Some people think that what goes into their mouth is more important than what comes out of it and they  are quite happy to condemn an honest person  who eats meat . while proudly  exonerating liars .programmers and mind controllers who eat only  vegetables and pulses . 

Despite Eric Dubays claims for his  love of  animals and being a vegetarian, he is, in truth a motherfuckin bunny boiler.



A True New World Religion Poster Boy.

Here are some of his crap lyrics. 

“You are blind so fuck what you say, I’ll expose the flat Earth and Heil Hitler all day. Chant the verses and repeat them like a mantra then crash your lucid dream when these beats come to haunt ya. I’ll be all up in your head like a medulla oblongata and you’ll just be fucking dead like you were born in gaza. Stop eating my friends! You fucking parasitic vampires, massive scale compassion fail, you psychopathic assholes. Eating meat is not healthy or even necessary, and human bodies were designed to be a vegetarian. If you disagree with me I’ll come and see your family, kill your dog and eat your cat, then tell you that it’s natural. I’ll say I needed protein and then claim that plants don’t have it, I’ll say I like the taste and pretend that that’s not selfish. Say plants have feelings too and flesh is so delicious, so what’s so wrong with eating your family pet for breakfast?”



© 2003 Staffan Widstrand. All Rights Reserved

Nenets reindeer herdsman Vashya Prokofiev, eating raw reindeer meat, Kánin Peninsula, Russia, Arctic


More crap lyrics

“How about some consistency here you hypocrites? It’s okay to eat fish, birds, pigs, and cows, but don’t touch Fluffy and Fido Eric, no, put them down, what are you doing? What the fuck man? I thought you’re a vegetarian, yeah, that’s why I ate your dog with side of fried asparagus. It is so hilarious that you all think I’m serious but you must be delirious if you can’t see you’re hypocrites. Your diet is violently killing animals silently in a slaughterhouse somewhere while you’re just chillin’ at Barnaby’s. And I know you don’t wanna participate in their murder but ordering corpses for dinner causes more slaughters, you sinner.

So stop thinking you’re a winner with your rib and chicken dinner ‘cause you’re really just an idiot that doesn’t get the picture. Flip the scripture, who’s the victim? Forbidden fruit is flesh, this is sick man. No matter whether you’re eating a human or an animal you’re being a cannibal when consuming a salmon or when you’re eating a hamburger cause they used to be animals dammit happy with families ‘til you ended them prematurely, fucking asshole. Stop eating meat you compassionless bastards, if you are what you eat then you’re a bunch of rotten assholes, get it? You think it’s alright because you don’t hear them cry, they’re just living their lives, they do not want to die. They have a purpose and place, and that’s not on your plate. Can’t wait for the day this slaughter ends but until then fuck humans animals are my friends”




Word of the week – Anthromorphizing. 


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