Despite TVC’s kundalini meltdown, he was brotherly enough to provide a platform for some damage control for Dugpa Steve. Tell us Steve, what do you think about pineal calcification eh?

Loada bollox or what eh?



New age is satanic and   “sells the false light to the ignorant…” What was the name of your new age blog again Steve? the one where you wrote hundreds of “original” articles that you regurgitated from others and put your name on? Then whined about people “plagiarizing ” off of you lol! and made a shit load of money off of ad revenue…

You make twitter posts about “breaking free of materialism” to your ignorant followers…

Then buy a mansion and a sports car a few months after this tweet.


Then Jesus reveals himself to you out of nowhere like a puff of smoke.

What else did you say…

“Notice how Teal Scott and Dan Bashar and other similar charlatans will give you a little bit of truth to wet your whistle and then feed you Satanic psychic empowerment information, teach you how to channel, connect with your spirit guides, and astral project without even warning you about the dangers of demons?”

What is their solutions to protection against demons? Why aren’t they talking about Jesus, who is the only authority over demonic entities? Why is everyone so scared to talk about sin, Jesus, and demonic activity but everyone is willing to leave their body and have astral sex with some tribal looking astral entity with three tits and a third eye?”

Were you talking about Jesus , Steve, when you were writing your new age articles? 

Are you going to grace us with the whole truth Steve? lol! 

“How is it considered spiritually healthy to play around with forms of divination which are KNOWN to open you up to Occultic demons, but Archaic to put 100% faith and trust in Jesus Christ, when Jesus has proven Himself time and time again to be the only cure for sin and demonic activity? Why is the New Age movement so threatened by the idea of Jesus, eternal salvation, and the concept of sin? Why is it “spiritual” to smoke DMT and receive communication from a woman with a 3 foot long tongue and a snakes body, but it’s mockable to receive a baptism in the Holy Spirit? This is because the New Age movement is a demonic playground and the Occultic demons that are in you and controlling you don’t want to be exposed”

Coming from someone who claims to have been saved by Psychedelics, and defiling the minds of children to follow your example and get saved by psychedelics is now in a position to teach everyone of the evils of it all ?


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