The Vigilant Christian claims that himself, Facelike the Sun, Call for an Uprising etc are the “REAL BRETHREN”. 

So yeah, don’t bother using discernment or anything like that.

You  have been told by The Vigilant Christian, who the real brethren are

Himself, FaceliketheSun, Call for an Uprising etc..

Of course…

Also in this video….Jeff C – The twoofer of twoofers, tries to distance himself from the twoof movement.

The “real brethren” have exposed themselves. 

Feel free to thumb down this vid if it  is your one and only talent. 


The only thing on Youtube censoring Christian’s are the individuals  in the group that calls themselves  the  “real brethren”.

They are quite happy  to use Holy Spirit inspired content  and footwork of other’s  and fob it off as their own.


If Jeff C has a problem with this video, he is welcome to  spit his dummy out and throw his dolly out of the pram .

FaceLiketheSun concurs with TVC and adds more recommends to his channel.


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