people get off on uploading my work and passing it off as their own lmao! 


That’s right, just video edit and put the logo over my avatar. Has never even commented on my channel, I hope they at least gave me a thumbs up lol! 


It just doesn’t make you look legit when you blatantly plagiarize does it? Here’s a tip, do your own work, if you like my videos,share them.  

Edited to add –  Gnome kisser Bartley Gerba






  1. Un-freaking-believable! What the hell is wrong with someone thinking this is acceptable? Did you report? Well, I’m riding his comments until he is so humiliated that he takes it down for being exposed as a RIPOFF. Disgraceful!

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    • Hey ,looks as if one of RR’s socks is a commenter there, definitely going to report it now. There have beena few, a channel called Jesus Saves ripped off my Call for an Uprising video and fobbed it off as his or her own. I have to try and find that one. It pisses me off because I do not monetize my vids, who knows if these plagiarizers do, Oh and then they call themselves Christians or whatever lol!

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