As you may know by now, Youtube is  being used  as a social engineering platform by a clique that are claiming to be Christians.

There are a few of these channels that are working symbiotically that are using Hypnosis, subliminals, NLP and well edited vids to blind side and corral  the thinking of their viewers



A good tell tale sign of this network are the following :-

Channel goes up and within months they have thousands of followers. Channel is promoted by those already in the network.This is not always the case, there are some channels in this network that are not mentioned or promoted although you can tell that they are part of the ring by their content.

  1. Regurgitated unoriginal and repetitive  information that can be found on other sites that are part of the network.
  2. Site is promoted as being a hub for specializing in a particular kind of  occultic decode information.
  3.  Repetitive info on Hollywood, occult symbols, masonic symbols, decodes , adverts etc..
  4. Cartoon intros to lure young viewers to the content.
  5. Tags such as ” please feel free to donate to this channel”
  6. Fear Porn.
  7. Passing messages to each other via handsigns.
  8. No sources are ever cited for where their info comes from.
  9. Useless merchandise
  10. Drama generators. Some of these channels will created wars between each other when they are infact in cahoots to keep you ping ponging back and forth.
  11. Playing the victim to beg for donations.
  12. Piggybacking information off of smaller channels.
  13. A multitude of fake acccounts set up to comment to themselves, praise themselves etc.
  14. Constantly changing intros
  15. Connections to mainstream media, blending mainstream with alternative media.

So, having said that, I will give one of these individuals in particular, that uses his platform to brainwash his followers  thorough a  reverse social engineering smackdown.

Here is the initial post that RSE aka Janice/Janus made  to my Youtube Channel.

Janice Ryans


2:14 – rse was talkin about the television not “God’s Creation” you are just another type of “propaganda”. Another type of “Damage Control”. You don’t act like a christian nor have I ever heard you call yourself one. Nor have I ever herd you preach the cross of christ. your whole existence is based on actin like a hypocrite and getting obsessed over ppl you dont even know. you do nothing but prove theres something valuable your trying to snatch and failing miserably in the process. pff lol wow.


Janice Ryans

+APURPLEPEBBLE ive folowed rse for a long time and i watched it all play out. he clearly told the public that he’d made some mistakes and removed the vids. then u stalk and try and chase down the vids on ur site. rse does not say we “live in a projection”, clearly. what have you ever said tht was wrong? hav you ever done anythin you regret? how was ur meetin with the new age councelor? seems uv been set off on a mission ever since? are you under a form of mind control? cuz seriously who the heck spends all their time tryin to attack ppl who are clearly spreadin truth and the gospel of Jesus. I srsly pray for your soul.. I pray to god you are not getting a sick kick out of ppl who try to evangelize online.. which is wot rse, tvc and others are doin, no matter if you personally like them or not. paul siad he rejoices at ANYONE who speaks the gospel even if in vanity or truth. do u hav any thought for your own soul? do u not fear the one who can destroy both body and soul in hell? Proverbs 6:16-19
I think we all know now why you have “followed” RSE for a long time, hard not to when you are infact him right lol!
My meeting with the new age counselor (which was years and years ago. longer than you think) went really well. Had it not been for that meeting, the unseen network of Dugpas would still be hidden. Thanks to that experience, people can come here and learn about the Dugpa network, the agenda , the alt media fronts etc.. that by all accounts is flourishing  in the Christian Truther network as well lol!

Janice Ryans

+Janice Ryans every action intent and choice you make, no matter how u try to justify it to yourself or others, is being recorded. you will hav to give an account for all that you do – forget pointing the finger at every1 else. think about your own soul. if what i just said doesnt bother you then either a) you have lost your way or b) you are not a christian at all. what christian even does what ur doing here? u are so quick to judge others who try and spread the word yet your fruit is not christ like, christ honoring, and downright false accusation judgmental and rude
Coming from someone who has told several different stories , i.e from not being a Christian to being a Right Wing Conservative Christian type errr lol! Seems like the Janus is running rampant through you.

Janice Ryans


+APURPLEPEBBLE ur talkin about multi-millionaires who teach a health wealth and prosperity gospel, sell NY Times best seller books, have a church attendance and audience combination of millions, have a myriad of security guards, live in huge luxury homes with pools flash cars 10 bedrooms, never ever state that jesus christ died for sinners and rose again to defeat the power of death. ur going heavy without ceasing after two young men who are nothing of the above, hav admitted to making mistakes, speak that Jesus saved sinners in full and create youtube videos.Yet you don’t go after the aforementioned and harass the little guys who you presum must be shills fact is you are at face value persecuting people who are telling the gospel and if you are a christian that dont sit right with me. constant harassment is never ok let alone to people at least speakin the truth that Jesus is the lord. do u think its ur duty? why? u just come across obsessed with a couple of peeps
Ironic that you would refer to yourself and The Vigilant Christian as “the little guys”
Vigilant Christian has almost 400,000 subs and you are almost at 80,00 subs (the majority of which I can only think of as fake numbers). So why would you go after ‘the little guys” ….as well Janice you have used your facebook platform to rile up your followers, you are a sick twisted individual who clearly operates under several alters. And you have the stupidity  to accuse me of being a Jezebel when in truth Janice, any bloke who uses a female name for a sock account obviously has more  than their fair share of the Jezebel spirit running rhough them  lol! The proof is in the pudding and the synchronicity that was involved in this exposure of your fake account speaks for itself.

Janice Ryans

+APURPLEPEBBLE n if you believe what ur sayin so strongly and have all fingers pointin at others why dont you go on camera and stand by your words if u believe them.. otherwise its all a bit empty n hypocritical. “Hold yourself to the same standards tht you hold others to” exactly my point.
 Unlike you, I don’t have a Youtube “ministry” while simultaneously  flogging Alpha Stim (thanks to Sy for his research) and appearing in a plethora of mainstream rags with a multitude of imaginary ailments in order to socially engineer and brainwash people into zapping their brains with devices that deliver alpha waves . or any other channel who you are involved in go on camera lol! It is not my problem that your face has been plastered all over YT and mainstream rags…no one put a gun to your head did they? You wanted fame…you got it. lol! 

Janice Ryans


+APURPLEPEBBLE yes well there is a lot of difference between obviously mega rich ppl and people who make youtube videos. u dont actualy know that youtubers are rich wheras you do kno that mega church leaders are multi milionaires. hav u ever considered what if ur wrong? jesus is the judge of the heart.. you are judging by the flesh. spending so many hours on an endeavour against one or two individuals. you know that rse or tvc dont spend their time against an individual.. big difference between what you and them are doing – ur stalking one or two individuals who for all u know are actualy genuine whil they are exposing the broad elites agenda and tryin to pul them up at every mistake their flesh has made and stone them for it – Lord have mercy. dont you dare try and swing it round on someone questioning you over what u are doing. how manipulative is that my friend. u dnt seem to like it wen u are treated 5% of how u are treatin others. that is why i say your a hypocrite. you are very vocal with no real integrity behind it.. anyone can hide behind a computer and tear ppl down like u do but not many hav the guts to stand and be counted which is wot all the ones u stalk from ur cubby hole are actually doin
Obviously, I am not wrong, the fact that you were caught red handed using a sock account is even more proof lol! And you know full well that I am not stuck on just one or two individuals, this blog goes a lot deeper than that and you know it too, you got half your info from here, so yeah,  don’t flatter yourself. This blog is about Dugpas, and their role, you mate, are one, a brother of the black shadow…And don’t you dare try to swing it around and make it seem as if all this blog is about is tearing down people…lol!
FYI I don’t want to be a part of and never will be a part of your socially engineered from behind YOUR computer screen, pseudo communist masquerading as Right Wing Conservative Christian revolution. So yeah. lol! 
+APURPLEPEBBLE u also technically jeopardize their safety by trying to out where their location is. say they are not as rich as u think. say they have no security guard like Icke or Osteen, say they are genuine tryin to expose the elite. what then? u have literaly done nothin but put felow human beings on the side of the ppl in danger. Ppl who are telling the gospel of Jesus and exposing the new age luciferians in danger. is that really an achievement? If u are a christian u shud fear the one who is Judge. how would you explain that one (obsession is idolatry – u spent no time here speakin the gospel but all of it casting seeds of discord amongst ppl actually speakin the gospel – go figure, christian)? how do u even justify it to urself? since when has stalking individuals locations ever been a healthy pastime? since wen has obsession been a good thing? wot have these ppl done to u personally? what if u were treated the same as u have others? does the bible not say to love other as u love urself
Er, no I don’t. You got busted with that  video you made pretending to creep around a masonic church,  while in truth, you were whispering over stills off of wiki media lmao!  Btw, I hope you liked Sy’s vid, what a right  laugh eh? And really, there is spiritual wickedness in high and low places, your focus on the elite seems to be a distraction from your own hypnosis, NLP and Alpha Stim bollox. Why are you pretending to be an illiterate teenage girl? A 30 year old man, pretending to be a teenage girl who can’t spell…quite the oppostite of the persona you have created for your Youtube ministry eh? lmao!

Janice Ryans

As you are a Christian, please hear the words of Jesus… “He who is not with Me is against Me, and he who does not gather with Me scatters” Luke 11:23 Are you planting seeds for the gospel or are you scattering? There are only two options. If you are scattering you are not workin for Christ’s harvest, ur actually workin against….
You know the rest …lol!  We know about your devices so…yeah. 

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