Dugpa Doblin – Founder of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies.


The video below takes a look at those who have promoted the use of hallucinogens in the past and those who are promoting their use presently under the guise of spiritual freedom, healing  and enlightenment. You know who they are.

Obviously everyone who takes their advice  is too bombed to realize that hallucinogens are being promoted to ultimately  try and enslave people.

Can the  planet be hijacked by a few old  nutjobs who have done one too many hits that they actually  believe their own bullshit?

Edited to add – You can also tell who else is promoting this agenda on YT  because they make a big to do warning people about transhumanism for example , while promoting the  use of hallucinogens.   These individuals will also state that the TV is bad for you ,  but they are quite happy to  keep you locked into interacting with your computer all day. i.e these individuals will churn out umpteen uploads throughout the day alongside  encouraging people to  watch other channels that they recommend.

Some of these individuals will also encourage you  to  buy or  use their apps, to keep you locked  in to the network while discouraging people to avoid facebook and twitter, while using these platforms themselves to spread their propaganda.

So yeah, those involved in the YT community  promoting the use of DMT = online handlers  and active MK Ultra programmers.

The two screenshots below are from two separate dates, several months apart. Icke states in the latest upload that he puts a face on those involved in the agenda. This is an attempt to redirect attention of his involvement. While exposing the involvement of Facebook, please feel free to join him…on Facebook.



Links to recent articles supporting  what Timothy Leary, Dennis McKenna and Co have promoted.

computers erase thoughts – link to article

The smartphone is eventually going to die, and then things are going to get really crazy

Here is a piece from the above link…

The medium term

In the medium term, all of these various experimental and first-stage technologies will start to congeal into something familiar but bizarre.

Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and the Google-backed Magic Leap are all working to build standalone augmented-reality headsets, which project detailed 3D images straight into your eyes. Even Apple is rumored to be working on this.

If you have watched the videos I have made on this subject  Leary mentions in his Cybernetics talk with McKenna  that information will be “transmitted straight to our eyeballs”.


Microsoft’s Alex Kipman recently told Business Insider that augmented reality could flat-out replace the smartphone, the TV, and anything else with a screen. There’s not much use for a separate device sitting in your pocket or on your entertainment center if all your calls, chats, movies, and games are beamed into your eyes and overlaid on the world around you.



  1. Strange,
    As from our point of view, there can be 2 types of organizations behind anti traditional anti-hallucinogens agendas:

    the most darkest forces who wish to keep humans in slavery,
    misinformed uninformed citizen who have by lack of logic, lack of research and lack of personal experience fallen in to hijacked state propaganda against plants and drugs that will give humans chance to break free from addictions (electronic,emotional,physical,ideological) while providing meaningful truth directed realizations by accessing spirit-soul-history related information

    WHY Would You do anything like that?
    These plant related techs are most advanced tech humans will ever be able to encounter so relatively safely on they current state of mind, and You want to remove the last straw of hope from us ??

    What next, will start to make agenda also against cannabis and Fly agaric amanita red mushrooms ??

    Or what about vegetarianism, woods and nature?

    Would react much more harsh and sharp, but noticed some 80s music You used to explain, re-woke information, and in text usage there is to be felt human warmth, so i take it as 50/50 and please do not just answer so simplistic things like “MK ultra” used it and “balck cults” use it, …. ELEMENTARY they also use it, but they newer be able to use these things above humans as long humans are in home with their potential. Many these plants, have “lock”s in that will look Your intentions and aims, and based on that will let You access or show You what You think You accessed Great creation potential for sure. Just to who and for what we want to give that, to the side of anti-life or mother?


  2. You know, what i find interesting is that most people who are pro hallucinogen agenda think that the only people who might be against and or questioning the use of hallucinogens are either some dark force / agency wanting to keep people in some kind of slavery, or misinformed individuals (who have never done hallucinogens).
    The people who are a part of the pro hallucinogen agenda’s only solution is… more hallucinogens.

    The nature argument is a non sequitor. There are, for instance, many shamans and tribes who don’t do hallucinogens who work alongside and with the natural world. That doesn’t mean that they “hate nature” or are “against nature”. There are plenty of substances in nature that are not beneficial for human consumption. Maybe some tribes are aware of this truth. Maybe there are some tribes who know this but are seen as “not having an agenda”. The average human for example, (not just westerners alone) being disconnected from the natural world and nature for example. will maybe experience and consider the use of plants such as mushrooms and believe that the plant holds all the answers. This is not true. It is true that hallucinogens have been used in projects such as MK Ultra and for the furthering of a new word order. Anyone in denial of this is not seeing the bigger picture. After watching a few of the speeches of the MAPS program, there seems to be one target audience who are primed to go to raves and clubs with a certain vibe that is manufactured and another group of people who are encouraged to go to the “mountains” . There is a huge difference between the demographics of these target groups, the only thing that is not different, is that the target groups are human beings that are seeking something that they have not quite figured out Which would be a relationship with the Creator. The one that offers deliverance and salvation from'”this” world, The narrow gate.
    To assume that a human being that has not taken hallucinogens is anti life or creation, not warm, or loving or kind, is not true either. Can this be conveyed on a two dimensional platform. Is the internet really multi dimensional as we would like to believe? I am sure that you are more than the paragraphs, the worlds that you write. Are you more than a mushroom, an experience? Or not. If not, what is that, than you are more of ?


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