I mentioned a while back that I would be posting interesting and or noteworthy  comments from YT here. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 3.26.34 PM.png

 Guarunfuckinteed this ass clown would not have the cahones to say this off of the internets.  

rr plan b.png

I was wondering why RR was calling me a “little girl” in his internet threats. Playing out his fantasies in his YT comments. Now he is projecting and trying to deflect.  So yeah, if you realize that  this bottom feeder  and his resurch is crap and that he is trying to gain notoriety on YT  , your a pedo . Obviously. 



“Do as the nice man telll’s you little girl”???? Is this the kind of language that this clown uses around children? Little girls in particular? 


“Be a good little girl and do as  you are told”


Yeah I bet you do fancy your chances, but by the looks of things, I am too old for you, you complete  nonce. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 3.49.35 PM.png

And really,  The pathetic woodpecker uploads are reminiscent of idiotic name calling from the thick as shit kids on the playground in high school. I would guess that most boys and girls have grown out of that kind of mentality by the time they reach their late teens, early twenties not their late forties. 


Now covert death threats. Keep going RR. 


You are not making your associates who have supported you look very good RR.  You are already getting kick back. 



Oddly enough, a lot of your “followers” are ok with your numerous other comments.  Wow, not gonna make Ole Dammegard and whoever else look too good, seeing as he has done a few hangouts with this uploader.  keep going. 


like this one for example,  RR accuses people of setting up clone channels to “attack him” oldest fucking trick in the book. and who believes him?

“Most good people know bruvs” ????

Well apparently Roofuscat don’t know shit from shinola.  


It is also disgusting that “women” follow and support this unhinged trash.  What is even more hilarious is that Roofuscat has promoted ole Tommy Sheridan and CW Chanter. 



Will the Spud King unsub or will the Spud listen to the advice of the YT security cop aka RR ?

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 4.45.00 PM.png

The below comment clearly states that RR’s intentions are to make people appear to be pedophile  protectors. He has also used this bullshittery with the “So and so is a Freemason” story line that he spun on people who are not Freemasons, who called him out. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 6.45.27 PM

“The Word of the BIRD will be investigated fully unless you physically stop me. Other courses of action will make you appear to others like you are Paedophile protectors. Good luck with that little problem you have. Be good (If you even know how to be). R.+


Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 7.35.19 PM.png

“doubt that very much YT is packed full of many mouse trap promoting and homemade trap videos. (& I posted a warning) Weak effort FM. Do you deny the BIRD code BTW? I justed wanted to check if you were on of these paedophile protectors? It seems you cannot be too careful these days”.

Here is an example of this covert nonce piggybacking my research and fobbing it off as his own. What he cannot mention is the Spud Mckenzie promotion of this Bavarian brewery hahaha! 




Oh forgot to mention I am still being challenged to bring his channel down although I have been waiting for some time for him to expose me as a shill  He hasn’t figured out that he is done. It will register at some point. 


Continuing. Nothing worse than a cantankerous liar and shit stirrer 

For The Record,  Sy has never threatened to reveal the wherabouts of any youtuber. Ever. Similar to RR’s accusations of people that call him out are nothing more than pedo protectors, Jay issues the old “I am a victim” card. While promoting her pal RR Plan B. The only thing Jay is a victim of is her  own trifling  bullshit that has backfired on her. 



Another lie Jay told was that she never promoted Jewrrassic Liars. Here is a post from a commenter from  my YT discussion section which made the point of Jay promoting Jewrassic Liars.  Jay’s promotion of JL was even discussed here at the time. I unsubbed after seeing Jays playlist and promotion of JL.



  1. Absolutely disgusting pathological red-flag behaviour. I’ll be on the lookout for this sicko. Pedo ideation, plain as day, and it will not be tolerated. Any threats to you captured and reported.
    Speaking of pathological, I was checking the psychological decompentation of Jan irvin over the span of years of videos. He displays increased lack of affect, verbal abuse, sanpaku eyes, increased aggression, anger, bitterness, all very troubling. And all documented for the world to observe.
    So in searching for what others have noticed and experienced, bolstered by your YEARS of work in exposing these dugpas and your invaluable posts that I return to again and again. I ended up on Jay Dyer’s recent conflict with Atwill over the Messiah fake nonsense book, and the comments are filled with others testifying about their unpleasant interaction with Irvin and his threatening behaviour. Comment halfway down the page by Brian Akers: Pointing us in the direction of a shroomery forum post about Jan’s mentor, the convicted pedophile Dugovic who committed suicide in prison on new charges of sexual abuse of children, which is terrifying and sick-making. The family members and associates proceed to argue about the most personal of details around the Dugovic case. Back to the Dyer page and the commenters there, the pattern of unstable aggressive behaviour is most worrying. But you told us all about this years ago.

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    • If I may extend a ‘thank you’ to Brigid – and compliments on her alert notice of my post at JDyer’s page (on this Irvin character).

      And from ‘This Just In’ perspective as well, if ok – I might also note a couple late-breaking items of topical relevance, “submitted for your approval” (and Brigid’s).

      1) Dosenation’s most recent, “Fields of Sun” (Dec 14, 2017) – James Kent spotlights the dark heart of this nastiness in a harrowing 3 hr program well worth the listen (imo). For a preview – perchance appetizer (quote):

      ~ 1:47:00: “A couple years ago I happened to be forwarded a link to … reddit … in this thread you’ll find something – a long post by a user named doctorlao … some information … Doctorlao goes on to have some choice things to say about Allegro – and [alias] James Arthur – and Jan Irvin …”

      2) ISGP’s recent report on ‘psychedelics and elites’ – October 2017 (quote):

      “If any of the characters involved in pushing this theory were even remotely credible, it might be worth looking into. But all we have is a tiny little club involving a stoner (Jack Herer), a pedophile (James Arthur) and a psychopath (Jan Irvin) – all three prone to pushing other disinformation as well.” – Joel van der Reijden, ISGP Oct 23, 2017

      Of “special” interest in this article, as relates – see this section:

      35. Jan Irvin: conspiracy disinformer on psychedelic history… with HP ties?

      “… Irvin has contacted this author on two occasions, the second time in July 2017. After a massive 48-hour email tirade, Irvin suddenly backed up, denied, blatantly lied and then left – after I asked him why he was working from a Hewlett Packard company line, when HP doesn’t provide internet services to consumers. Non-ISP company names show up in ISGP visitors log only when people are visiting from premises of major corporations. … He was caught red-handed, but didn’t open up about the connection. … Any Hewlett-Packard connection is quite significant, because the multi-billionaire Hewlett Foundation and the multi-billionaire Packard Foundation [have] handed well over a hundred million dollars over the years to feminism and pro-Third World immigration causes … any connection between Jan Irvin and the Hewlett Packard company is important to confirm or deny.” – J. van der Reijden



      • Hi there. Yea Brigids post is really informative as always. Thank you for the additional information. I will take a thorough look at some point today, I have been unable to check messages for the past few days so apologies for the delay in getting g around to getting your comment up.


  2. Thanks Brigid, this unstable individual seems to think that he can intimidate and use threats against people who he and a couple of others accused of being freemasons. When he was rebutted, he couldn’t handle it and has gone off of the deep end ever since.


      • Clearly suffering from narcissistic injury. You–a freemason? Clearly hasn’t bothered to watch even a moment of your content. Needs a visit at his door from police, for a little chat. Sick dangerous individual. Channels filled with content violations. Which is what you get when you produce nothing original of one’s own, then are forced to use copyrighted material and dead animals to levy threats to those whose content cannot be controlled, an absurd notion to begin with. Background check also in order for prior legal convictions. Not to worry. So freemason, CIA, shill, paid shill, Jew, Jesuit, deep state, are these the best people can come up with by way of insult to those who challenge them or those who put out content they can’t emotionally handle? I dislike half the crap on youtube, such is life, either live with it like a well-adjusted adult, or drive oneself insane over it. I see not one meaningful rebuttal of anything or anyone, just cartoon clips and childish references of children’s books and TVshows, no dialogue whatsoever,and most of the content is so obtuse and silly who even knows what world of imaginary friends and woodland creatures populate his mental landscape. One video that is him, I suppose, trying to be menacing. Unlike America, where we have protected freedom of speech, this terd is living in a country where the police will come round to pull his internet connection right out of the fucking wall. Perhaps his time would be better spent protesting the totalitarian state control of speech, instead of mimicking the state and trying to control what others do and say. Clearly the sign of a intellectually and emotionally stunted man-child, waving his puny fist at the world.

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