Groundbreaking info from the piggybacking parasite known as Gonz Shimura  who seems to have used my info and credited himself . Typical Dugpa tactic.



Dugpa Gonz is not telling you the whole story.. Damage control via the Christian Troofer Network.

(here is a tip gonzo .you may want to stop prattling on about the evils of the internets seeing as it is your bread and butter to keep people locked in to your network.)
If you want to support this dugpa… here is  his BitCoinAddress1F1D5sVQ1jeCHumkHpSddkYWTQJ1 ………






2 thoughts on “DUGPA GONZ SHIMURA

  1. Related to our last comment,
    From this person personal experience of investigating,
    yes, there is something strange about recommending people DMT; or perhaps there is something they say is DMT but.. but burning it does at same time, give and affect as You load some software or some thing in to You with slightly dark underdone, besides the bad smell and taste of plastic-metallic.

    Still recommending only known drugs that has proven to help most in to Good directions, as MDMA, Mariuana, LSD; but specially Magic Mushrooms and Red Mushrooms, proper shamanic tools, … as long respecting the Mari, and keeping Your aim true, (serving the plant-nature-love aims) then also this herb can be valuable addition. If abused will keep You in circles and will land You nowhere, or to lesser places you would be whit out., in the end, usually, women will be who will leave. There is also some jealousy involved, but in the end, they are cures for nearly all ills we have in here, as long we keep basic multi-dimensional creator morals as guides, at minimum.

    If You not able to publish these comments, at least answer, exchange.


  2. Not all shamans use hallucinogens. Not all tribes use hallucinogens. This is a misconception. Not all plants are good for consumption either. That does not mean that you cannot love and enjoy being in nature either. Nor does it mean that you are against nature. All drugs are derived from nature,some directly, some are concocted via alchemy in a lab or whatever. The majority of MDMA is cut with fillers and additives such as ketamine or speed or cocaine no?


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