The reason why psychedelics are being promoted. 

 Dugpas +  psychedelics = transhumanism. 

In this video, amongst other information Buddhists claim that meditation and psychedelics cannot be separated. Promoters of psychedelics are linking you up to the hive mind. (as are some who promote each other on youtube…)

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  1. You’ve nailed it! I couldn’t put my finger on it, but you said it precisely in one sentence. This past weekend, I spent an entire day diving into the ayahuasca community, tried to watch the stepping Into the Fire movie but couldn’t stand the blinking effects, but read the personal experiences on Erowid, the crimes of Mancoluto, and did a refresher on the more common documentaries that have circulated for years. Some music videos that are spoda mimic the aya experience. Finally, the gross artwork, the ugly swirling colours and crappy wolf baying at the moon t-shirts, and Taylor Marie interviews repulsed me utterly. Lindsay Lohan claims it changed her life! But I think she is still a Dubai/Moscow hooker, working that circuit, ahem. Very popular in Hollywood. Silicon Valley is microdosing LSD with breakfast, so they can work more creatively. Even Icke is talking about the aya-puke. The mental illness this is all inducing, dragging Burning Man type seekers straight to hell, while their synapses fry…they are being Blue Pilled while they are sold a crappy subculture. Pulled into the matrix, where they will end up in those awful vats, plugged into the hivemind, sharing the same illusion. Pinchbeck is a devil–a dugpas! The well-to-do soccer moms being sucked into women’s empowerment circles (an international ponzi scheme), the crusty DMT smoking phreaks, the homeopathy idiots banging a jar of water with no medicine in it fifty times on a piece of leather then selling it for hundreds of bucks, the psychonaut hucksters and plastic shamans. One big cult, for people who are surrendering themselves to massive cop-out. The Ugly Elite. Their passivity and laziness and stupidity sickens me—that’s mean of me, but I’m still in the shock phase, not feeling very compassionate, their buzzword. Have you read the Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon book by Dave McGowan? I found it on pdf. The same thing appears to be happening now. Hippie Mind Control, Part II. Makes nice compliant thumbsucking infantilized citizens.

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  2. I have read about the microdosing trend, it is interesting that it is pretty popular in Silicon Valley.

    So a shaman …or someone like Icke for instance will tell you that all the technology attributes to people being out of touch with nature….but ultimately hallucinogens are being used to become part of the hive mind global internet.

    I haven’t read the book that you mention about Laurel Canyon. It is possibly phase 3. happening now I think phase 2 was the rave scene, the renaissance.

    I haven’t read the Laurel Canyon book.

    here is a blurb on Ickes DMT promotional campaign.


  3. Thanks for sharing that article. The NY Times are a few weeks late with this promotion.That conference was on the 18th or 19th of April. Some of it included in the above vid. So i guess its old news and half arsed reporting. Looks like the NY Times are microdosing their readers. Sounds really appealing, microdose so that you can do a better job tapping away on a keyboard at your 9-5. Happy slaves.

    not their first promotion. Different spin. Hungry for the opposite but the opposite is the opposite.

    “As we move more and more electronic, people are extremely hungry for the opposite: human interaction on a deeper level where you’re not rushing around,” Mr. Doblin said. “The rise of Molly is in tune with how people are feeling emotionally.”

    edited to add – future mushroom


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