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4 thoughts on “THANKS FOR STOPPING BY.

  1. I needed a laugh today–thank you! Time was, I would have to go down to the ‘loser wall’ (every town has one in the Deep South ya’ll) by the 7/11, where the local homeless with chronic alcoholism, meth psychosis, front brain damage from an errant nail gun accident, long term untreated mental illness, syphilis, psycho Vietnam vet delusions even though they were born after the Vietnam war ended, radical political Tourette’s, Jerusalem Syndrome, and a host of other personal problems, buy their daily wine and smoke some crack rock off a tin can, and just hang out while sitting on a three foot high wall made of cinder blocks, in order to witness the true enriching diversity of humanity. Now, I can just stay home, and enjoy the same experience in an air conditioned spit-free environment, where no one will hit me up for a dollar, and I can press the pause button when the yammering gets on my nerves. This is a great post! The Loser Wall of the internet. Manson would be so proud that they are all carrying the torch. I think he might have actually been intimidated by some of these folks, a wee bit jealous perhaps. The person known as dallasgoldbug and his severe case of prosopagnosia is also a laugh riot. Splendid.

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