The fairy failed…now they are  rolling out the giants….Gigantic lies that are hilariously  similar to an older story…. and a few more discrepancies with the rubber fairy.

Deliberately and blatantly  deceiving people. A few days later, 20 thousand additional views on the rubber fairy.


All of this bullshittery   a distraction from thems elves




Here’s an idea. Instead of providing damage control for well as making remarks about  invisible  boy who who duped you all – aka the   scapegoat, that he, somehow needs Jesus


That is what a real Christian would do, don’t ya think?  I think it is pretty evident to those watching this, that you sir…are the one that needs Jesus.


Good job digging them holes for yourself  lol! 


Oh , one more thing I would like you to clear up.




How did  DNA “specialists” manage to pull unidentifiable DNA from the rubber fairy?  It was stated that ” Mitochondrial and Molecular DNA was NOT  found, but there was unidentifiable DNA found from the samples taken from the rubber fairy BEFORE you “figured” out that it was a hoax…Did the” DNA specialists” ever figure out what that unidentifiable DNA was lol!  
YOU state Mr marzulli. that a highly skilled taxidermist put the rubber fairy together. with that,  taking an educated guess….that would mean it was made up of several creatures from this planet..(just a guess)  that are actually comprised of  Mitochondrial and Molecular DNA?
  Worm yourselves out of that one. Cheers.

15 thoughts on “MORE GIANT LIES

  1. so u browbeat this charlatan for leaving the fairy garbage up on his website when he knew it was a lie yet u link ur youtube to jay davies who promotes a known charlatan “jewrassic lies” channel. Does this make you a liar, a hypocrite, or a complete charlatan altogether?


  2. I don’t know, does it make me a hypocrite and a liar if someone that I have linked on my YT channel is subbed to someone who is a charlatan and a liar? If a charlatan and a liar and a hypocrite is subbed to someone that isn’t a charlatan , does that make the person that they are subbed to a charlatan and al liar too?

    I am not subbed to Jewrrasic Liars, I have watched a couple of his vids though. Does that make me a charlatan and a liar as well? If i watch a charlatan channel, does that make me a charlatan and a liar and a hypocrite?

    If we use JL reasoning and logic, I have the PP EL EL and BB in my screen name so therefore I must be Jewish and worship Elohim as well.


  3. Once you are aware of it and leave it up, yes I think it does. It’s not about subbing either. The first playlist on Jay Davies page, the first thing you see, is a playlist Jay Davies made of jewrassic lies which is at least a little bit more than you make it out to be.


    • I checked it out today and I say, so what? So what if Jay is subbed to JL? How many people have been subbed to dubious channels to then unsub at some point. One thing is for certain I haven’t promoted JL in any way , shape or form, you have though by mentioning the channel here. No publicity like bad publicity I guess.


    • Says Greg who won’t share his YT channel or give us a heads up to who he is subbed to. Yes, I am a charlatan Greg. I am such a charlatan. I thought that nobody would cotton on. But you did. Here are some of my tactics. I write loads of books about giants and fairies and get all my buddies to promote me all over the internet (websites, radio, YT…in return I promote them and we share the spoils) I make thousands off of youtube and I call myself a ministry. I also run summer camps where i use Monarch Programming on children that aren’t mine and get my YT buddies to promote that too. I use the donations for the charity to give myself a healthy paycheck. I don’t even have the need for fundraisers because the majority of money is given to me by sponsors I lure people to this website by using NLP , hypnosis and Dark Magic under the guise of being a Christian. I manifest Tulpas whenever I get a spare moment.

      I am also a member of the Eastern Star and spend my free time having brunch with the ladies from the lodge. With the rest of my free time, I arrange trips to places like Peru and Egypt where I dig up fossils and on the odd occasion I find an elongated skull from a star being. I sell Ayahuasca and magic mushrooms on the side. I am also a super soldier.

      When I am not doing any of the above I am busy making sure that I spread as much doom as possible, I will keep saying the end is nigh every six months while selling gold and silver, bitcoin and all that. I tell my “followers” about the amazing visions and dreams I have where Jesus talks to me directly. I have even seen his face!

      So yeah, there you have it. Confessions of a charlatan. You got me.


  4. I don’t subscribe to anyone’s youtube. I see that JL is still two clicks away. You are definitely a charlatan. So is this post gonna get “lost in spam” or are you gonna find it just soon enough to reply?


    • So what do you want me to do about it Greg? Hide any subscribers that are subbed to JL? Why don’t you get an account on YT so that you can comment directly on peoples channels? For as much as JL is two clicks away,(which I was unaware of until you mentioned it) the ability to post comments on YT is also two clicks away for you as well. The main beef that you have seems to be with JL after all and you could address him directly. Like I said I don’t, never will promote the channel.

      If I do that,if I remove all links to channels I am subbed to , would that make you happy, or would the next request be for me to shut down my YT channel?

      (Your prior comment did go to spam, I have had this happen with a couple of commenters, so no big conspiracy there, Set up a wordpress account as well, so that you can find out how it works for yourself. Sometimes it is glitchy.)


  5. Hello pebble. I think you have done some great vids recently. I just want to say for the record that we do work together i any way. We Just use each others work because we are talking about the same subject. That same subject being, how the so called alternative truth movement is actually mainly promoted by con men who happen to all connect to each other. The main part of this network is alex jones and co. I say this to greg, i am happy to speak to you and i can prove to you everything i have said. Why do you not attempt to talk to me before you accuse me of being whatever.
    Me and purple are talking about the same subject…that is the only connection we have.. We talk about the controlled alternative media….we give out the facts about who how and what is behind this…….then we get called as charlatans……me neither pebble make a penny out of thius and we get called charlatans……are you freaking kidding…..wake up smell the coffie….keep up the good work pebble cheers and God bless you and you work


  6. yes wordpress accounts can be a bit ” glitchy”…that is correct…super soldier…

    Yo pebble , sorry to go full woo here but is there any point for this blog ?
    beyond saying Russel Brand is a shill ?


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