THE artist behind a giant steel gnome sculpture has confirmed his work will replace the iconic Tree of Life in Frankston.

The 9m sculpture dubbed Reflective Lullaby has been described by its creator, New Zealand sculptor Gregor Kregar, as “something quite unusual’’.

The sculpture is similar to — but much larger than — a pair of gnomes which are on display in Christchurch.






In light of the Orioles recent near-death spiral, many fans have pinned the blame on the Buck Showalter Garden Gnome giveaway

1. Buck Showalter Burn the Gnome Gnight. All fans who return with their gnome (if it has not been sold on eBay already) will receive a voucher for a free hotdog and soft drink in exchange for their gnome. After the final out, all the gnomes that were turned in will be burned inside a dumpster in center field. A few lucky fans will win 2016 season tickets.

2. Buck Showalter Wack-a-Gnome Night. Lucky fans will get to hit pop up gnomes between innings. The fan scoring the most hits wins a Buck Showalter autographed jersey.

3. Gnome Exorcism Night. Once again, fans will be asked to return to Camden Yards with their gnomes. Catholic priests from the area will be asked to exorcise the demons from their gnomes. This could really put the Birds over the top and help clear Buck’s thinking.


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