Here is Daivd Bass with several other hooray henry’s who featured int his flop about the Knights Templar.

Predictive Programming? Yes.

The movie was a flop and so was R$E’s infiltration attempt.

Nice dreads. Bro.


Simons YT channel has been terminated. Yet David Bass / R$E a proven programming channel, is still in operation?

5 thoughts on “BAAL FAIL # 3

  1. lol! It has been mentioned somewhere here, but I can’t remember where, probably in the comments somewhere.
    Taking it up the chuff results in forced “kundalini awakening” energy is propelled from the sacruum to the crown.Hence illumination. It often results in psychosis / demonic possession as well as the appearance of butthole resembling a “rose”. On the other end of the spectrum it can also be used “drain” a person of their life force, burn the candle at both ends type of thing. Fairly devastating for the recipient.


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