Dear Arron Franz. I recently listened to a podcast that you made a week or so ago about David Lynch and T.M., Now, if you would like to continue to trivialize this subject  i.e if you think that David Lynch’s Germany appearance was nothing more than a stage act, you might want to ask yourself it T.M  in schools, the military and prisons etc is also a stage act cleverly crafted by David Lynch.

Your podcast  came across as  an  attempt to pass this subject matter off as uncharted territory, while at the same time kind of making light of something you allude to being very dark. The subject has already been covered here as you well know, so I look forward to hearing your spin on it.

March 2015



Aaron, you have been a guest on Red Ice, you have been on the Vinny Eastwood show and you have recently done a show with Thomas Sheridan. (In reality you have Thomas Sheridan on your show a few times). I hope that besides the T.M. info that you have managed to read about some of the things that Thomas has helped himself to (while also deleting every comment that mentions this blog for instance.). It would behoove you to do that if you haven’t already imho.  Are you in the throes of damage control?

 Aaron  and Thomas  at the link below.


Here is a pic that summarizes what you are doing. Needless to say, on the radar.

 secondhand news

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