After watching several hours minutes of well edited vids, I have finally decoded Round Saturns Eye , Time/Space spiritual language

which is orchestrated and narrated to assist TPTB agenda to fulfill Biblical Scripture and end times.  

BOLLOX https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMccjB3bvFg

Edited to add : – An absolute bombardment of misinformation aided by visual deception. An hypnotic  war on the senses.  Oldest trick in the book.

15 thoughts on “HEY GUYS

  1. Sean Adl-Tabatabai is the editor of that news site. I wonder how he felt about writing that lmao!

    I was just reading about that here funnily enough.


    I think that is awesome. Too bad that Ickes followers paid for it via his begathons ultimately.

    minutes of settlement.


  2. Looks like he has paid up and kept his mouth shut, I dont know too much about law but I suspect we have not seen the usual slagging off videos that dave likes to make when he is challenged as he would have to be careful he did not again commit libel/defamation again and get whacked in court again. That gives me a warm fuzzy inside
    Also no begging bowl video to pay for the fine, I know he was on the scrounge before the court case for money for his defence before the case. I reckon thus turdpolisher has got to be a multi millionaire by now.
    I once saw some ball park figures for just the earnings off the wembly gigs he puts on for his victims. Put it this way good work if you can get it.


    • At 25.28 Icke states ” What you see, in this whole arena of conspiracy, certainly I can talk about my experience , what I have found, is some of the most monumental frauds, you can imagine. People that are so self obsessed, they pontificate about the greater good, when their real goal and their behavior, is saying how can the greater good serve me?

      Tell us all about it Dave. Give your followers (whats left of them) some pointers, so that they know who the frauds are , who not to listen to, and who not to give their money to.


  3. well, I think he should use some of his left over cash and schedule a consult with Stewart immediately so that he can thoroughly heal from this obvious covert reptilian attack on his bank account lmao! I am sure Stew will give him a discount.


  4. Also looks like Dave and Sean Taliban arent friends any more, as he says he ex web master in that video. Well that’s what were meant to believe anyway.
    From what I read TPV folded with debts after burning through a cool halve a million ! what a complete shyster
    I had a look on amazon and daves comic children of the matrix is still available, so maybe its only been removed in Canada


  5. Here is a good summary of Ickes ponce tactics over the years.


    This is a bit of a tangent, but still relevant . I have noticed similar beggars amongst the Christian “truther” network. White Rabbit of the CTN being one of the latest, stating that he needs 5 grand a month for his upkeep so that he can edit his shitty half arsed vids which he has been doing for all of 8 months. TVC is not different imo. R$E claims he hasn’t made a penny, but he is a trust fund baby and doesn’t need any help.

    Of course, it is only the very privileged Christians with access to the internet /Youtube that are privy to such divine revelations from those in the Christian Truther Network.


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