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9 killed

18 injured

 72 degrees.

tpeaksTwin peaks and 2 pillars

Few  (not all) posts from over the years

David Lynch was heavily inspired by Stanley Kubrik. If you have ever watched Twin Peaks, you will see the subtle similarities of the subconscious dreamlike tapestries woven throughout the series. Much like Kubriks Eyes Wide Shut, the layered symbolism and palpable energy that is manifested in these works, take the viewer into hidden worlds of demonic attachment and possession  through sexual ritual, drugs and trauma and reveal how it is accomplished. I have watched these videos and did not feel that they foster an atmosphere of  anything other than the inner peace. Viewer discretion advised.

This little man with the red hat caught my eye when I watched episode 1 of Twin Peaks, he can be found on the windowsill and is about 5 inches tall.


This image below from the scene in the Black Lodge where the Garmanbozia,  (the by product of pain and suffering)  which is represented as creamed corn gets eaten..probably one of the most revealing scenes about Dugpas in Twin Peaks. Time travel, portals, electricity and possession  amongst other things in this short clip.




For the kids

oh..and this episode from the Simpsons


I have posted enough on the Gnomes – getting back to the Dugpas…….

Someone emailed me an ARTICLE on the band Muse a few days ago, it’s an older article from a few years back and it had a couple of pictures of band members and stage set ups that are in line with some of the info posted here about Twin Peaks. I am not sure if the poster of the article has ever looked into the occult meaning of the Twin Peaks show but I think Muse may have a little bit more of an understanding of it than they would care to let on.

Matt Bellamy behind the mask


Muse stage set up


Red Room – Twin Peaks


Here is an interview with David Icke and Jack Blood talking about of Ickes fave bands. I think Ickes love of the band reveals his lack of SYNCHROMYSTICISM something he inadvertently claims has led him to where he is today.

Icke’s website offers a vast array of merchandise including copies of his books which sell for up to £20 each, T-shirts at £15 a throw and DVDs of his live performances for a staggering £30.
Visitors are even encouraged to join his affiliate program where they can earn product vouchers by directing people to his online shop.
Incredibly Icke has attracted legions of followers including Robbie Williams and Muse frontman Matt Bellamy.
Even Oasis star Noel Gallagher has attended one of his show, going backstage to meet him and having T-shirts made with the Nike sportswear symbol and the word Icke written over it


Matt Bellamy has since retracted his beliefs about Icke.

Although I am guessing he is still a fan of Twin Peaks and David Lynch

May have to watch on youtube – Billy Ray Cyrus discusses David . In this interview Billy Ray Cyrus describes his meeting with David Lynch and how he was guided, praising David Lynch for giving him acting advice, “its all about keeping it real and those words are still true today”.

Here is an Article from a few years back where Billy Ray Cyrus accuses David Lynch of destroying his family.
Although Miley Cyrus always seems able to LOL at her supposed controversies, her father Billy Ray fears she could be on the same path of self-destruction as Kurt Cobain, Anna Nicole Smith, and Michael Jackson, telling GQ in a miserable, paranoia-laden interview (titled “Mr. Hannah Montana’s Achy Breaky Heart”) that he’s become “scared for her”—not least because he has “no doubt” that his family is being “attacked by Satan



I Guess.


(Race and Resettlement Office)

 it represents the bonds of kinship and family that tie together those of the same racial blood



Sean Young claims that “Stanley Kubrik obviously had inside connections to these money sources to make his movies”

David Lynch had directed 2 movies prior to Dune, and was given 45 million to get the job done.

Tony Masters was the designer for ALL of Kubriks movies….. and for David Lynch’s Dune.

101.46 in…Sean Young uses Stewart Swerdlows “techniques”.

7.24…In this video below Sean Young claims that David Lynch is unlike other directors and doesn’t have the connections because of his Trancendental Meditation. David Lynch inspired Sean Young into doing meditation.

(nice sex subliminal in that smoke)


Interesting that TPV has a special guest on today.

Posting this again. Swerdlow / Lynch related.

She also claims to use Swerdlow techniques.

Shilltastic Baby!

Edited to add


According to TPV their Youtube account was hacked so the video is unavailable at the mo.

Mary Sean Young also states in the Red Ice interview at around 42 minutes in that John Lash is great. Oh yah?

She states that public schools are wretched…really? Maybe she should mention that to her buddy David Lynch, he is rather fond of them.



    –In case the link disappears, they found that all those violent prisoners who underwent 90 mins of TM did say that their levels of stress decreased but what has been omitted from the thousands of glossed over media articles about how amazing TM is for all of us, is the evidence that their levels of aggression did not change. So one has to ask, how does something that relieves your stress not relieve your levels of aggression? We all want an answer for how to cope with the stressful slave system they have designed for us and then they provide the solution wrapped up in the ultimate form of slavery. They never tell you who or what you are chanting for…they never tell you about giving away your free will.


  2. Thanks for sharing this H, I had a read of the comments and a lot of people that practice tm have no idea what it is or why they re given mantras (which pertain to different deities) .
    Brand is included in the article of course lol! I think if anyone wants to see the real effects T.M. has just look at one of Lynch’s music vids or movies, and or see who gives Lynch props.


  3. Missed this one, also from the daily mail, not going to worry about copyright either, the Daily Mail cant make its mind up about T.M.

    “Russell Brand was mixing his two hobbies of new age mysticism and flirting when he attended a meditation-themed event on Tuesday night.

    The comedian, whose eye for the ladies is as renowned as his sharp wit, was happy to cosy up to pretty Maya Stojan for a photograph.

    It is not thought that Russell and Maya are dating, although they greeted each other warmly as they met on the red carpet outside the event.

    Once inside, Essex-born Russell was seen chatting animatedly to film director David Lynch.

    The eccentric director is a long-term advocate of transcendental meditation, and believes that its application in daily life could enrich humanity as a whole.

    The main draw of the launch event was the Los Angeles premiere of a film titled Meditation, Creativity, Peace, which documents the Twin Peaks creator’s global speaking tour in 2007-2009.

    The actress was one of the guests at the Meditation in Education Global Outreach Campaign in Los Angeles.

    It saw him visit sixteen countries to talk to fans about how meditation works alongside his creative process.

    After the screening, there was a chance to attend and be involved in a Q&A panel with both the director and Russell, who was acting as the presenter.

    The unlikely pair share meditation as a common interest, and since meeting several years ago have supported each other’s endeavours.

    In 2010, they stated that they believe soldiers returning from the front line should be offered meditation as a form of counselling for post traumatic stress syndrome.

    The Mulholland Drive director said: ‘ “It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing for the human being. Sure it is a stress-buster and when these soldiers get this simple effort they’re going to get their lives back again.

    ‘It’s not hocus pocus. It’s going to save lives, not only the soldiers’ lives but the families are suffering, the friendships are suffering.’


    Here is some T.M. hocus pocus. Symbology.


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