Ringleader Mario.

Fronting the CTN front.

A few observations about this YT ring of ministries that some people  may have overlooked.

Here are a couple of vids posted by Conspiracy to Christ which mention some of those involved in the Christian “Truther” Network. TVC , R$E, Scariestmovieever, White Rabbit etc.

Heavily shilling for R$E

Here is a screenshot from Conspiracy 2 Christ’s video which depicts Christ on the cross.


Vigilant Christian mentions in the video below that he made about Madonna’s Ghost Town that the depiction of Christ on the cross is  Catholic pagan imagery and that he does not go to a church where you see Christ dead on the cross as it is a celebration of his death. Obviously C2C has different  ideas and is fine with the imagery. You may start to notice if you haven’t already that a few of those in this network have polarizing ideas.

At about 4.44 in

Vigilant Christian starts to mention Gnosticism only 5 months ago and uses a Pastor Joe video to make his points.

Piggybacking in plain sight.

Published on Oct 12, 2014

“To understand how people are being brainwashed by The Illuminati to hate God and accept the coming Anti-Christ … You must understand gnosticism! Even the first century church had to deal with these heretics and now here in the end times with Hellywood again we have to fight these demon doctrines! They claim that the devil is the savior and our God is a devil! They invert the truth! In this video I share a awesome expose by Pastor Joe from Good Fight Ministries exposing these satanic teachings and lies. Often called the deeper secrets of satan this gnosticism is being preached subliminally to the masses and we must alert them to the reality of them being satanically brainwashed! God Bless”.


An offshoot of The Vigilant Chtistians channel is The Godly “Bros”.

In the satellite video for this offshoot there is one of the Godly Bros sporting a hexagonal lapel pin.


White Rabbit ‘s original YT logo with the “CAUTION” tape and direct link to Max Resistance.


White Rabbits latest YT logo affiliation to Max Resistance removed. Patreon donation button added. White Rabbit is requesting handouts and needs about 5 grand a month to cover his expenses.

Here is a re-post of a comment I made which White Rabbit deleted from his YT channel. He obviously can’t handle the truth about his  piggybacking rabbit hole.



Putting this  here for visibility.
1:56 AM
+APURPLEPEBBLE Salvation isn’t a joke.. Ive been to church all my life and became a Christian. Then I fell away and was finally saved again when the Father put me on this journey. I cried out to Him for answers and He showed me. If that makes me a liar or a heretic then so be it.. He knows my heart.
The bible is the truth, the versions are getting more corrupt. There are older and slightly better ones than the king james I might add.. But the saturn cult is evident in the bible. As is everything else. It’s how you discern it. Many things we skim over and miss without the spirit of truth guiding us. If you have not been shown something it doesn’t mean the Father doesn’t show someone else through Christ the Messiah. Try not to judge where the Father is leading others in their answers.. this will veil you to deeper truth as it seems like you may think you already know everything. If we think that, we know nothing.
7:03 AM
I know Salvation isn’t a joke. I too have been to church all my life, and like many others fell away and came back. I was baptized in 2000.  Your focus on the black cube is to the unaware, giving the energy behind it power, which is feeding the very thing you say you are exposing.  So for as much as you think you may be on the right path, you are in fact on some level initiating people into it.
So, either you have been involved in one of these rituals (I have) and do not know it, the trauma from this ritual can lead to memory loss, or you are initiating people into it on purpose. So yeah, I do know about it.  As much as you may think I know everything, I get the whole know nothing thing and all of that,  but I know enough about what the focus of your videos are about. More so probably than a lot of your viewers do. 
When I first heard about you, I watched several of your videos and listened to your radio shows. When you did not approve a  comment,linking to my blog, it was a huge red flag which led me to believe that you have ulterior motives.
You might be able to dupe a lot of your followers via your well crafted videos, but you do not fool me.Why would you, who claims salvation and fearlessness, hide comments on your channel, if it is information that is also inspired by The Holy Spirit?  So, try not to judge me for what I know, as you too seem to think you know everything.   You may think you have trumped the black cube symbology, but the symbology is an illusion, the energy behind it is not.
If anything the black cube has trumped you which is pretty evident by your actions, what you respond to and what you do not respond to with regards to the information that you are putting out. I hope for your sake, that you have the Holy Spirit on your side,you are going to need it, but judging by your actions, you do not. But, you still have time.
R$E claims he was a Christian in the above message, fell away, says he was saved again, yet claims he is not a Christian.
That should be enough to tell anyone he is a confounder. End of.
Remember this , one of several comments where you claim you are not a Christian?

Round SaturnsEye

 Just to add, Im not a “Christian” or part of any organized religion.. Mainly because of the attitude in your comment that is rife in the religion. But also because I follow Christ, not a vatican linked organization.


Other alt media “truthers” who have focused on Saturn.

So question for R$E. Did those in the below vids get their Saturn info from the Bible too?

Here is a Jay 4 Louise production, kind of reminds me of R$E’s editing.

Edited to add couple more polarizing  opposites

TVC approves of Four Blood Moons Debunked

TVC bloodmoon

R$E’s Pro Blood Moon FB post



  1. Will you assist me in getting information so i too can spread the good news ,the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST i need the information that you have i need the photos and video’s so i can show “GOD’S people the truth also they will not believe in what i, am saying unless i can show & bare the burden of proof the real truth i want to be just like Vigilant Christian and Puritan Pictures and Taliforgod. And all the other brother & sisters and body of Christ who are really out hear speaking and showing the truth to inform all of “GOD’S CREATION i want to go into the jails & prisons and in every state & city and reach the lost every where showing and providing the truth so “GOD children & people can be set free and delivered and become equipped with sound true doctrine the word of “GOD only over all. Please contact me at (LINK REMOVED ) A.S.A.P. i, really want to help, i want to live & serve “GOD and i want to help other’s come to Christ.


  2. If you want to be just like Vigilant Christian, here is a tip. Go to you tube every day. Wait until some well know mainstream artist has their latest video posted up. Watch it then use the easy formula / blueprint to dissect said video.

    Things to look for and mention are :

    Monarch programming (the usual – butteflies n that)
    Devils horns,

    Sensationalize said vid TMZ style with buzzwords like ILLUMINATI!!! EXPOSED!!!! JEZEBEL!!!! NEW WORLD ORDER!!!! SATANIC!!!!

    Add a donate button like Paypal or Patreon.

    Surround yourself with equally deceptive “Christians” like Round Saturns Eye and what not…

    and you should do just great.

    btw, the link you added is a bunk link so I have removed it ☺ trying to dox me lol!


  3. Pingback: Totalitarian Brands: He Who Controls the Gold “Wins” | ozziethinker

  4. Pingback above link to : Totalitarian Brands: He Who Controls the Gold “Wins” | ozziethinker

    “Belief systems are pivotal for the manufacture of assuming audiences. Without visceral pointed mob views, brands are finished, so the group is programmed to squeeze out individual innovators, pioneers and revolutionaries unless they are the new trend setters. For instance, Christian “truther” networks spare no effort in emphasising criticism demonstrating how mainstream Medias are rigged to suit the wishes of corporate peers (governments rarely amount to anything more than corporate sponsors). Yet, by the same token, the majority of articles, bulletins and paraphernalia produced by these networks are more biased, militantly partisan and truth lacking than the arenas they condemn. Even so, dirty “lies” buried in the mainstream are very deceptive indeed, so I would still judge that the greater evil of the two. Besides, alternative activism caters for beatniks whereas the other tragic resource, when in tune, wholeheartedly supports a perpetual corporate totalitarian agenda. Statistically, the mainstream supposedly fuels and is the majority (or populist) view. If this is and remains so, mankind has a world of worry ahead”.


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