6/16 This video has now been made “private”  by Round Saturns Eye.

Feb 2016 – made it public again lolz!

Too late, your satanic tactics have been brought out into the light;  hypnotism,  body language,  mudras,  NLP , fear porn, numerous alters across YT , continual royalties for  Alpha Stim electronic mind control device and  Haymax , your continual appearance in UK tabloids approving of this merchandise, your YT affiliation, your “brand” your rigged views, the list goes on.

You can see all of his hypnotized viewers comments again…such as this one…

I pray you remain safe from these hyenas that are circling you man, the last woman was rocket fuelled on hate during her rant…if that’s spiritual enlightenment above duality and good and evil…then it’s scary stuff
(little does this Youtuber realize, that he too is using the good /evil paradigm in this sentence lol!)
Understanding Conspiracies blurb on Youtube…
Understanding Con-Spiracy has” interviewed” Godrules and White Rabbit- YT hucksters.

Before I make the below points, I would like to highlight  that while  you , Round Saturns Eye, are accusing me and a couple of others of “attacking”  “Christian/s”,  YOU , Round Saturns Eye, refuse to identify yourself as or even call yourself a Christian.  So here , in the above video, you are now trying to  identify yourself as a Christian at the moment, because it suits your agenda.

Which, after all is said and done,  makes what you mention in the above video of yours null and void.

To boot, I hadn’t even heard of McLeery, or anyone else, beside Sy before you made this video, although it has come to light that you have also lifted a lot of your info from McLeery. Nothing original RSE ever. All of it is lifted.

Here is one of several of your comments where you clearly state that you are NOT a Christian.

Round SaturnsEye

 Just to add, Im not a “Christian” or part of any organized religion.. Mainly because of the attitude in your comment that is rife in the religion. But also because I follow Christ, not a vatican linked organization.
Which part of the video are you referring to out of interest? 99% of the video was about Christ/Father/truth/bible/signs of the end times… 1% was a shot from a lady gaga commercial that airs on mainstream primetime TV.. Certainly channel your anger toward the TV stations! Or local churches who think it’s normal content! God bless


Few things  I would like to point out. I have pointed them out before and I will point them out again. The Gnome symbology – You make mention of the one eyed gnome in the pic on this blog, you Round Saturns Eye, have a YT banner full to the brim with symbols. So I find it odd, that you Mr. Cube would have such a wild hare up your ass about my info and the symbols that I cover here.

Btw, for those of you who seem to “think” that Round Saturns Eye “warned “you all about gnomes

That is what some of the info on this blog has been doing for the past several years.

Are you a Baal worshipper R$E ? That would explain the Phoenician symbology on your YT channel, and your aversion to the symbology mentioned here. 

Funny how you, Round Saturns Eye,  pump out  Hollywoodesque  video after video accompanied with hypnotic techno beats full of predictive programming  involving black cubes,  yet the symbology covered here, bothers you. I have also handed your ass to you with regard to the black cube BS, I guess you did not expect to run into anyone that has been exposed to that shit firsthand lol!

You clearly messed with the wrong person when it comes to monarch programming pal. Much  like the thief, liar , piggybacker and deceiver you mention in some of your videos, you seem to have a lot on common with that  entity yourself.  You have known about this site for quite some time haven’t you, and if your followers bothered to take a look at the info here, they would notice that a lot of your material, was covered here long before you had a YT account. Anyway, gnomes etc…

gnomic (adj.)Look up gnomic at
“full of instructive sayings,” 1784, from French gnomique (18c.) and directly from Late Latin gnomicus “concerned with maxims, didactic,” from Greek gnomikos, from gnome “a means of knowing, a mark, token; the mind (as the organ of knowing), thought, judgment, intelligence; (one’s) mind, will, purpose; a judgment, opinion; maxim, the opinion of wise men,” from root of gignoskein “to come to know” (see gnostic (adj.)). Gnomical is attested from 1610s.

I noticed in your video that you are trying to link me to someone else who mentioned gnomes on their website in  2011, ( I started posting info on this in 2010) although unfortunately for you, myself and the owner of the website that you mention,  are not connected in any way. Here is what I wrote in May 2012  with regard to the symbology on this blog. “Today, the cap also known as the Phrygian Cap or Liberty Cap and can be seen on several State Seals  in North America and South America.  The image above is one of the first Seals of the United States.  It contains 12 Dexter Arms (Right Arms) holding a phallic symbol represented by a pillar with the Phrygian/Liberty cap on top. The phallic imagery sits atop the Bible and the Magna Carta.   There are two pillars of smoke from where the arms come from ,  and the wording around the Seal bears the Latin inscription which means – This We will Defend which has been translated into English for modern day Seals. The Red Cap that we see in certain images today was originally White in color.  The priests wore this White Cap (to portray an image of purity and spiritual superiority) and then once a sacrifice took place they would dip this cap into the blood of the sacrifice which eventually turned the cap red. This is why it is depicted as red in more recent imagery and symbology like Santa and Smurf characters for instance”.

The Phrygian Cap is connected to Saturnalia “Festivities”

from this post.



As for Simon, I was witness to some of the things you, and some of your followers said on Simons Youtube channel, when he first started making videos.   I saw you, and your little sycophants appear out of nowhere to “put the frighteners” or whatever it is you fucks try to do , to try and silence him.   Simon stated that he was a newer Christian, which by all accounts, according to you,  Round Saturns Eye, you are too., ( yet you refuse to cal yourself one).  You and your little pack of saturnalian groupies, got great pleasure it seemed out of attacking him for speaking out against you. The comment from Conspiracy2Christ was really amusing and the fact that all your buddies showed up to comment on the video I am speaking about, proves that you cry to your affiliates about people who call you out, then send them out to do your dirty work for you. These affiliates of yours,  then blend into the background and disappear off of the radar for a bit dont they? Not being funny, but you come across like a  passive aggressive psuedo radical. I understand Simons anger, yet you, try and use it against him by playing the victim, like a lot of “truthers” do.Your ring of “truthers” are no different from the rest of them are they?  Icke is famous for using that old victim tactic and it is just another energy sucking ploy. Playing the ole victim. That is some worn out shit, if ever there was some. You are also pretty selective when it comes to mentioning those  who have called you out. . A couple of those  that you didn’t mention in your video are REALMZ and TOS. So I will do that for you by posting their vids here as well.

Edited to add: By the way Round Saturns Eye, I am not affiliated with anyone that you mention. I am not part of any group, or any organization. I am not part of any KJV 5031c marketing program (for money) . I read the KJV and use online sources for Greek and Hebrew translations, which is what people could be doing with their time, instead of  making and watching YT vids about Miley Cyrus’s boobs.

Prove that I am affiliated with those who you claim  have made threats towards you, and  provide the evidence.

While you are at it,  provide proof that I have parasited info off of you.  You started doing videos a year and a half ago, yet allude to those exposing you of having a heartless, empty  parastical lying thieving entity. Which gives me a good laugh seeing that some of your content has been  piggybacked from the info here.

Hijack fail.



  1. IMHO….What Round Saturn’s Eye is doing with the daily diet of the occult, is feeding and nurturing the dark inclinations that reside with everyone as humans being descended from Adam and Eve and their primordial sin.
    His daily followers and adherents might do well to check their appetite for the occult . Have your cravings increased for more occult “info” from RSE or others ? Because this is indeed what the very object of his attention is designed to do. The Watchers rejoice.

    Now whether RSE is doing this intentionally I can’t say , but it is intentional to put up a Paypal button and accept advertising $.

    I suggest you counter a toxic steady diet of the occult with some soul nurturing Biblical study and knowledge .

    Here is a good start… (Wonder if you’ll ever hear or see R$E refer to that site?)

    Call Yeshua into your life.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. When you take into account, video views on R$E and TVC for example, views on their videos geared towards the occult programming are proportionally higher than any of their videos i.e TVC’s Bible study/Godly Bros videos, I think the proof is in the pudding.

    One of TVC’s more recent videos about summoning demons, pencils and paper etc.. got around 800,000 views, while the Biblical study channel videos average at around 800 views per video.

    Seeing as TVC gets paid for views on his YT videos, I am sure that it is a big incentive for him to keep on churning out videos geared toward the occult programming / MK Ultra etc…that contain more or less, the same info.


  3. I average about 60 visitors a day which has not really fluctuated since RSE put up this video.
    If you check out the ratio of comments to views here or at Simons channel for instance, there are disproportionate views between two. RSE’s video has around 2500 views.
    224 likes 8 dislikes.

    That means 224 people blindly liked this video. Yet none of them really bothered to search out the truth for themselves.
    This leaves them at a disadvantage, which is exactly where RSE wants them to be.

    Christians might want to start doing their research and not fall into traps set up by those who dig pits for them.

    I am noticing cult leader tactics at play here, i.e devaluing dissenters.

    The title of R$E’s video is “battling the antichrist” and what you will find from his subs and followers are are two extremes when it come to comments – blind religious praising of R$E and back patting towards RSE and blind demonization and devaluation of those mentioned in the video.

    RSE outs himself here as he laps up the love bombing and lets the devaluational comments fester. he does not reprove these commenters in any way shape or form. This is pure passive aggressiveness, veiled hostility. He allows his commenters to do the work for him. Ultimately, he is vicariously saying these things through his commenters without saying them himself.

    The usual “you must be hitting a nerve” “you must be doing something right” Do you know how many people have said similar things to David Icke / Stewart Swerdlow when they have claimed to be under “attack” lmao! Yeah, not so many are saying that to these clowns these days are they?

    Well. I can safely conclude that one or two people mentioned in RSE’s “battling the anti christ” video are hitting a nerve with RSE as well, it works both ways ☺

    Having said that, RSE, feel free to lap up the love bombing and the groupies and the followers while you can, but let me remind you that Jesus Christ had 12 friends, that is all it took.


  4. For those people who do not bother using a translator, for those who are too lazy and do not think it is important to know and understand the translations, here is a helpful link. If you do not bother to research the translations, you can end up taking Biblical passages out of context and therefore spread incorrect info.


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