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‘….Masonry is free, and requires a perfect freedom of inclination in every Candidate for its mysteries. It is founded on the purest principles of piety and virtue…vows of fidelity are required; but let me assure you that in those vows there is nothing incompatible with your civil, moral or religious duties….’

”  Freemasonry is not a religion – ‘it is a peculiar system of morality’ but its teachings provide so much of…‘what’s good to be understood by a …mason.’
Twenty-six years have now passed and they have been a most thrilling and rewarding part of my life. As a Salvationist and a Mason there has been no conflict with my faith, no conflict in my daily living, and no conflict in my dealings with other people.
Both the Salvation Army, a branch of the Christian Church, and the Fraternity of our Brotherhood, have parallel ideals – both require an acknowledgement of God as the Creator, both require truth in all our dealings, and both require commitment to the care and service of others – so there need be no conflict”.

David M Sawyer is Provincial Grand Chaplain, Province of Buckinghamshire
David Sawyer – compatability of being a Salvationist and a Mason


A Salvationist Showman



One thought on “THE SALLY ARMY

  1. The symbolism is flattening here, wink…amazing isnt it , once you truly see for what it really is and how deep the dugpa rabbit hole goes, overwhelming
    Hidden in plain view, as always
    Funny how they always tie in religion with it , like the Loyola bunch, the “soldiers of Christ” gimme a break, those jesuits pricks, they just take the piss out of religion, that s the truth of it.
    While pretending to do the opposite, this left right thing again
    Hegelian yadiya…..
    To that bunch the dark ages where the times of Enlightenment
    That s how they see it
    Good expose and no, did not know that one before, salvation army, so they got their fingers in that pie too, why does that not come as a shock….hmmm


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