This video takes a look into a ring of cross promoting  hacks who desire to establish themselves as the “New” Media. I have mentioned numerous times over the years that the alternative media will become the mainstream media and that is what is being pushed now. Of course you are getting bullshit from the MSM , you will also be getting more bullshit from the “New” media. A failure, a social engineering joke.

The ” other” pillar.


Either way a red hat is involved.

You have only moved the source of where you get your info from the msm to the alt media and think you are getting the “truth” now. I think you just want media of any kind to entertain and inform you. And you are free to do that.Knock yourself out.

And you think you are not a “sheep” because you get your info from the alternative media barns on the farm? This blog, at times, connects the dots of the alt media fronts. Why does that piss you off? Why would someone who connects any kind of dots piss you off?

As an example, a person “wakes up” about the msm, starts listening to the alt media for news source and info, doesn’t bother to connect the dots, or pay attention to the hosts or regular guests that do the circuit.
Don’t call those that listen to the msm sheep (it is a shitty term when you think about it, at some point we have all been there, including yourself) to go on claim that in some way you are not a sheep now because you get your info from the alt media.

Stop being a gatekeeper for the alt media fronts.





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