Brigid found the below image embedded in a vid.



From the below upload. 

Meanwhile the Gnomes over at Infowars Alex Jones for example,  misdirects with goblins, his pal Steve Quayle sells giants, Doug Hagmann promotes a Bruja and encourages his Christian followers to donate to it.Mike Cernovich continues to be handled by AJ but has seen the light of Jesus (even though it appears that he might have been a big fan of Landmark or some other mind destruct / reconstruct facility at one point). 


One thought on “MISDIRECTION.

  1. monarchprogramming.com is a few of years old and I claim true. msbnews.co.uk in 2003/4 (Alice in Wonderland in the A-z index I claim as true. bhmversusmengele.tumblr.com I claim as true and contradicts the official later life of Mengele about mk ultra etc. I claim I met him in 2002 mid research in context. Despite a shill earlier death so he could travel and work for the “Five Eyes”. My corroborations are personal and enduring, see beachhutman on twitter for how so. Please try to creatively undermine my story..I only meet with silence. msbnewsextra.wordpress.com is my most recent website which uses my resuktant from the above hyper-vigilance to deconstruct monarch escalating trials that ended or rather didn’t end in a psychiatric ward. I have had successes..one ward was closed down within days, and I had VIP treatment subseqiently. Even the monarch identified torture and subliminals I also found from hyper-vigilance seemed helpful in carrying me on forwards with the angle I took…those without mens rae can consider themselves excused from legal responsibility. That means everyone where monarch or MK Ultra, or MMC or whatever it is called will have been inhibited or disinhibited for whatever actus rae they were required to complete..however trivial, however serious. They seemed to like that…it was probably their idea. So OK I can’t be trusted. I have had every sense compromised repeatedly aware or probably unaware (!) and the mobius strip of evidence I claim is true may be shill rubbish and misinformation. You PLEASE , PLEASE, look into my every utterance and contradict me where necessary to hone the scalpels this subject needs..a co-operative effort I have tried to establish, but the toxicity of the past and the importune requirements of a non apologetic present conflate investigation with risk, and once you get over the various thresholds in Mengele’s improved system/s that are non lethal, a whole world of supposed subliminal interference comes into partial focus for the determined deconstructor. Nearly all repeated ad nauseam memes become monarch traits exploiting the unwary.
    My biggest tip? It is, therefore, from the nature of the subject, impossible touse normal rules of evidence or reputational reliability. I claim to have got my contribution “right” and all my words convey literal truth and metaphoricallya reach into forbidden areas of current and ancient practices, showing the link Professor Rogan Taylor found in the ecstatic performing arts before organised religion (Shamanism). I differ from his enthusiasm for the ecstatic route to inhibition/disinhibition because it is based on ecstasy sure, but since darker designs have realised trauma is less “expensive”, reaches more people and be calibrated precisely. The evidence for the role of trauma can be seen in the TV and Hollywood schedules and blockbusters. Our heads are being treated as blocks, our children are becoming blockheads and the technicals are getting more penetrative than even the best perfmances one might imagine in a Yurt by a Shaman trying to unite, not divide. the communities and their neighbours he serves. Such Shamen are now the industry of monarchprogramming, which monarchprogramming.com written by me claims is likely to use Artificial Intelligence and that explains why our data is becoming as corrupted as the choices open to us after so many lifetimes being affected without the awareness of a supine world population.
    Tim Baber / beachhutman Ringwood Hampshire UK aged 61


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