While the minions of the Anti Christ attempted to implement gargantuan  amounts of damage control regarding the rubber fairy  that recently emerged  from the  abyss, The Holy Hand Grenade hath been   lobbed in  the direction of Steve Quayle and Co in an attempt to thwart the fairy psy ops … You will all be glad to hear, the mission was a success resulting in the leaders of this ring  being blasted into the lower dimensions, where the rest of the trolls,  goblins, gnomes and fairies dwell.. from which no magic cap can help save the hellbound miscreants.

Oddly enough, Skywatch TV are still promoting the hoax…despite admitting the hoax…


Derek Gilbert aka The Larry King of The Nephilim,  needs the additional income from the clickbait  to keep him stocked up with  new and exciting suspenders, of which his current collection would have made  Emelda Marcos blush…

The fairies,  gnomes goblins and elves have been laid to rest in the psy op graveyard along with the reptilian overlords, tall whites, and the little grey brethren.

Edited to add 10/13/16 The fairy has been buried, the hoax lives on. 

So the damage control continues and now LA Marzulli and Gary Stearman are now claiming that the rubber fairy was concocted by some evil genius in order to, and I  quote Gary Stearman   “In hopes of making money and or something more than that…to discredit and debunk the whole  Christian ethos”.

Pretty amazing as we all know, that Jaime Maussan paid nothing more than 2 pennies for it..and the Watchers 10 has made how much money?

Lets do the math and this is hypothetical . Jaime Maussan claimed to pay nothing more than 2 pennies which then mysteriously morphed into 10 grand…in order to make him appear like a gullible victim of some hoax… Lets put the money spent and the money made into perspective though.

The upload on LA Marzullis site alone had well over 600,000 views. This is not including the other channels that shilled for the fairy. Hagmann and Hagmann for instance…50 thousand views alone…

The cost of the watchers 10 package is roughly  $130.00.  If just 1000 people buy this series, these scumbags have made $130,000.00. If 10,000 people buy this series these scumbags have made $1,300,000. 00.  yet they are all pissing and whining about being victims…

Moving on…so according to these Dugpas,  this was all an elaborate hoax concocted by an evil genius who had an agenda to discredit Christians. Oh, so …  it wasn’t a hoax conjured up  by a group of individuals calling themselves Christians,  who  need to leech money out of Christians and anyone else who falls for this b.s  by claiming that the rubber fairy was  a winged demon from Revelations  to in addition bolster the narrative circulated by these individuals that we are in “end times”….I have a few questions.

  1. Did the evil genius KNOW that Jaime Maussan would several years later after “obtaining the fairy”  hand said fairy  over to a group of  merchants who call themselves Christians on Youtube who happen to be the  producers of the Watchers series, who  would then make a hollywoodesque production and write a book  built around this “supernatural creature” ?
  2. Could the evil genius see in to the future and KNOW that the rubber fairy would be looked at by a plethora of professionals, who would be duped by the sheer mastery of his handiwork? Not forgetting the DNA samples that came back from the lab with the conclusion that the DNA was from an unknown source” ? How did the evil genius pull that one off?
  3. Did the evil genius anticipate LA Marzulli projecting his own narrative about the rubber fairy being a creature out of the book of revelations using this foresight to craft the rubber fairy to the specifications of LA Marzullis imaginations.

According to Gary Stearman   “The Lord” took L A Marzulli  down this path to expose this hoax . Of course….God said.. let me dupe Jaime Maussan who can then in turn dupe   L A Marzulli  and Co, professionals and veterinarians etc…and have them upload a video on YT which will go viral to coincide with the release of  a DVD and  Book bundle which they shall charge $130.00 for …to then have them “reveal” after all is said and done… that it is a hoax…after someone else called them out. Yeah, God said that. That was The Lords plan..The Lord of Gary Stearman, LA Marzulli and Co..The Debil. 

Pretty amazing that despite the hundreds and thousands of views this hoax garnered (well over a million) , the money already made off of it and the countless  people that promoted this bullshit alongside LA Marzulli and well as the  numerous damage control uploads administered by them people get their knickers in a twist with the  few posts and 4 videos I have made about this subject.

Edited to add 10/27/16


In the above upload the fairy fraud states that there is a lot of rubbish going on on YT and the internet about when he came out and admitted the hoax.

This  has been documented here. Larry King of the Nephilim from Skywatch TV did NOT put the “revelation of the hoax” on his channel until a week after Marzulli  “found out” it was a hoax .  You cannot keep denying facts lol. I have the upload where you state you found out it was a hoax on Saturday..Larry NephilKing didn’t upload your “skype session” until a week later.

You also state that Larry King of the Nephilim took his upload of the Winged Nightmare down as soon as you told him, which is a lie. (See the screenshot of it still up per above screenshot with 61,00 odd views taken on the date of this post). Which he has since taken down… 

Still Up on his YT channel 11/1/16. Over 2000 additional views since I posted . That means 2000 viewers have been subjected to this lie / illusion perpetuated by these black magicians, smoke n mirror  liars.  (and that is just ONE site still promoting the bullshit). 


BTW, Richard Shaw is still promoting it on his YT channel  – I date stamped it.

There are comments from 2 weeks ago stating that he should take the vid down.


oh btw…Marzulli and Co.. you can laugh it off and play  dumb while continuing making boatloads of cash, if you were any kind of Christian, you would be refunding people that you duped instead of continuing to sell the b.s .. with the additional “complimentary” anatomy of a hoax dvd …  But you won’t do that,  …because you… are… of… the… debil.

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