The religious charlatanry and spiritual schizophrenia of Dugpas.

Why  Jesus doesn’t “reveal” himself to everyone….

I am of the understanding that Jesus reveals himself to everyone who reads The Word.

The Living Book.

Correct me if I am wrong.


Why was David Icke, the only one to worthy of “The Guys” revealing themselves to him?

Charlatans make claims such as these to set them selves up as some kind of authority on truth. How many times have we seen this kind of bullshit?  From making low brow, run of the mill articles on new age  info to making videos with at least 50 edits in each one which can be seen clearly, if you pay attention. What was happening? Too much new age “baggage” “downloads” creeping in to the dialogue that you had to edit it ?



So in 2014 Steven was encouraging people , young or old, to take psychedelics to save themselves. What now? What of their redemption? Steven sold them a line….just like Icke and Brand, McKenna, Huxley , Dubay and well, you know who.


 Yeah..keep spreading edited “truth”.

 Keep spreading “truth” in the name of Jesus. . You sick “Christian” crisis actors. For someone who has made a living off of MK Ultra programming and fobbed it off as a revelation, bombarding youth with the run off,  how dare you beg for pity now you sick fuck. I wouldn’t let you near any children. You sick and twisted fuck.


Edited to add. Why hasn’t Mario mentioned the  symptoms of Kundalini awakening  mirror bi polar symptoms?

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