So I mentioned in a comment a few days ago, that  Round Saturns Eye has now added a Paypal button to his YT channel.

Again, just like the Vigilant Christian, and White Rabbit etc.. it costs ZERO to upload videos to Youtube. ZERO. These people  all have computers already, you do not need “equipment” to make videos, anyone can do it.  You do not need any special editing skills,  you do not   need to make  imitations of Hollywood  productions like R$E’s Youtube blockbusters.

On a side note. In an effort to blindside his own followers who donate to him, Vigilant Christian made a diversion video yesterday about satanic false preachers who make millions, although in reality the people that VC mentions  are no better than himself or his bros  Round Saturns Eye and co.when it comes to the parasite factor.  Does anyone seriously think that if Vigilant Christian was raking in $65 million a year, via his YT channel  he would be complaining?

I mention this a few months back, but here it is again.

TVC’s YT earning stats off of  social blade –

Estimated monthly earnings

$1.2K – $19K

Estimated Yearly Earnings

$14.2K – $227.6K

(this estimate does not include paypal donations or income from other sources)



At around 1.43 in Vigilant Christian uses a Joyce Myer image with this quote “If your minister is astronomically wealthier than you,. are they here to serve you, or are you here to serve them?”

Not sure about how much money those that follow and contribute to Youtube ministries like  TVC have, but I am going to take a rough guess and say that the majority of them (those that aren’t in school)  bring in closer to $14,000 a year, than a quarter of a million. So yeah, who is serving who ?


So,  here is the blurb that Round Saturns Eye added to his YT channel a few days ago.

“RSE is an independant outreach ministry to expose the darkness to help the world see Christ. I have now decided to dedicate all of my time to spreading the gospel through these endeavours. If you feel lead to help support this work in its expansion, for equipment and living costs please click the link below.” (1 Corinthians 9)… 

Round Saturns Eye has changed his tune eh? Talk about bait and switch. Here is what he stated last year.

“The truth shouldn’t really cost money, particularly truth that is so easily available.  I don’t charge anything, nor do many others who are purely concerned for their fellow man and educating people out of this maze. Christ never charged for the truth and His were the greatest words of all time”


“I do not make money out of these videos but rather get reward from spreading truth”


These people who are “so concerned for humanity” do not need to  directly ask outright for money, too blatant for the hidden in plain sight parasites. Just use  the modern day collection plate aka Paypal.


R$E states that he has “now decided” to dedicate all of his time to  spreading the Gospel through his endeavors. (Youtube endeavors) .  It is glaringly obvious that this was R$E ‘s decision  because he clearly states that this is his decision.

Does the Holy Spirit recommend to people set up a paypal accounts and to start asking for donations?

Is this divine inspiration?

If you feel led to give your money to any anonymous Youtube “minister” who claim that truth should be free, in one breath, then adds a paypal button to his youtube account in the next, I would suggest not parting with your cash. 



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