According to Steve Quayle, he has nothing to sell to you except tell you the truth. Which gave me a laugh considering his  books, dvd’s, trips to Peru and seminars he sells in every upload he does…helped pay for his helicopter… that he is going to fly off in when the giants arrive from Antarctica… after he runs out of the copper tipped bullets that he is currently flogging  haha!

Just set up multiple youtubes , start uploading and voila, you are a prophet!

This account set up on March 19th 2017 –  view count?



This account set up on 3/21/17 view count?




This account set up on  3/22/17 view count?





One thought on “A GIANT SHILL

  1. Good grief, he sure has been busy. The market is ripe for his prophesy (sp: prophecy?), uncertain times, you know. Can you imagine the Peru trips, Pebble? We should crash one, just what he wants to have tagging along, two ex-ravers with a counter-culture background and a keen bullshit detection radar. Except, who can afford such a thing, I wonder. Retired people, aged boomer trust fund ‘kids’ who inherited wealth like a house or something, and live on stock dividends from their family? I find that part as bizarre as his prophecy–who makes up the Steve Quayle entourage? Are the Shining Path maosists still active in the hinterlands of Peru? Would hate to see them cross paths. I do know this–a Coast to Coast show with George Noory is sure to follow this latest expansion, he’s a regular guest. Do you know C2C? I’m assuming that it is known amongst the para-whatever crowd, the listener-ship is certainly global with the internet. These people would not be in show-business without it, there would simply have been no way to get their names out there to the public, beyond magazines that cater to the paranormal. With C2C, they had instant celebrity, and it lent them credibility. Seems that the number of them mushroomed with the advent of C2C. But where bohemian spiritualist new-age types, who have always been around historically speaking, were known to a very limited number of people, someone like Jack Parsons for example, L. Ron Hubbard, Blavatsky, etc., a nationally syndicated 365-day a year four hour radio program, piped internationally with the internet, made this a viable career path for many. Note the great number of ‘Qualye exposed’ videos on youtube in the past few years. A ‘testament,’ as it were, to his reach.

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