To accompany his ramping up of end times fear porn mentioned in the previous post, R$E has resorted to using the old “looketh over there” trick to divert  attention away from his failed attempt to conceal his own  agenda.

Round Saturns Eye calling everyone’s bluff.

Published on May 28, 2015 “Legion in a cloak of light:


A warning for all fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

There are satanists posing as believers  in order to influence your mind and subvert you away from the true Messiah and toward the coming ‘light deception’ of Lucifer. This also involves attacking channels that promote salvation and exposure of the occult, whilst wearing a ‘believable’ Christian mask to destroy the work being done for our Father of Life’s kingdom in Jesus Christ the Messiah.

Please use your God-given discernment and do not fall into the snares being set out: the snares of self-worship, of sin tolerance or liberation, of a false “enlightenment”, or a golden age of Gaia posing as the real return of Christ. Jesus did NOT come to bring a one world age of peace on earth but the division of the world to bring a redemption for you from it. The “illuminati” video shown at the end is a prime example of what many will perceive as satire (satyr) used by the joker as yet another form of programming and mind control towards what is ultimately a serious proposition.”


Round  Saturns Eye states in the video at around 2.00 mins in that  it must be easy to call him a fearmongerer while anonymously sitting behind a computer screen….. While he churns out Hollywoodessque fear porn anonymously himself, from behind a computer screen. Who needs satire when you have irony eh?



The title of Round Saturns Eye  video is “Satanists Masquerading as Christians” although the people who run the sites/YT etc.. he claims to be exposing, do not profess to be Christians on any level. The two sites he mentions are a Gaia site run by  Lightworkers,  and a Demonology site, neither of which profess Christianity.

R$E isn’t exposing anything, he is programming people with his fear porn, provided for the best part by Hollywood, and fobbing it off as insights into the deeper mysteries of God. 


Partial quote of yours R$E  at another YT channel.

“The true Christ has completed a work in me and shown me the deeper mysteries of God”

Like I said, I think you have shroomed too much if you believe that about yourself.   


When all is aid and done,  R$E =  just another tentacle of the Christian “Truther “Network. Look at the movie titles per Round Saturns Eye and do the math. In the words of R$E , there are satanists posing as Christians, while wearing a “believable” Christian mask.

050902_Gnome on Pole


Here is a partial blurb taken from Puritan Pictures latest video. Puritan Pictures Published on May 26, 2015 “the hollywood propaganda machine is pumbing out movie after movie on end time events on the apocalypse on the end of the world hollywood influence is obviously of antichrist we who are in the truth must understand where truth is it is in Gods Word it is not in illuminati hollywood brainwashing propaganda what should our response be to sit down and enjoy the lies of the enemy because it pleases our flesh?? even luke warm professors of Christ are noticing as seen in this article: The current cinematic climate seems intent on driving home at least one thing lately: The end is nigh, apocalypse: now. This Is The End is the latest in a series of films that traffic in the language and vocabulary of the end times for dramatic effect.” posted for the below video. Edited to add : If you notice the above blurb, and compare it to the speaker and how he talks in the video, it seems as though the blurb and the video are coming from two completely different individuals. The blurb has to be the longest run on sentence I have ever seen and it looks as if it has been done through google translate or something similar.

Seeing as Puritan Pictures brother, Round Saturns Eye uses the exact same propaganda tactics via his Youtube movie channel I thought I would highlight some of the fear porn mini movies  that R$E has pumped out in addition to  the fear porn producers in Hollywood.

Here are a few  of Round Saturns Eye Youtube  blockbuster  movie titles which accompany his doom mongering visuals.

“End Times are Here”

“End Times the Judgement Bell Tolls”

“End Times Release of the Bottomless Pit”

“I had a dream/vision of the End Times”

“Anti Christ Breaking the Veil of Time”

“Cern Unlocking the Gates of Hades”

“Friday 13th Cern Powered up Today”

“Cern End of Time and Space”

“How Saturn Projects the Matrix”

“End Times, Time will be Frozen”

“Hollywood is pushing the Rapture”

“How Cern will trigger the End Times”

“The Saturn Machine How Cern Will Open the Pit”

“How to Escape the Flesh Cube”

“The Collide Cern and the birth of an Evil Age”

The Cube of Death (R$E)

So can you see what Round Saturns Eye is doing here?

Puritan Pictures doesn’t, too busy pointing out Hollywood propaganda and directing everyone’s attention towards that. He is however, perfectly fine with Round Saturns Eye fear porn boll-ox.

RSE may need one of these to get himself out of his black cube.

The Astra Gnome

“Time and Space Car”



Putting this vid here for visibility .



As per usual hard hitting troofer news hot off off the press from Alien Fossil Project.

Vinny Eastwood is a shill because he interviewed yet another NWR dugpa in a long line of dugpas.

AFP news – Eric Dubay is  a shill

Funnily enough AFP seems to think he doesn’t fall into the shill category because he has alien skullz from Atlantis.

AFP is a regular  sniffer here. When he gets bored of looking at celebrity vaginas, he comes here to get his troofer jollies. Right AFP?

AFPtwat Oh and here is some more groundbreaking  news from AFP – Stewart Swerdlow  is a con man. Hey AFP, Swerdlow is a monarch programmer as you know. Don’t even bother to  try and whittle him down to a mere con man.




I thought I would share this comment that Alien Fossil Project left here a while back.


One of several  comments that he posted here under the name Avid Dicke.

Avid Dicke https://plus.google.com/116310869601496987469x preppy@aliensofatlantis.com


Your “work” is really turning to shiite mate,I liked some of your other posts but this is just lazy drivel.what point are you trying to make here?that some loser put up an idiotic thing on the DIF,so YOU REPOST IT?? now then who’s the bigger loser?must be nice to have all that the time to scan icke’s forum for your “groundbreaking revelations” lol!…but since no one cares or even comments anymore i thought i would,may be time to finally get that job and clean up mom’s basement,just sayin


And that is about as much troof anyone will get  from Alien Fossil Project.

Ironically, both Alien Fossil Project and Eric Dubay are brothers in  Atlantean info, the only difference is, AFP has skullz, Dubay has no skullz. He does have a book or two though, self published on lulu and here are some of the topics covered in one of them:  

” Quantum Physics, Consciousness, The Holographic Universe, Morphic Fields, The Human Energy Body, Psychoneuroimmunology, Chi, Chakras, Meridians, Acupuncture, Auras, Telepathy, Psychokinesis, Remote Viewing, Precognition, Out of Body Experiences, Near Death Experiences, Entheogens, Death, Ghosts, Reincarnation, God, Tao, Brahma, Void, Infinite Consciousness, and Oneness”

Eric Dubay is a breath-worker, which puts enough wind in his sails to huff and puff about the flat earth. Eric Dubay and his breathing techniques, breathing in the “false light” of the prince of the air.  That is the whole point of body work and breath-work ya know.

Prior to Eric Dubays evidence for a Flat Earth,  he had evidence for a Hollow Earth.

dubayhollow  New World Religion promoter  Eric Dubay  has done a couple of blog posts/videos etc on the “coming new world order” which if it  isn’t obvious by now is a requirement for the  initiates.   dubaytwat Similar to AFP, Dubay jumped on the “exposing” Icke bandwagon. Dismissing one failed psy op to usher in an updated one. He also claims  Alex Jones  is controlled opposition despite being a prior fan.


dubaypiggybackerdubayisadugpa Much like Terence McKenna , Russell Brand and David Icke, Eric Dubay is  a DMT and Ayahuasca pusher.   Here is some of what he believes about hallucinogens. There is a fair amount of info about why the use of hallucinogens are necessary for the NWR mentioned here. It looks as if Dubay picked up where Gnostic Media left off after the bait and switcheroo.

“If you have mischief, wickedness, or secrecy in you, then entheogens will take you down into the depths of your own hell. But if you have kindness, love, and truth within you, entheogens will raise you up into the heights of that heaven. When people of a poor disposition or in a negative mood eat magic mushrooms they usually have a “bad trip” and experience frightening or depressing hallucinations. When people of a good disposition or in a positive mood eat mushrooms they usually have a great trip and experience hours of uncontrollable laughter and a loving, close feeling with everyone around. Just like at Christmas Santa keeps lists of children who are naughty and nice, at Easter only good kids get to eat the colored eggs. This is likely because good kids on mushrooms are hilarious and lots of fun, whereas naughty kids on mushrooms guarantee a bad trip for everyone, so they get coal at Christmas and no eggs at Easter.”





Eric Dubay recommends……. Alan Watt. (one for Captain Slappy)


Dubay is an extremely ungrateful motherfukcer when it comes to those that have served or serve in the military.

Which is typical of NWR operatives who prefer to use psychological warfare and pass it off as a bloodless crime against humanity.



The below screenshots are from a video that used to be titled 100% Proof Illuminati Reptilians Run the World, or something similar…which was uploaded 8 years ago by Alien Fossil Project. Youtuber  Alien Fossil Project  recently changed the title to “Alex Jones David Icke Controlled Opposition Gatekeepers and the Govt Cointel “program” .” Which is hilarious seeing as the whole video is in support of the Reptilian “Program”. If you read the captions AFP put on the vid, it says it all. So yeah, you can change the title all you want, but the evidence that AFP was flogging  Icke’s reptilian bullshit speaks for itself. Cointel “Program” lolz!.



Despite the new title of the above vid, you will not find anything on Alien Fossil Project’s Youtube channel related to  Icke or Brand before the vids that were uploaded 2 years ago.

Alien Fossil Project Cointel  SKULLZ  Program fail.

What gives me an even bigger laugh than this?

Round Saturns Eye uses Alien Fossil Project crap info in his “Exposing Icke “


Kunt Kabouters

Eric and AFP




There are a few channels on Youtube at the moment who are going through a phase of making   “shill lists”.

Here is how you jump on the bandwagon if you haven’t already. Anyone can do it, so here are the steps.

  • Have your own Youtube account. Preferably one that  already contains some type of low level debunking
  • Do zero research into anything much, be a parrot – use regurgitated information
  • Name a few high level well known shills.
  • Make a list of other people who have Youtube accounts  that you think are shills and add them to the list.
  • Do not mention the sources that have done the footwork into exposing said shills, this way you can pass of the illusion that you are a shillbuster extraordinaire.
  • Omit important  connections and facts about said shills. Just name them.
  • Avoid putting certain names on shill list . (leave a straggler shill or two off of the list)
  • Include a well known shill from every demographic so as to cover all bases.
  • Ask your buddies to comment on the shill list, giving you and said list props.
  • Never add own name to said list. This is a given.
  • Put the shill list up on Youtube.

Voila! Youtube shill list complete.

You may find some of the commenters on these Youtube shill list vids commenting on ALL of the shill list vids, at times some commenters add  links to their own shill list that they mysteriously pulled out of their ass.


You will make one of these Youtube shill list videos  on the fly and you will be editing the list at some point due to inadequate and sloppy research.  Ironically,  this will make you look like a complete shill .


All the nines

9 killed

18 injured

 72 degrees.

tpeaksTwin peaks and 2 pillars

Few  (not all) posts from over the years

David Lynch was heavily inspired by Stanley Kubrik. If you have ever watched Twin Peaks, you will see the subtle similarities of the subconscious dreamlike tapestries woven throughout the series. Much like Kubriks Eyes Wide Shut, the layered symbolism and palpable energy that is manifested in these works, take the viewer into hidden worlds of demonic attachment and possession  through sexual ritual, drugs and trauma and reveal how it is accomplished. I have watched these videos and did not feel that they foster an atmosphere of  anything other than the inner peace. Viewer discretion advised.

This little man with the red hat caught my eye when I watched episode 1 of Twin Peaks, he can be found on the windowsill and is about 5 inches tall.


This image below from the scene in the Black Lodge where the Garmanbozia,  (the by product of pain and suffering)  which is represented as creamed corn gets eaten..probably one of the most revealing scenes about Dugpas in Twin Peaks. Time travel, portals, electricity and possession  amongst other things in this short clip.




For the kids

oh..and this episode from the Simpsons


I have posted enough on the Gnomes – getting back to the Dugpas…….

Someone emailed me an ARTICLE on the band Muse a few days ago, it’s an older article from a few years back and it had a couple of pictures of band members and stage set ups that are in line with some of the info posted here about Twin Peaks. I am not sure if the poster of the article has ever looked into the occult meaning of the Twin Peaks show but I think Muse may have a little bit more of an understanding of it than they would care to let on.

Matt Bellamy behind the mask


Muse stage set up


Red Room – Twin Peaks


Here is an interview with David Icke and Jack Blood talking about Muse..one of Ickes fave bands. I think Ickes love of the band reveals his lack of SYNCHROMYSTICISM something he inadvertently claims has led him to where he is today.

Icke’s website offers a vast array of merchandise including copies of his books which sell for up to £20 each, T-shirts at £15 a throw and DVDs of his live performances for a staggering £30.
Visitors are even encouraged to join his affiliate program where they can earn product vouchers by directing people to his online shop.
Incredibly Icke has attracted legions of followers including Robbie Williams and Muse frontman Matt Bellamy.
Even Oasis star Noel Gallagher has attended one of his show, going backstage to meet him and having T-shirts made with the Nike sportswear symbol and the word Icke written over it


Matt Bellamy has since retracted his beliefs about Icke.

Although I am guessing he is still a fan of Twin Peaks and David Lynch

May have to watch on youtube – Billy Ray Cyrus discusses David . In this interview Billy Ray Cyrus describes his meeting with David Lynch and how he was guided, praising David Lynch for giving him acting advice, “its all about keeping it real and those words are still true today”.

Here is an Article from a few years back where Billy Ray Cyrus accuses David Lynch of destroying his family.
Although Miley Cyrus always seems able to LOL at her supposed controversies, her father Billy Ray fears she could be on the same path of self-destruction as Kurt Cobain, Anna Nicole Smith, and Michael Jackson, telling GQ in a miserable, paranoia-laden interview (titled “Mr. Hannah Montana’s Achy Breaky Heart”) that he’s become “scared for her”—not least because he has “no doubt” that his family is being “attacked by Satan



I Guess.


(Race and Resettlement Office)

 it represents the bonds of kinship and family that tie together those of the same racial blood



Sean Young claims that “Stanley Kubrik obviously had inside connections to these money sources to make his movies”

David Lynch had directed 2 movies prior to Dune, and was given 45 million to get the job done.

Tony Masters was the designer for ALL of Kubriks movies….. and for David Lynch’s Dune.

101.46 in…Sean Young uses Stewart Swerdlows “techniques”.

7.24…In this video below Sean Young claims that David Lynch is unlike other directors and doesn’t have the connections because of his Trancendental Meditation. David Lynch inspired Sean Young into doing meditation.

(nice sex subliminal in that smoke)


Interesting that TPV has a special guest on today.

Posting this again. Swerdlow / Lynch related.


She also claims to use Swerdlow techniques.

Shilltastic Baby!

Edited to add


According to TPV their Youtube account was hacked so the video is unavailable at the mo.

Mary Sean Young also states in the Red Ice interview at around 42 minutes in that John Lash is great. Oh yah?

She states that public schools are wretched…really? Maybe she should mention that to her buddy David Lynch, he is rather fond of them.


In his latest programming blockbuster

thirteen @ thirty three. 

RSE1333Then uses this quote as a distraction.


“Those with eyes will see, God makes fools of this egotistical world by using fools and outcasts of this world to expose the real truths”



R$E “dumbing” himself  down to get  on a level:  with “fools and outcasts”.

aka Infiltration.

Edited to add, watch the video (if you must) with the sound down, that way you can avoid the audial bombardment and  you will get a good idea of what he is trying to program you with via his visuals.


The Vigilant Christian states here that he is an Evangelist of the Gospel of Yeshua (Jesus Christ)



Round Saturns Eye states here that Yeshua is a term used for the anti christ. 


Round Saturns Eye – quote. 

“Just to add, the term “Yeshua” is a term that is used for the anti-christ yeshua ben yosef and yeshua ben david. We are not Jewish nor are we awaiting our Messiah to rule the world. Christ has been Lord of heaven and earth for 2000 years already. He is the ruler. They are waiting for their false one.. who they refer to as Yeshua. Sacred name movement is a ploy to get you away from saying Jesus Christ.. the name that truly casts out demons. Yeshua does not – this has been tried and tested. Jesus Christ is Lord of all. God bless”

So according to R$E per the above , The Vigilant Christian is an evangelist of the false christ. The anti Christ.



Couple of comments made by R$E concerning his mission. He clearly states that he uses the occult to “reach the occulted” which is what he claims the Holy Spirit told him to do.
Yes, that is an interesting observation and I’d never quite thought of it in terms of the research I’ve been doing. How odd. If it helps (not sure if you will trust me on anything I say as Ive seen a lot of mistrust and ‘shill’ calling on here but I will try) I’ll go through the stages of how I chose this name. I started learning about this deeper spiritual truth after praying for answers around a year or so ago. I got so fed up that not many channels were even addressing Christ much that I felt I had to start making videos. I had a previous channel about Christ on here but with Christ in the title of the channel it barely reached people with the truth. Frustrated in how important this information is, I set up this channel with the name Round SaturnsEye. I came up with the name Round SaturnsEye after doing some saturn research of my own and stumbling upon this song: ‘Saturns Eye’ by Scott Kelly. Scott Kelly – Saturns eye If you check my first videos I’d just use the full RoundSaturnsEye as my channel icon. Somebody who watched my early videos just started then saying RSE as it was easier than the whole thing. I thought this was a better idea to use. More catchy. My goal here is to spread truth amongst as many as possible and to make the content similar to what people (esp young people) are programmed with on the television. Use their programming to un-programme valuable human minds.
(Using evil to fight evil) by “de programming” YOUNG MINDS with re- programming by using well edited vids, hypnotic beats, visuals- focus pocus – and  the occult) 
The $ came about (not in my original intention) when I learned of the link between the dollar sine wave/money/time etc. I thought this was perfect as firstly a way to educate people through my channel name/intros and also as I’d seen a few of the TOS videos who also did that. I don’t know TOS and have only received a comment from him a couple of times. I dont know who runs that channel even. So yes, R$E happened. Somebody commented last month and said your channel name is Ra Isis El. And my girlfriend also said look it says rise. Now, I was a little concerned with the word rise and its implications and also doubly at Ra Isis El. I can’t explain why it led to this, but that sequence of events just happened without any bad intent from my end. The thing is it IS spiritual, even a local church of mine has a hexagon as their logo and other occult symbols. But I know none of them know what these symbols mean. It often seems this thing parasites onto anything it can, particularly those discussing it or promoting Christ or with an audience  etc.
(R$E the piggybacker has an audience and talks about Christ)
I did an intro in which I put ‘Rise Above’ as I felt this was a better thing to say. As in mentally, psychologically and spiritually rise above this awful parasite and system to Christ. I hope that helps. Peace.
The only reason Im on here is to show people a way, an answer.. I was sick of those who I saw were providing information up until a point. I prayed for answer.. Ive been shown some things I’d like to share to encourage, destroy fear and provide truth. I am a creative person, I like to create pieces. I’m not seeking any more emotion than I’ve felt from the truth myself. I work for noone, Im affiliated with noone. I just love our Father 🙂 I wish I didnt have to delve into the evil in order to show the good, but people in this day seem very disillusioned as things are turning upside down. Im simply using the occult to reach out to the occulted.
So there we have it in writing from Round Saturns Eye. “Using the Occult to reach out to the Occulted”
This is what piggybackers do in the name of Jesus, they use the occult to mimic the Holy Spirit.
End Of. Now pack yer occulted bag of crap and off with ya.
060705A_Road Gnome Cropped