Giants. A few authors have been heavily promoted, with two contradicting  stories.

The Nephilim according to Gary Wayne have morphed into normal sized humans due to the bloodlines being watered down, so that they can hide amongst humans.  The Nephilim  according to Steve Quayle  are alive and well ,  12 + feet tall, living in caves, coming through portals and possibly defrosting in Antarctica amongst other scenarios.

Gary Wayne whose inspiration is Hal Lindsey unwittingly  proves that  the movie The Late Great Planet Earth  was nothing more than predictive programming circa 1979 promoting ideas to funnel people into the NWO.

Between swathes of commercials, Doug Hagmann defends the “new” media  and addresses those who oppose his guests and his show.  Comments on YT  and independent bloggers etc are the real threat  to Doug Hagmann and  the  “new” media it seems, not the  12 + foot cannibalistic giants that they promote…that  everyone else needs to  worry about….Alt media dugpa Hagmann also defends Alex Jones, which brings me to this …

Why would Alex Jones, who claims to be a Christian, promote Jordan Maxwell who states that Jesus Christ is symbolic of nothing  more than an lubricated  penis?


The  ” Genuine”  Alt Media. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 8.03.42 PM.png

Sys vid on the symbology of AJ the Ace of Diamonds.



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