Simon’s YT channel has been termintated. Yet the black cube programmer/ MK Ultra implementer  David Bass channel is still up and running. RSE has stated that he is going to sue people who have exposed him, and that he has IP addresses of those that took his FB page down. So he is collecting data on people and threatening to use the system to silence people.

5 thoughts on “FOR SIMON

      • thanks pebble. i am really touched to have support from you and others. God bless you. Somegood news, i have won a strike back. i am appealing the other two still and hope to be back soon. i have a two week suspension as it stands. God bless the truth


  1. The below comments were made by people who claim to be Christians, some of who are part of the Christian “Truther” Network, in response to one of Simon’s videos.

    Conspiracy2Christ 4 months ago
    Hahaha worst acting ever.

    ESWG NEWS NETWORK 4 months ago
    Stop trying to make a name for yourself Satan!!! And stop trying to reel people into your circle of hate!! Funny that when we called you out about this just the other day you made a video apologizing (and dont try pulling it — I already have it downloaded).

    ESWG NEWS NETWORK 4 months ago
    Simple Simon — that is all you are and will ever be. May God bless you

    ESWG NEWS NETWORK 4 months ago
    YOU are the deceiver. Trying to make a name for yourself! We are onto you. Your mission will be shut down!! Mark that!!

    Marci Lynn 4 months ago
    +Simon Woodford
    I believe the psycho is the one OBSESSED with knowing personal information and making videos trying to ride on the coattails of another by bashing them. thank you for showing your rotten fruit straight away.


    Who is trying to make a name for themselves now? Oh and does The Shepherds Chapel ring any bells?


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