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Dali – DNA and immortality

At the end of 1963 the painter presented at the Knoedler Gallery in New York an exhibition whose key work was entitled


Homage to Crick and Watson


Francis Crick was a devotee of Aldous Huxley, and was introduced to Timothy Leary at some point after being invited to David Solomons house. Solomon was a friend of Leary.

Crick   supposedly discovered DNA double helix while bombed on LSD.




For Dalí the function of that molecule was very clear: it is what lends us immortality. In the essay The Tragic Myth of the Millet’s “Angelus”, published in 1963, the painter explains: “Moral law must be of divine order, for even before it was set down on Moses’ tablets it was contained in the codes of the genetic spirals”.

This direct reference to DNA related that molecule with immortal life. Later, in his article “The immortality of genetic imperialism” Dalí referred us to science in order to explain immortal life once more, saying: “it (immortal life) is contained in deoxyribonucleic acid – nothing is more monarchical that a molecule of DNA”. According to Dalí, God’s laws were those of inheritance contained in deoxyribonucleic acid, and ribonucleic acid, RNA, was simply the messenger entrusted with transmitting the genetic code: “On Jacob’s ladder, each step is a DNA landing, and the angels going up and down are the RNA”.

Dalí was naturally not satisfied with being able to express those ideas through his theoretical writings or in his artistic work. That is why, whenever he got the chance, he liked to have them appear in his declarations to the media, in which he would repeat the word “deoxyribonucleic acid” tirelessly, leaving his interlocutors dumbfounded.



The discovery grew out of his interest in nuclear explosions as well as the Llullist logic cubes of thirteenth-century mystic Ramon Llull who manipulated language to prove Catholic “truths.”













One thought on “DALI – RAMON LLULL

  1. Interestingly enough…it is the same regurgitated “Tree of Life” scam from way the hell back with Plato and some of the other Pythagorean drunks and boneheads. In other words, Masons got bored, and re-packaged some crap (pure crap) when the nutjob Galton Darwin/Chuckles the Chimp kicked off the Eugenics Congresses.

    As with the idiot Blavatsky, it 100% CANNOT have TWO things, in their system, that is christian:

    1- God Almighty
    2- Jesus
    (You can add #3: Catholics, if you like, but you can institute “common sense” in its’ place)

    It falls under the greek ponzi-scam (and some forms of the Magi) of fractalization (which you see in crap like the Kabbalah, or however you spell that…basically, a “witchcraft of numera”, or “numa”…

    aka- numismatics…just a numerical ponzi-scam…constantly dividing everything, in a massively idiotic Rube Goldberg GN-DN (goes nowhere, does nothing).

    It is well documented that Pythagoras was a 2-bit con-man shyster, like Plato.
    Socrates though…well…imagine being the only sane guy out there getting whacked while idiots get to keep going.

    These are the same morons that brought us the “gifts” of “Enlightenment”, the Thule and Vrill, and stupid hand-shakes.

    I say that, because of Thomas Hobbes, and other Masons who never were very smart, just smart enough to screw people for a profit, like Machiavelli or De Sade, or Blavatsky, so on, so forth…especially that idiot Crowley.

    And the fact that they slowly but steadily, since the magic of “Enlightenment”…shoved out the horse-shit of “Aliens”, and “Alien DNA”…

    just never God Almighty…and absolutely NOT Jesus. Nope. Can’t have that, plebs.

    You will find it heavily used in the “Creationist” masons, such as the calvinist-Ussher calender con-men…because they loved (still do under Kent Hovind) to claim that “DNA is DEVOLUTING”…

    in other words…Galtonian Eugenics magically fighting Galtonian Evolutionary Eugenics.

    At this point, the true fringe nutjob anti-christian company “christians” (bastard-templar protestants) are out pandering to the crowds the old Starchild hoax…Nephilim “Super Aliens”…you get the point. All of them make a profit, of course…and idiots constantly copy them for what scraps they can make. Empire of Mammon, indeed.

    All the while pushing the faux-masonic (meaning the come-lately “modern masons”, not ancients that were christian) scam of “Alien Gods”. Mark Passio (that idiot wannabe), and a bunch of others do it…and man…do they do it badly. Only a moron would go for it…lucky for them, they are only slightly smarter than the morons they scam.

    The big thing (quietly) going now, is for “Muslim” Freemasons (faux-Islam meant to create AMERICAN Islam, to infiltrate and replace Muslims with their fake anti-god stuff) to agitate that “all religions are equal” followed by the idiotic claim that there exists the “separation of church and state” in the constitution, while openly promoting, as you know (with scumbags like Passio)…

    Satanism, or specifically, ANYTHING that is anti-christian, but pro-faux christianity (zionism, so on, so forth, ad infinitum, ad nauseum).

    It’s a sure sign of epic failure, when you have to pump and dump your own losers to push Satanism on the street. Or symbols in movies. It means they are VERY scared of a kick-back from the Catholics…or Protestants tired of their shit.

    For the fake-Muslims (many in the “American Muslim” camps, including Black Muslims)…the point is to keep spreading it into black communities (as whites just ain’t into being muslim), agitating for a race war (you knew that long ago), making sure a shit-head like Slick Icke is out pandering magic aliens only his delusions can see and hear…

    …the point in that case is to keep pushing that you should tolerate Muslims here, and take them over at home…over there. Company Colonization 101.

    (Ala- Icke, Jones, Rense, Celente, Farrakhan…David Duke…same old Dugpas, different day…same old scam, too.)

    THAT won’t change. Not soon.

    One thing is eternal- Nobody I am aware of thinks Dali or Crowley were anything but batshit insane morons.


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