck is that Richie From Boston attended the Hear the Watchmen Conference where LA finally got around to admitting the fairy fraud even though he was still promoting the hoax and selling his books on his website and at Amazon.

So here we have Richie, now stating that other channels on YT etc  want to be the new media, when he is involved with the VERY same people who were claiming to be the new media a year ago. LOL!  


All part of the Gaslighting Mainstream /Alternative Media Tribe, including Richie himself.




RFB also states that “The MSM uses social media to see what sets us off and what direction they can set us off in ” then states the he has stopped doing “that”. Which is an absolute  lie.  Considering his recent promotion of LA Marzulli  in particular, where RFB states that LA is “a stand up guy” because he issued massive damage control over the fairy fraud.  Therefore rubber fairies , nephilim skullz , giants in Afghanistan and whatever other bs this liar has spewed to line his pockets over the years is clearly FACT in Richies mind. 

Having said that, RFB is currently in the throes of issuing damage control on behalf  his associates in the “alt media” who have used their platforms to set people off in certain directions which have been documented here. 


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