6/19 This post has been edited –  videos removed –  RSE exposure Bandwagon jumper.

And it is about time too. Thanks to The Holy Spirit

Mario seems to think he has a monopoly  on the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Don’t you Mario. ☺


Edited to add:- Has it ever occurred to Mario and his friends that rely on YT ad money, donate buttons and paypal donations etc.. that if is wasn’t for the illuminarty music industry, illuminarty symbols and movies etc..they would all be out of a job. Reliant on the beast when all is said and done.

TVC has yoked himself with Round Saturns Eye, White Rabbit/The Hatter for example who have BOTH blocked fair comments that I have made on their Youtube channel. White Rabbit is another one who is now asking for donations as according to him it takes around 100 hours to make a 15 minute video and he needs at least 5 grand a month to cover his expenses.

This comeback from Mario reminds me of when Swerdlow went on the Vinny Eastwood show to provide damage control for himself.  The only difference is Mario gets to throw Bible verses around. Here is the comment Rabbit deleted. A fair and true comment.


Mario claims that he uses his YT funds to fund other YT ministries that he is involved with.  Would this include finding the “Christians” that block my comments Mario? Looks as if the damage control is in full effect.

Updated 3/20/15

Mario’s  very quick to implement his YT affiliation damage control. Right Mario?  At around 11 mins in Mario claims that God is working though individuals like him and that “these media giants are coming towards us trying to censor us” .  At around 13 mins in  he states “A lot of people have asked me, Is YT Illuminari? Yes, but probably on at the top, no one is controlling the broadcasters or the content creators yet”

Which gave me a good laugh seeing as his “bros” R$E and White Rabbit (not forgetting scariestmovieever) have censored my comments,  and are therefore themselves controlling what their viewers see/read thus censoring truth and freedom of speech.


Posted today 3/31 re Saturn.. can you tell who this is being directed towards. The cubetard R$E.



  1. One thing I don’t get about Christians and their fear of symbolism is they don’t truly know about the origins of it. Remember anything good can be used for evil. Like the popes have been doing for many years, to keep their power and brainwash Christians. btw i am a Christian, not hating on anyone.

    Do some research of the cross, the pices symbol, the upside doewn cross, the ring, and the oroboros. These are not just related just to Christianity, their origins go further back. If people don’t know this, how can they know about their own religion.


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