Updated 5/14/15 – comments from the defeated  piggybacking  team   If you want to see some heavy shilling and some superior smackdowns read the comments.

What is interesting about this? Well,I came across this video and noticed that Jay Parker was speaking from Mark Passio’s studio. The Monarch Mind Controlled guest on Vinny Eastwood Show, (Vinny is, according to Greg Hallet  an agent,) is involved with the below conference.( If Jay Parker is truly a victim of Monarch Mind Control, someone might want to tell him that he is still in the program and under mind control programming.) The Free Your Mind  conference to be held in a few days will have the following notable guests.

  • Stewart “The Dugpa” Swerdlow
  • Mark “The Magician” Passio
  • Dennis “DMT” McKenna
  • Laura “Ive been to Mars” Eisenhower

To name a few.

UN Approved.




THE ANTI MEDIA (Which is funny seeing as the guests have been promoted through the alt media).



So yeah, free your mind.

Edited to add :

After several months of being a  flat earth pusher,   Lightworker extraordinaire and New World Religion  fan boy Eric Dubay  (who was visiting here the other day) is now backpeddling his shilltastic shit by calling another flat earth pusher Mark Sargant  a shill.

One of mark Sargants lines in defense of the flat earth  is “You believe that lizard people are elected to office, but  not  this”. One of the many flat earth related  videos posted by Eric Dubay is titled “Sun Moon and Stars Prove the Flat Earth”. Easily influenced lightworkers paving the way to oblivion due to zero discernment skills and  idiocy.


Additionally  when it comes to people like Eric Dubay,  there is nothing more amusing to me  than new world religion lightworker who “debunks’  dugpas like David Icke AND who have been guests on the Vinny Eastwood show. lmao! New World Religion tow the line dugpa scum.

Eric Dubays YT message.

“I’m a 32 year old American living in Thailand where I teach Yoga and Wing Chun part-time while exposing the New World Order full-time”

Eric Dubay claims that he is  “Working to expose the NWO”  while simultaneously ushering in the New World Religion. What he means to say is six months ago he started making videos about the flat earth. Dubay is also  a DMT advocate.


  1. Damnation…they charge that much for the door, when they are morons who provide no real, relevant, or worthwhile information, other than…

    their imaginary, unprovable hoaxes?

    Why…it’s as if they don’t want to free you at all, and only want money, because they are too stupid and lazy to get real jobs.

    I wouldn’t piss on Passio if he was on fire, and none of the other names are even of interest enough to pay $20 to listen to them hum like a ceiling fan, much less dance like a paid monkey.

    I guess putting on your poster – “Free your wallet, you fucking idiots.” probably won’t sell as good.

    I will say this, Eisenhower can take a punch, and dodge one too. Needs to work on her basic verbiage and grammar, but she does have charisma aplenty.

    I watched her getting jackhammered in the comments section of a video…she was like Bruce Lee, flowing like water…but…really, more like yogurt…she did try though.

    Icke at least was such a well-known bullshit artist, he could never defend himself at all worth a damn, just kept hollering longer, and louder, like a barking dog with rabies.

    Most of these people are not smart enough to be a true grifter, they are really low-level, at best, grabbing low-hanging fruit. Their base degeneracy and criminality (guilt as well) always ensures they get their ass kicked regularly for what they pander.

    It’s hilarious to watch 8th generation strawmen created by strawmen actually dissipate on only the slightest breeze of fact. They go batshit when you do that to them.

    I know Tommy Sheridan does, I have seen the others go into apoplectic fits of saying the stupidest shit ever recorded, because they are just THAT desperate to not have to work for a living.

    Amazing the lengths they would go to. Could imagine what society would be like, if you could get these dumbasses to do something worthwhile?

    It wouldn’t be better…they would just finally shut the hell up.

    Nobody likes hearing idiot monkeys holler all the time. Even dogs stop barking to hear their heads rattle eventually.


    • She will dodge that. Easily. When con-men pack up together, in general, only the slightest shifting of shills in the crowd will ensure she dodges it. She will simply wave her hand, and it will go away, and nobody in the audience will even notice.

      You are not dealing with people that assimilate facts well, nor work off of them. At best, they work off of string-cheese theory, to connect dots, completely imaginary.

      For example:
      It is irrelevant to present an inconvenient fact to her, in front of a crowd…she will simply play “victim” cards and sub-derivatives to the audience, and they will strap you to a rail and ride you out of town. In turn, your poor performance of working the “fact” will also ensure she strengthens the faith with her crowd.

      In fact…you will polarize them. You will do her job for her, better than she ever could.
      Now you know why Thomas Sheridan is still in operation. Not only did he directly dodge everything you threw at him, he slapped it down, and turned the crowd on YOU by polarizing them via a “victim card” of you being a “psychopathic stalker” of his…

      in other words, you ensured his continuing success…because he is too stupid to do it himself.

      There is a difference between bitching, and winning.
      Bitching is never winning. And no facts in the world will ever stop an Eisenhower in operation, with a crowd behind her, or in front of her.

      She is still in operation. As is Sheridan. And Brand, and Passio, and others.
      Granted, others have chunked up their audience sizes…many of the low-level con-men are beginning to fall out.

      That isn’t “winning”…that is just narrowing the field.

      Bitching CAN be a lead-in to winning. Facts will not penetrate the shysters’ inner-ring of backers, they are invested too heavily.

      And there is more than one way to skin a cat, though you seem overly fascinated with a single myopic facet.

      You are attempting to engage in a long-failed mechanical system of faints and ripostes in a duel with people that are ghosts, and who subsequently simply leave the board to revamp their scam.

      You do not win, but you will holler you did because they quit the field.
      You will find in that regard, you are exactly the same as a Passio, Eisenhower or Sheridan.

      In grown-up land, you take the time and effort to not only learn the fine art of “bitching”, but also of behaviour profiling and how to asset strip an opponent.

      You do these things by listening to BIG fish, not a moron like Passio or the others.
      Aquino…that’s a big fish. One of the few I have ever heard that was ever honest.
      He ran a psychological operation and war in 4 countries at one time.

      You…run a website.

      Of the two…who exactly do you think I would learn the most from, about grifting, shystering or conning people?

      Now…according to you, we lost the Vietnam war.
      According to Aquino, the Vietnamese now speak english and have many McDonald’s, and buy American products…and now, like the Chinese…even THINK American.

      I have been wondering for quite some time now, whether you were going to step up to the plate, and become a heavy hitter on con-men, or if you wanted to just…bitch.

      You are fighting tiny, inconsequential battles of attrition, designed for 4th-rate give & takes to a Parrot-Zombie in a crowd of someone like Passio, then attempting to use that…on Passio.

      Passio simply fades…you gain no followers, your street-cred bottoms further, as the shysters band together and blockade you by turning their crowds on YOU via emotional manipulation, and you are left out swinging as “just another nutter” or “psycho stalker”.

      You lack the fine arts & skills required to take out a Passio or Eisenhower.

      You do indeed have the potential, but lack the comprehensive skill-set, and continue drain-circling while calling it “winning”.

      I hate to be the bearer of bad news…but hollering you are winning…doesn’t make it so.
      It simply means you are standing in front of a crowd, unable to take perceptual ground, with a shyster that can fade on you, and have his crowd eat you alive.

      Review and revise your basic models of attack and defense, the different cycles it involves, force multipliers, and more advanced, comprehensive skill sets on removing and nullifying hooks that grifters and shysters use. Learn the fine art of scamming a con-man, and infiltration. Worm-Turning, Wile E. Coyote, Gopher-Holing and Red-Vesting.

      It requires mass amounts of time spent networking, hooking a shysters’ fish, to squeeze and strongarm for information. It requires even vaster amounts of outlays of time and energy, just to move up the rankings, to be allowed to hunt the predators who hunt the weak.

      For you, I will give a gift of someone infinitely more experienced than me at explaining how the world works:

      Find it, listen, learn: Steve Warner’s Dark City – Dr. Michael Aquino on psyops.

      If it is justice for the innocent you seek…Ye Shall Find.
      If it is only bitching and whining you want while being an overblown narcissist just like Russell Brand…then here you will stay, forever being a pawn of a con-man or carny-barker only slightly smarter than you are…or more technically…with slightly less moral-induced mechanics and procedures.

      Not to worry, you will find out shortly whether your bitching is a habitual and narcissistic self-induced victimization scam of your own…or whether you want to hunt predators.

      Just think…I wasted more time with you, then I do with the people that have asked me for interviews.
      They don’t want to learn or do, they want to talk about learning and doing.

      I look on the field and stages below me, to find those that have potential to ACTUALLY do, and learn. You are one of a very, very few, that has the potential, possible ability to operate both out here, and in the real world, taking out people like Passio, Dean Clifford, or any of the others.

      Welcome to the Corporation. Welcome to Operation In & Out Burger.
      I can go and do, what they cannot even go and do.
      When I show up, they fear me. For a reason.
      (That part is not meant for you. Not to worry, it will get where it needs to go.)

      They are lil’ tiny sharks in shallow water that eat guppies.
      I harpoon Moby Dick in the Deep Water, one quality destruction at a time.
      Let’s see if you can go big, or go home.


      • I don’t know who you are “Captain Slapper” but if people manage to get through your long winded platitudes and try to see beneath your words that prop up how important and skillful you must be (at droning the fcuk on and on), it’s quite clear you have an agenda to relegate this site into some meaningless drivel. Of course you had to get one in there how this is only propping up a two bit occultist like Sheridan. Sounds a lot like something that clown would tell himself…just saying. I happened to witness how he handled the mention of this site on his Facebook page, utter failure. There’s only so many sycophants that can come to his rescue. As for my input on PP’s efforts and information, please keep doing what you are doing PP. Another victim of that ass clown (or others you mention) will be along soon enough and may even get a bigger idea of what’s going on in social media, alternative media in regards to the NWR agenda (with many faces, however insignificant).

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi H, thanks for clearing that up for Slappy and delivering what I can only call a superior smackdown.

    Btw, Slappy, thanks for giving me a heads up on the newest kid on the alt media psy op block – Steve Warner’s Dark City – I wonder if Sheridan, Watt or Eisenhower will make appearances.

    With guests like Aquino , they should fit right in.

    Slappy, you are spook. A spook talkin gobbledygook.

    Btw , you said:-

    “Now…according to you, we lost the Vietnam war.
    According to Aquino, the Vietnamese now speak english and have many McDonald’s, and buy American products…and now, like the Chinese…even THINK American”.

    Don’t ever remember talking about the Vietnam war. But I have a tasty morsel for you to swallow.

    You mentioned in a previous post that you were no longer batting for Sheridan so consider this analogy:-

    You are Vietnamese, I am the USA, You are now eating McDonalds and talking my language. Thinking it even.

    I prefer my In and Out – animal style.


  3. Thought Slappy might like this : – blatant shilling in comments section of R$E’s latest vid,

    Derek “Alabaster” James
    Shared on Google+ · 1 day ago

    “What are your thoughts on the information in this video? Don’t expect Alan Watt to ever speak of this stuff, as it is not his subject area (he probably won’t even say anything about CERN.) Instead, he deals solely with the political and corporate areas”.

    Response from Watt shillster De Bess – Slappys mate.

    de bess
    1 day ago

    ” Alan’s books (“Cutting Through”, vols 1-3, and “Waiting for The Miracle”) plus his DVDs (“Reality Check” 1 and especially 2) go into ancient religions and history, which are actually his specialty areas. His earlier talks on Sweet Liberty (radio show with Jackie Patru, ~2006 or 2007) and his earlier blurbs also cover these topics. You can download over 1500 free audios from his website:

    I think that Alan doesn’t talk much about religions because they are based upon beliefs and folks tend to get divisive it comes to their own beliefs because egos are involved, “My God is bigger than your God” sort of thing and then you have the Atheists. Remember that Alan closes out every one of his shows with this: “May your God or your Gods go with You.” Can’t comment on your video as I haven’t watched it, very busy these days, but thank you for your comment”.


    If you are interested in being bored shitless by some old fart droning on…and on…and on…..check out plagiarizer and shyster Alan Watt who is buddies with Slappy and Sheridan.


  4. Hey Slaps, I noticed that Youtube channel Alan Watts Resistance also links you as a “featured channel”.

    So I know, and now everyone else knows what loser team you are batting for lol!

    This has to be the fail of the century, if not a lifetime for Alan Watt and his boy Slappy. Sheridan, Eisenhower etc…

    Please respond if you desire further smackdownery and embarrassment LMAO!!!.


    • I think Slapper is of the mindset just by getting attention he’s winning, but uh, one search and anyone can find his YouTube channel where he supports Sheridan, Watt and Foster saying “these gentlemen are just a few of the names they will not mention” like they have some kind of rare insight. That’s not what you said earlier? I’m confused, why would you lie like that? Lmao…EPIC FAIL dude. Go have fun with Moby Dick errr somethin’….

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  5. Alan “One Watt”. Plagiarist, liar, deceiver, manipulator , fraud. charlatan, Just like Sheridan. haha!
    Oh and spook.

    His true colors come out in this one. Playin the old victim lol! Masonic bullshittery.

    And here, a few comments from the the spook Slapster shilling for One Watt – Love him long time.

    TheCaptainSlappy 3 years ago
    EXCELLENT stuff. I was going to say, “Wisdom” and “Common Sense” have always been in extremely short supply, not because of “ruthless men”, but because suckers who think not, get thunk for instead. That is just me, MIND you. Nothing but fantasy-land, generally of others design, with you agreeing to it because of the APPEARANCE of “gain”, created by a few, huckstered off onto the many, for the hoots, to keep the ball of “Civilization” rolling. The fix? Just say “No”.

    TheCaptainSlappy 3 years ago
    Though it is fascinating that the “masses” (the socio-group dynamic), is so….ACCEPTING of whatever comes down the pike, as Mr. Watt stated, it seems to be a “Natural Force” of “Natural Law”, and that only a VERY FEW comprehend, and ease it in one direction, or the other, and from the looks of it, do so solely so they can indeed, stay the few, and the proud…..AND to keep the populations from going insane (from other outside influence of other “ruthless men”). Like an ebb, or flow, eternally.


  6. Seeing as Freeman was also at the Con, along with Swerdlow and the dugpa contingent, I thought this was interesting.
    The Vigilant Christian shilled for himself in the comments section to appear on Freeman show. Piggybacking piglet.

    The Vigilant Christian 1 week ago
    You should have me on
    · 5

    ·Freeman could do a fake Christian piggybacking bonanza special and have Vigilant, Round Saturns Eye , and maybe White Rabbit on.

    What I would love to hear is an interview with Vigilant AND White Rabbit, that would be a great show lol!


  7. Lots of hot air and new world religion programming aka bullshit. Lots of NLP from the white shirt.

    Published on May 17, 2015

    Famed Hosts Tony Sweet and Eddie Conner talk with Laura Eisenhower on her being recruited for a Mars Colony, How the shadow government is truly running the world politics and how angelic spirits can overcome these dark beings.

    Sooo evolved!

    Yeah I was listening to this kind of bullshit 20 years ago and nothing has changed when it comes to the stories spun by NWR dugpas.

    The only epiphany Laura can have, is that she comes to realize she is a fraud and a liar, and that she has duped many people with her bs.


  8. From August 2013.

    Russell Brand interviewed Dugpa Eisenhower.
    Freeman gave Brand props which goes to show how off the mark Freeman truly is hehehe.

    link to blog post.

    Here is a blurb from Freeman TV, where he talks about Katy Perry and Russell Brand, claiming that key people (such as Russell Brand) with a large outreach are waking up and allowing the truth to enter mainstream media.

    Per Freemans blurb he claims that the mainstream media is becoming an outlet for truth because “we professional weirdos are breaking into the mainstream”


    Freeman has had many Dugpas appear on his shows over the years including the all time favorite, Dugpa Swerdlow. Freeman TV is JUST another alternative media outlet that promotes the NWR and its players.


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