Russell Brand  you  failing NWR  revolutionary Dugpa. You should really tell your followers about what the Dalai Lama thinks about Transhumanism, and that he is all for it. I think that would be the fair thing to do.

Oh and that he is all for Marxism as well.

Are you still promoting the T.M  brainwashing program  in schools and elsewhere along with David Lynch your worshipful master?

I don’t think your followers will be too happy when they figure out where you are leading them. Talk about a revolution! You may need to run for the hills.

I heard there is a beautiful yurt  on 1 acre (with a view) going for dirt cheap in the Bhutan foothills. Free Yak included with purchase. You may want to put a bid in for it now while it is still on the market. This one wont last long.


What a deal Russ! I just heard that the Yak doubles up as a pony.

Anyway, I have already posted this,  but will post it again so that all those idiot Dugpa mates of yours like David Icke can have a gander at you two top Dugpas doing the NWR goosestep. Oh, and you may want to keep an eye on Aaron Franz, he is on the trail but lagging in regards to his info nonetheless.

Toodles mate.

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